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referee camps

Looking for or hosting an officiating camp?

The camp page is the preeminent site for officiating camps throughout the United States. A major update of 2017 camps was recently completed. Updates will continue throughout the camp season.More than 300 camps in 47 states are listed.

referee camps

If you have information for an officiating camp that is not listed, please submit camp details (including dates, location, contact name and email address) to

Also include missing information for camps that have already occurred this season. The information provides a head start for a bigger and better list next season.

Featured Camp:

Specializing in three Person Officiating

June 09-11 at U. Of Maryland

June 16-18 at Towson U., MD


            PHONE: (410)750-7338
We scour the internet for the latest basketball officiating news, features and ref talk for you.

Keep it comin' for youth, college, professional and international referee information.

nfhs rules2017-18

  1. official warning given to the head coach for
    • misconduct by coach or other bench
      personnel which is not major (4-48-1)
    • first coaching box violation (4-48-2)
    rules 4-48-1, 4-48-2 note that a warning is not required prior to calling a technical foul
  2. the coaching box lengthened from 14 to 28 feet (1-13-2)
  3. new restrictions on names displayed on jersey (3-4-1d, 3-4-4)
  4. two-hands reporting required for (2-9-10)
    • the number of a player fouling
    • the number of foul shots

margaret allen   ref legend at 84

Margaret Allen from Mt. Eliza, Australia is still refereeing basketball at 84 years of age.

See story at

Featured Video:
durant carry Kevin Durant (38 pts, 9 rbds, 8 assists) carried Golden State to a 113-91 thrashing of Cleveland in the 2017 NBA finals game one. He also repeatedly carried the ball and got a no call.

2017 Euro League Playoff Referees and Season Player Leaders
Click the EuroLeague buttons for men (finals) and women (playoffs) referee assignments along with regular season player leaders. Here are the finals referees.


daniel hierrezuelo
D. Hierrezuelo
fiba: 2001
damir javor
Damir Javor
fiba: 2006
milivoje jovci
M. Jovci
fiba: 1995
luigi lamonica
L. Lamonica
fiba: 1996
olegs latisevs
O. Latisevs
fiba: 2003
robert lottermoser
R. Lottermoser
fiba: 2004
fernando rocha
F. Rocha
fiba: 1995
boris ryzhyk
Boris Ryzhyk
fiba: 1997

janusz calik
Janusz Calik
fiba: 2000
jasmina juras
Jasmina Juras
fiba: 2005
fabiana martinescu-badalan
F. Martinescu
fiba: 1995
michele rossi
Michele Rossi
fiba: 2015
arturas sukys
Arturas Sukys
fiba: 2013
vasiliki tsaroucha
V. Tsaroucha
fiba: 2013
marko vuckovic
M. Vuckovic
fiba: 1999


NBA playoff results, referee assignments and photos for all 2017 playoff games are here.

No surprise. The Warriors and Cavaliers will vie for the NBA championship for the 3rd year in a row. Some notable facts for this tie-breaking finals series:
  • Golden State (12-0) and Cleveland (12-1) have full rosters of healthy players
  • Golden State lost the 2016 final (3-4) with an impaired Curry (sprained knee, hurt elbow) and Draymond Green suspended for game 5
  • Cleveland lost the 2015 finals (2-4) without Kevin Love (dislocated shoulder) and Kyrie Irving (knee injury in game 1 overtime)
  • Mike Brown (former Cavalier coach) continues to replace ailing Warrior coach Steve Kerr.
  • Lebron James enters his seventh consecutive finals passing Michael Jordan as the NBA playoffs leader with 5,995 points
  • Klay Thompson is in a playoff slump averaging 14 points per games and 38% shooting
  • James (32.5, 57%), Curry (25.3, 47%), Durant (25.2, 56%), Irving (25.2, 47%) are in playoff stride
lebron james kevin durant
kyrie irving
stephen curry

NBA Finals Schedule
Game 1 Thu., 6/01 CLE 91-113 GS (9 p.m., ABC)     |     Game 5 Mon., 6/12 CLE @ GS (9 p.m., ABC)
Game 2 Sun., 6/04 CLE 113-132 GS (8 p.m., ABC)     |     Game 6 Thu., 6/15 GS @ CLE (9 p.m., ABC)
Game 3 Wed., 6/07 GS @ CLE (9 p.m., ABC)     |     Game 7 Sun., 6/18 CLE @ GS (8 p.m., ABC)
Game 4 Fri., 6/09 GS @ CLE (9 p.m., ABC)

The NBA has announced the following 12 finals referees:
tony brothers
Tony Brothers
(6th Finals)
mike callahan
Mike Callahan
james capers
James Capers
danny crawford
Danny Crawford
marc davis
Marc Davis
scott foster
Scott Foster
john goble
John Goble
ed malloy
Ed Malloy
ken mauer
Ken Mauer
monty mccutchen
Monty McCutchen
derrick stafford
Derrick Stafford
zach zarba
Zach Zarba

NBA mock draft17 coverage of NBA 2017 mock drafts includes overall player rankings, separate selection predictions from eleven sources along with player commentary from multiples sources. Here's a sample of what is available.

NBA mock draft17 2a

NBA mock draft17 2b

NBA mock draft17 2c

pro refs comings

Dick Bavetta and Joey Crawford lead the list of NBA referee retirees in recent years. Both have a remarkable record of officiating for 39 NBA seasons and surpassing 2,000 games. Other notable NBA former referees include former covert agent Bob Delaney, female referee pioneer Violet Palmer, subsequent NCAA final four official Joe DeRosa and Greg Willard who died at age 54 in 2013.

The crew of recent, former NBA referees is a hard act to follow. New officials such as Mitchell Ervin, Tyler Ford, Lauren Holtkamp, Gediminas Petraitis, Ben Taylor, Dedric Taylor and Justin Van Duyne are giving it a shot.

This article covers officials who either left are started in the NBA during the 2011/12 through 2016/17 seasons. For the "oldies" (those who started before 2011/12), links to a variety of articles is provided. Recent D-League and WNBA referee arrivals and departures for the period are also listed.

These four of the outgoing "oldies" are a few of the many incoming and outgoing referees in the full list for the NBA, DLeague and WNBA.

richard bavetta
Dick Bavetta
75/76 - 13/14 (39)
2635 / 270 / 27
12/10/39 -
james clark
James Clark
88/89 - 08/09 (21)
1330 / 96 / 1
06/04/43 -
joseph crawford
Joey Crawford
77/78 - 15/16 (39)
1755 / 313 / 50
08/30/51 -
robert delaney
Robert Delaney
87/88 - 10/11 (24)
1423 / 149 / 7
11/01/51 -

Australia, Tennessee and Shabazz HS, nj are the leading country, college and high school sources for 2011-17 WNBA players and prospects. Full lists are available to subscribers.

matee ajavon
Matee Ajavon
Shabazz, nj
10 yrs, 2008:05
aliyyah handford
Aliyyah Handford
Shabazz, nj
St. John's
1 yr, 2016:27
iasia hemingway
Iasia Hemingway
Shabazz, nj
0 yrs, 2012:nd
New York
ka diedre simmons
Ka-Diedre Simmons
Shabazz, nj
Seton Hall
1 yr, 2015:nd

hstopplayers    Looking back/Looking forward

The 2016/17 High School basketball season is done but thoughts of top players linger. Almost all top senior recruits have committed. For the boys, Kentucky leads with commitments from 6 out of the 38 top ranked players. Duke follows with the 4th, 5th and 11th ranked players. UCLA also has 3 commitments while Arizona, Washington and Texas make a statement with players ranked #1, #2 and #3 respectively. The rankings are based on rankings from 247Sports, ESPN, Future150, Prep Hoops, Rivals and Scout.

Other top player information (boys and girls) includes McDonalds, Maxpreps and USA Today all americans. The following screen shots are a taste of what is available.


hstopplay17 2