Basketball Officiating Organizations

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United States Regional/National
0001College Basketball Officials Association
CBOA objectives are to improve sportstmanship and the standards of officiating for intercollegiate contests, and promote officials to varsity and associate membership. CBOA's 700 members reside in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
Tom O'Connor +, Exec. Secretary/Treasurer; Tom Courtney +., President; John Gill +, VP; Ben Vasconcells +, Past President (16-17); Richard Napolitano .+, Past President (15-16); James Bruno +, Past President (14-15); James Toomey .+, Past President (13-14); John Leighton +, Past President (12-13); John Felker +., Area Rep., Baltimore-Washington; Brian Gleason +., Area Rep., Eastern New England; Jack Grogan +., Area Rep., Eastern New York; Rod Mrakovich +., Area Rep., Harrisburg; Don Keefer +., Area Rep., Lehigh-Scranton; Dave DeYong +., Area Rep., Metropolitan New Jersey; James Quinn .+, Area Rep., Metropolitan New York; Michael Chesney +., Area Rep., Philadelphia; John Barley .+, Area Rep., Pittsburgh; Brad Chernovetz +., Area Rep., Western New England; Thomas Roberts +., Area Rep., Western New York  sil
Garden State Board of Officials (GSBO) (pending updates)
Garden State Board of Officials for Intercollegiate Women's Basketball services the two- and four-year colleges in the New Jersey metropolitan area. Membership is comprised of officials from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
Brian Callahan .+, President; Robert Csigi, VP; Marty Novitch, Secretary/Treasurer; Joe Barise, Coordinator of Officials; Jon Levinson +, Interpreter; Tony Avia, Membership Chairperson; Tom Decker, At-Large Member; Maureen McCann, At-Large Member; Patrick Musto, At-Large Member  sil
0003International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO, Inc.)
Professional organization managed by and for basketball referees to train officials and
promote the welfare of the game of basketball.
Tom Lopes (md) +, Exec. Director; Donnie Eppley (pa) .+, Asst. To Exec. Director; Layne Drexel (de), Coordinator of Interpreters; T.J. Halliday (me) .+, Coordinator of Interpreters; Dan Sheperdson (vt) +, Coordinator of Interpreters; David Smith (co) +, Coordinator of Interpreters; Joe Gintoli (ct) +, President; Willie LA Jones (dc) +, President Elect; Paul Spinelli (nj) +, VP; David Smith (co) +, Past President (16-17); Tom Reese (md) +., Past President (15-16); Dennis Herbert (on) .+, Past President (14-15); Jack Sweeney (ny) .+, Past President (13-14); Peter Webb (me) .+, Honorary President/Coordinator of Interpreters (Emeritus); Tony Haley (nh), Honorary Life Exec. Director; Exec. Committee: Sal Capitummino (ny); Ron Martel (ma); Nelson Ribbon (nj); Scott Young (pa); Robert Lantzy (co); Richard Ogletree (dc) +; Joseph Mitchell (md) +. ; Peter Palermino (ct); Don Thorne (on); Barry Fuller (me); Dennis Murphy (nh); Ray McClure (ga) +; Alan Goldberger (nj) .+, Parliamentarian and Legal Counsel;  sil
0004National Association of Sports Officials (NASO)
Worlds largest organization for sports officials at every level and for all sports.
Michael Pereira (ca) +., Chair; Debbie Williamson (al) +., Vice Chair; Rich Fetcheit (mi) +., Past Chair; Sandra Serafini (nc) +., Past Vice Chair; Barry Mano (wi) .+, President; William Carollo (wi) .+, Treasurer; William Topp +., Secretary; Ron Foxcroft (on) +., Special Advisor;
Directors: Craig Anderson (il) +.; Bob Delaney (fl) +.; Dave Dodge (ca) +.; Scott Green (va) +.; Terry Gregson (on) +.; Marty Hickman (il) .+; Anita Ortega (ca) +.; Todd Stordahl (wa) +.; Julie Voeck (wi) +.;
Past Directors: Jack Bissell (nj) .+, (05-10); Patty Broderick, (10-12); Sandra Hunt (wa) .+, (06-10); Dale Kelley (tn) .+, Director (08-10); William Kennedy, (09-13); Violet Palmer (ca) .+, Past Vice Chair; Joan Powell, (11-15); Claire Roberts, (12-13); Tom Robinson (co) +., (06-10); Steve Shaw, (09-13); Kathy Strahm (vt) .+, (07-11); Ralph Swearngin, (11-14); Julian Tackett (ky) +.; Jeff Triplette, (11-14); Mark Uyl, (11-15); Patty Viverito (mo) .+, (07-11); Rick Wulkow (ia) .+, (07-11); Tom Washington (ga) .+; David Yeast (mo), (05-09)  sil
0005National Basketball Association (NBA)
Adam Silver (ny) .+, Commissioner; David Stern (ny) .+, Commissioner Emeritus; Mark A. Tatum .+, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer; Kiki VanDeWeghe .+, Exec. VP Basketball Operations; Michael Bantom +, Exec. VP of Referee Operations; Joe Borgia .+ Sr. VP Replay and Referee Operations; Steven M. Angel, Senior VP of Referee Operations & Analytics; Robert Delaney +., Referee Operations; Don Vaden +., VP and Director of Officials; Joe Forte +., Referee Development/Performance Advisor; Mark Wunderlich +., Director of Referee Operations; Bernie Fryer .+, Manager of Referee Operations; Ronald Johnson +, Past Sr. VP of Basketball Referee Operations; Joel Litvin +, Past President; Ronnie Nunn +, Past Director of Officials Development;  sil
0006NBA G League | Malcolm Turner .+, President; Dan Reed (mi) +., Past President; Brad Walker .+, VP Basketball Operations; George Toliver +, Supervisor of Officials;  sil
National Basketball Referee Association (NBRA) - Official site of NBA referees (pending update)
0008National Collegiate Athletic Association (ncaa)
JD Collins .+, Coordinator of Men's Basketball Officials; Art Hyland +., Men's Rules Editor; John Adams (in) .+, Past Coordinator of Men's Basketball Officials; June Corteau +., Coordinator of Women's Basketball Officials; Jon Levinson +., Women's Rules Editor; Mary Struckhoff (in) .+, Past Coordinator of Women's Basketball Officials; Debbie Williamson +., Past Women's Rules Editor  sil
0009National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) - NFHS officials page. Rules committee:
2017-18 Rules Committee: Robert Gardner +., Publisher; Theresia Wynns (in) +., Editor; Jon Dolliver (ne) +.; Jeaney Garcia (hi) +.; Nate Hampton (mi) +.; Robert Holloway (ms) .+; Beth Holt (id) +.; Ron Laird (wy) +.; Dennis Ordway (nh); Grant Rice (nv) +; Dan Ross (oh) .+; Larry White (nj) +; Joey Walters (ar);  sil

Alabama High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Andalusia | Michael Kelley
Birmingham | Randall Bugg
Brewton | Robby Shell
Capital City | Abdullah Salaam
Central Alabama | Sidney James
Druid City | Michael McCray
East Alabama | Courtney Walker
East Central | William Paul Williams
Gadsden | Greg Childs
Georgia/Alabama | Melvin Floyd
Greater Enterprise | Florutha Robinson
Jeffco | Terry Gainer
Metro-Birmingham | Rick Madsen
Mobile County | Kevin Assmann
Montgomery | Darrell Bowen
Mount Cheaha | Amado Ortiz
Mountain Valley | Jeff Young
North Alabama | Marvin Wesley
North Metro | Bradley Wood
Northwest Alabama | Michael Newman
Phenix City | Ron Ullman
Quad-Cities | Ron Harris
Selma | Ernest Shears
South Central | Christopher Goshea
Southeast Alabama | Russell Gordon
Tennessee Valley | Earl LyBrand
Tri-Central County | Allen Cone
Tri-County | Ollie Mingo
Walker County | Willie Moore III
West Central | Garrett James

Alaska School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
Anchorage Sports Officials Association | Carl Smith, Treasurer/Assignor; Ed Maeder, Recruiting Contact; Joe Alston, Past Recruiting Contact
IAABO Board #170 - Fairbanks | Keith Nore, President; Ed Robinson, Interpreter/Trainer; Joe Thomas, VP; Bryant Christensen, Secretary/Treasurer;

Arizona Interscholatic Association (go to hs state association)
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 1* | Steve Ganson, Area Officials Commissioner
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 2* | Neil Yazzie, Area Officials Commissioner; Michael Gillespie, Area Officials Commissioner
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 3* | Michael Gillespie, Area Officials Commissioner
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 4* | Gary Schwartz, Area Officials Commissioner
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 5* | Steve Ganson, Area Officials Commissioner
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 6* | Neil Yazzie, Area Officials Commissioner; Michael Gillespie, Area Officials Commissioner
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 7* | Steve Ganson, Area Officials Commissioner; Gary Schwartz, Area Officials Commissioner
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 8* | Michael Gillespie, Area Officials Commissioner
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 9* | Gary Schwartz, Area Officials Commissioner
Arizona Interscholastic Association Area 99* | Jeanie Kosower, Area Officials Commissioner
Canyon Athletic Association | Randall Baum, Exec. Director; Carrie Dykstra, Basketball Commissioner; Shannon Eastin, Director of Officials; Robert Fogltance, Southern Arizona Assignor; William Fernow, Northern Arizona Assignor
IAABO Board #22, Sierra-Huachuca (Southeastern Arizona) | Past Officers: Sam Williams, President; Alan Moore, VP/Interpreter/Trainer; John Goodman, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #22, Sierra-Huachuca (Southeastern Arizona)
Southern Arizona Basketball Officials Association (SABO)
Andrew Ross, President; Dale Wilson, VP; Jeff Jewett, Cadet Interpreter/Trainer; Tom Carle, Secretary; Rafael Gallego, Legal Counsel; Rick McGee, Treasurer; Al Guinee, At-Large Member; Michael Whiteley, At-Large Member; Past Officers: Don Parkhurst, President; Peggy Fontenot, VP; Peggy Fontenot, VP; Berry Roberts, Secretary; Joe Morris, Treasurer; Vince Greer, At-Large Member
Southwest Desert Officials | Roger Hale, President/Assignor

Arkansas Activities Association (go to hs state association)
Arkansas Officials Association
District Reps: Mark Johnson, District 1W; Lou Wood, District 1E; Grayling Wheeler , District 2; Carl Williams, District 3; Leon J Sparks, District 4; Michael Rottinghaus, District 5N; James O'Neal, District 5S; Larry Jayroe, District 6; Michael Fountain, District 7; William Hulse, District 8; Normal Gilchrest, At-Large; Nakita McFadden Davenport, At-Large;
Observers: Ronnie Bellomy; Ray Bishop; Pat Bruich; Corbie Davison; Angela Dennis; Larry K Dewitt; Kent L Douglas; Robert Dunham; Michael Fountain; Michael Fox; Jesse Gatewood; Barbara Gilliam.Harris; Normal Gilchrest; William Hulse; Larry Jayroe; Mark Johnson; James Lewis; Gary Lucas; James O'Neal; Huey Pugh; Michael Rottinghaus; Bobby Sewell; Glen Siler; Leon J Sparks; Redell Thompson; Grayling Wheeler; Carl Williams; Shirl Williams; Lou Wood; Jack Yancey

California Interscholastic Federation (go to hs state association)
California Basketball Officials Association (CBOA)
Eugene Hernandez, President; Frank Obregon, VP; Gary VanZandt, Secretary/Treasurer; Nick Covella, Webmaster; Ron Wade, Past President; William Gaylor, Past President; Gary VanZandt, Secretary/Treasurer; Matthew Bennett, Instructional Chair; John Lozano, Past Instructional Chair;
At-Large Reps: David Gregory, Northern Cal.; Michael Marsh, Southern Cal.; Rocky Bettar, Southern Cal.; Larry Johnson, Central Cal.; Michael McNeilly, San Diego; William Black, Northern Cal.; Ken Schimpf, Affiliated Units
CBOA - Central Valley (Visalia, Tulare, Porterville, Kingsburg)
Phil Lozano, President; Timothy Johnson, VP; Robert Todd, Instructional Chair; Alvin Jenkins, Secretary; Mark Nanamura, Assignor; Harry Kargenian, Treasurer; Michael Hobbs, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Timothy Fandel, President; Todd Johns, Evaluations Chair; Larry Johnson, At-Large Member
CBOA - Channel Coast (Agoura, Simi Valley, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Fillmore, Santa Paula, Nordhoff)
Alan Templeton, President; Nick Covella, Secretary/Treasurer; Brock Avery, VP; Matthew Bennett, Instructional Chair; Kathleen Knight, Ratings Chair; Phil White, Assignor;
At-Large Members: BJ Aragon; David Mitchell; Jeremee Tate;;
Past Officers: David McDermott, Instructional Chair; Evan Swanger; Dean Merrill, President; Heidi Peel, President; Todd McWherter, VP; Dan Messer, Assignor
CBOA - Contra Costa (Concord, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Hayward, San Ramon)
Jm Lakin, President; Erik Ehlers, VP; Michael Capps, Secretary; Paul Quezada, Treasurer; Ray Allen, Instructional Chair; Tom Gilbert, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: David Bitar, President; Salvador Gurule, President; David Arden, VP; Don Hubbard, Treasurer; Kevin Rose, At-Large Member
CBOA - Desert Valley (Palm Springs/Coachella Valley area)
Al Winters, President; William Vanderwel, VP; Ryan Castillo, Instructional Chair; Brenda Osborne, Secretary/Treasurer/Assignor; Felix Najera, At-Large Member; Tara Noonan, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Layton Matthews, President; Eddie Crowell, President; Sylvia Matthews, VP; Chris Begnaud, Instructional Chair
CBOA – East Bay (see East Bay Basketball Officials)
CBOA - Feather River (Quincy, Portola, Susanville)
Don Bartosz, President; Richard Griffin, VP; Pat Keena, President/Secretary/Treasurer/Assignor
CBOA - Foothill/Citrus (Azusa, Claremont, Ontario, Pomona, LaVerne, Rancho Cucamonga)
Marlon Mitchell, President; Adam Pruett, VP; Damian O'Connor, Instructional Chair; Rocky Bettar, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Kearns, Assignor;
Members At-Large: Scott Acevedo; Kristyne Esparza; Matthew Heersema; Michael Moreno; Gerry Robinson; Michael Salas;;
Past Officers: Burt Olague, President; Otis Stokes, President; Mel Sims, President; Alex Carroll, President; Guy Thomas, Instructional Chair
CBOA – Golden Gate (see Golden Gate Officials)
CBOA - Inland (Fontana, San Berdu, Barstow, Banning, Beaumont, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Vicorville, Riverside, Corona)
Ron Wade, President; Willie Campbell, VP; Robert Sellas, Secretary/Treasurer; Peter Enz, Instructional Chair; Larry Clark, Assignor; Board Members: Matthew Arellano; Eryn Young; John Havrisik; Rick Hutchins; Vance Jackson; Greg Jones; Terrell Reedus; Robert Torres; Damian Walton;;
Past Officers: Robert Kuri, President; Deon Hickman, President; Fabian McGhee, VP; Rocky Ford, Instructional Chair
CBOA - Kern County (Kern Valley, Tehachapi, Baskerfield)
David Gaeta, President; Lynn Wheeler, VP; Ricky Serrano, Instructional Chair; Steve Cunicelli, Director;
Past Officers: Ken Lopez, President; Roy Clark, Secretary; Dennis Matthews, Treasurer; Alan Holmes, Basketball Chair
CBOA - Long Beach (Long Beach, Lakewood, Bellflower, Carson, Lynwood, Cerritos, Whittier)
James Yoshitake, President; Brent Rummell, VP; Kenneth Ay, Secretary/Treasurer; Anders Anderson, Instructional Chair; Mark Shannon, Observation Chair; Rich Day, Assignor;
Board Members:Nina Grubbs; Donald Fleming; Randy Allen; Jeff Faris;;
Past Officers: Ronald Fleming, President; Frak Obregon, President; Michael Davis, President; Penny-Jane McGee, Secretary; David Leslie, Treasurer; Frank Johnson, Instructional Chair
CBOA - Los Angeles (San Fernando and Los Angeles)
Carlos Williams Sr., President; Nate McClung, Treasurer; Teresa Dash, Secretary; Bruce Hicks, Instructional Chair/Assignor; Ron Blake, Assignor;
Marlette Byrd, At-Large Member; Eric Griffin, At-Large Member; Julian Pearlman, At-Large Member; Donald Robinson, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Richard Newman, President; Julie Armendariz, Secretary; Leon Burks Jr., Treasurer; John Lozano, Instructional Chair; Robert Mozee, Assignor
CBOA - Los Padres
Art Guzman, President; Mary Sharp, VP; Dan Shea, Secretary/Treasurer; Charles Hare, Instructional Chair; Michael Hay, Assignor; Charles Bradley, Rep. - North County; Ed Liebscher, Rep. - SLO-AG; Art Guzman, Rep. - Santa Maria; Howard Hall, Rep. - Lompoc-Santa Ynez; Mel Gatson, CIF-SS Los Padres Liaison;
Past Officers: Frank Mayes, President; William Davis, Instructional Chair; Tom Lake, Assignor; John Krueger, Assignor
Mojave Desert* (Acton, Palmdale, Littlerock, Lancaster, Frazier Park, Rosamond, Edwards AFB, Mojave, Boron, Ridgecrest, Lake Isabella, Trona, Lone Pine, Big Pine, Independence, Bishop, Mammoth, Lee Vining)
Douglas Martin, President/CIF Liaison; Darrell Havens, Unit Liaison; John Pryor, VP; Bert Perry, Secretary/Treasurer/Instructional Chair - Lancaster; Dana Furman, Assignor; Brian Jared, Instructional Chair - Bishop; John Krueger, Past Assignor
CBOA - North County (Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Encinitas, Del Mar, North San Diego)
Michael McNeilly, President; Nick Puccino, VP; Daniel Hasbrouck, Secretary; Sal Gambino, Treasurer; Duane Hurd , Instructional Chair; Gordon Torigoe, Assignor; Charles Jagers, Assignor;
Members At-Large: Daniel Malek; Noah Leverton; Paul Azzam; J.R. Richardson;;
Past Officers: Therisa Cash +, President; Rusty Riner +, President; Charles Washington +, President; Barry Kurnik, VP; Tonya Robinson, Secretary; Steve Salm +, Treasurer; J.R. Richardson +, Instructional Chair; Paul Packard +, Assignment Secretary; Robert Sherman +, Legal Advisor  sil
CBOA - Orange County (Orange County north of Garden Grove Frwy)
Kenneth White, President; Craig Alves, VP; Joe Kozak, Secretary/Treasurer; Travis Schatzman, Instructional Chair; Rich Kollen, Assignor; Speed Castillo, O.C. Liaison;
Members At-Large: Aaron Fields; Jack Duncan; Albert Ramos; Rhonda Weyer;;
Past Officers: David Peronto, President; Daryl Gelinas, Instructional Chair
CBOA - Redding (Redding, Red Bluff, Anderson, Shasta Lake, Burney, Fall River, Hayfork, Weaverville, Cottonwood)
Roger Weigel, President; Chris Chapin, Secretary/Treasurer; Kareem Speake, Instructional Chair; James Merrick, South Area Rep.; Craig Worrall, North Area Rep.;
Past Officers: Al Presidio, President; Doug Dreier, President; John Ratliff, VP; Gary Wren, Secretary/Treasurer; Lloyd Menefee, Assignor
CBOA - San Diego, also see second
John Irving, President; Robert Goode, Secretary/Treasurer; Dion Moore, VP; John Grindle, Instructional Chair; Paul Dawson, Assignor; Donny Myers, Past President
CBOA - San Fernando Valley (San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys)
Mark Clayton, President; Dwayne Finley, VP; Burt Nelson, Secretary/Treasurer; Marvin Nudell, Instructional Chair; Ed Baker, Assignor; Ed Kirkorian, Ratings Chair;
Board Members: Levon Zakarian; Paul Landavazo; Andy Cohn;;
Past Officers: Dan Teola, President; Andy Wolf, President; Andy Cohn, President; Don Milligan, President; Robert Rappoport, VP; Fred Turner, Ratings Chair
CBOA - San Francisco-Peninsula
Michael Wong, President/Instructional Chair; Sean Engmann, VP; Eric Madia, Treasurer; Secretary; Michael Williams, Rules & Exam Chair; William Black, Unit Liaison; Peter Gumas, Application Rep.; Ed Baker, Assignor;
Board Members: Tony Malone; Rennie Owyang; Tony Booker; Eric Tow; Tiffany Fong
CBOA - San Gabriel Valley
Henry Torres, President; Michael Gutierrez, VP; Monte Murray, Secretary/Treasurer; David Alegria, Instructional Chair; Ignacio Alvarez, Assignor;
Members At-Large: Nathan Bond; Robert Aguirre; Anabell Ramirez;;
Past Officers: Eugene Hernandez, President; Stan Berry, President; Louis Lau, VP; David Sell, Instructional Chair
CBOA - San Joaquin Valley
Michael Patton, President; Michael Boyer, VP; Scott Pavletich, Secretary; Robert Sawyer, Treasurer/Assignor; Kenneth Chappel, Instructional Chair; Alan Holmes, Ratings Chair; William Solan, Unit Liaison; Keith Cash, At-Large Member
CBOA - South Bay (Beverly Hills, Culver City, El Segundo, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Torrance)
Lance Reed, President; Jeffrey Taylor, VP; Gary VanZandt, Secretary/Treasurer; John Fierro, Instructional Chair; Eric McNeal, Instructional Chair; Paul Just Jr., Scheduler; Michael Estes, Ethics Chair;
Members At-Large: Brian Ricard; Michael Morris; Kevin Coleman;;
Past Officers: Michael Marsh, President; Charles Davis, VP; Ken Wilson, Assignor
CBOA - South Orange County (Fountain Valley, San Clemente, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel)
Russ Smith, President; Richard Atwender, Assignor; John Moore, VP; Dan Breece, Secretary/Treasurer; Ronald Lutz, Instructional Chair;
Members At-Large: Frank Baklarz; Ruben Gonzales; Mark Sabus;;
Past Officers: Tom Marier, Secretary/Treasurer; Matthew Sanders, Assignor
CBOA - Southeastern (Southeastern LA County)
Richard Banton, President; Edward K Takahashi, Secretary/Treasurer; Ed Kamiyama, Assignor; Freeman Beale, Instructional Chair; Charles L Hill, Instructional Chair; Lorinzer Clark, Instructional Chair
CBOA – West LA
Michael Alexander, President; Tyrone Beason, VP; Tamara Williams, Secretary; Amirah Leonard, Treasurer; Reginald Mallard, Assignor; Charles Perry, Instructional Chair;
Members At-Large: Kenny Woo; Jose Aviles; Kim Bly; Omar Bray
Central California Officials Group
Thomas L. Woodland, CEO; Dennis Martin, President/Assignor; Jimmye Cannon, Basketball Commissioner
East Bay Basketball Officials Association
Danny Walker, President; Jason Alabanza, VP; Derrick Kibler, Secretary; Marcella Dobbs, Treasurer/Assignor; Clarence Mapp, Rules Clinician/Communications;
Board Members: Danielle Milburn; Greg Austin; Fernando Russell; Ashleign McDaniell; Elliot Brue;;
Past Officers: Paul Wilson Sr., President; Steve Olsen, Secretary/VP/President; David Kiesel, Treasurer; Ryan Castillo, Instructional Chair; Brenda Osborne, Secretary/Treasurer/Assignor; Amy Pistone, Rep. - Non-Major
Golden Gate Officials Bureau
Nancy Clary .+, President; Dominic Bosque +., Assignor - NBL and SCL; William Black +., Secretary/Treasurer;
Board Members: Larry Moyer +.; Stan Spicer +; Art Tyson +.; John Namkung +.
Central California Officials Group
Thomas L. Woodland, CEO; Dennis Martin, President/Assignor; Jimmye Cannon, Basketball Commissioner
Mid-County Officials Network | Dan Hughey
Northern California Basketball Officials Association (NCBOA) | Donald Lee
Pacific Northwest Basketball Officials Association (Greater King County CA and Washington State)
Ira Dunbar +., President; Woody Woodruff +., VP; Nick Michael +., Secretary; Craig Tamaki +., Treasurer; Doug Miller .+, Apprentice Chair; Rick Dunston .+, Ethics and Grievance Chairperson; Scott Fetterly +., Evaluation Chairperson; Jeff Hausske +., Membership Chairperson; Eric Jensen +., Rec Assignor; Leslie Fitzpatrick +., Rec Assignor  sil
Santa Cruz County Basketball Officials Association
Exec. Committee: Curtis Gomez, Chair; Lynn Burgess, Asst. Chair; Tom Smith; Ryan McCarty; David Evans; William Bunner, Alternate

Colorado High School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
IAABO Board 4, Colorado State Board of Approved Basketball Officials
David Renquest, President; Kevin Kizewski, President Elect; James Dorsey, Secretary; Tom Bennett, Treasurer; David Smith, Interpreter; Steve Braslin, Past President; Ron Brown, Liaison - IAABO; Robert Lantzy, National Exec. Committee - IAABO; Bert Borgmann, Liaison - CHSAA ; Tom Robinson +., Officials Liaison - CHSAA ; Whitney Webermeier, Admin. Asst. - CHSAA ; Monica Tillman +., Officials Admin. Asst. - CHSAA;
Regional Directors: Ernie Vigil, Southeast (Areas 1-7); Eric Johnson, Northeast (Areas 9-12); Denise Lopez, Metro (Area 8); Brent Jones, West (Areas 13-18);;
Area Basketball Directors: Richard Peecher, a2 (Lamar); Greg Guzzo, a3 (Trinidad); Sonny Smith, a4 (La Junta); Brian Dilka, a5 (Pueblo); Javin Baker, a5 (Pueblo); Carlos Hernandez, a6 (Colorado Springs); Shelly Rush, a6 (Colorado Springs); Michael Hernandez, a6 (Colorado Springs); David Granzella, a7 (Arkansas Valley ); Randy Milam, a7 (Arkansas Valley ); Jeff Lagrange, a8 (Denver); Donovan Briggans, a8 (Denver); Robert Semin, a8 (Denver); Robert Olds, a9 (Boulder/Longmont); Roger King, a9 (Boulder/Longmont); Andy Valenzuela, a9 (Boulder/Longmont); Shawn Loos, a10 (Brush/ Ft. Morgan/Sterling/Yuma/Limon); Doug Smith, a10 (Brush/ Ft. Morgan/Sterling/Yuma/Limon); Bryon Rutherford, a11 (Greeley); Dan Buderus, a11 (Greeley); Levi Mcallister, a12 (Ft. Collins/Loveland); Miles Blumhardt, a12 (Ft. Collins/Loveland); Joaquin Gallegos, a12 (Ft. Collins/Loveland); Kevin Nelson, a13 (Delta/Montrose); Brad Johnson, a14 (Glenwood/Rifle); Ryan Duran, a15 (Yampa Valley); Jason Holsan, a16 (Grand Junction); Rick Hensley, a16 (Grand Junction); Timothy Sparks, a17 (Durango); Gary Stevens, a18 (Cortez)  sil
Colorado Area 6, IAABO Colorado Springs Basketball Officials
Michael Hernandez, President; Andy Heo +., VP; Amy Schulte +., Secretary; Shelly Anderson +., Treasurer; Robert Lantzy +., Assignor; David Price +., At-Large Member; Gary Montel, Interpreter; Shelly Rush +, Area Director; Carlos Hernandez +, Area Director;
Past Officers: John Carricato, President; Rick Bainer +, President; Amy Frenz +, Area Basketball Director; Steve Oswald +, Area Basketball Director; Mark Vangampleare, Area Basketball Director; Nels Jacobson +, VP; John Wyatt +, At-Large Member; Gary Montel +, Rules Sultan; Robert Marken, Assignor; Ray Lutz, Assignor  sil
Colorado Area 7 - Arkansas Valley
Past Officers: Chris Kuennen, President; Gary Cook, President Elect/Rules Instructor- South; Paul Witty, Secretary/Treasurer; Pat Witty, Assignor; Dana Douty, Past President; Luke Dahlberg, Rules Instructor-North/Middle School Assignor; David Granzella, Area Director; Curt Lukassen, Basketball Area Director
Colorado Area 8 - Denver
Denise Lopez +., Metro Regional Director/Area Rules Interpreter; Jeff LaGrange, Basketball Area Director; Robert Semin, Basketball Area Director; Donnie Martinez +., Basketball Area Director; Past Officers: David Renquest, Metro Regional Director; Lisa Stone, Basketball Area Director; Cliff Baker, Basketball Area Director; Doug Frueh, Basketball Area Director; Danna Schwenk, Basketball Area Director/Evaluation Chair  sil
Colorado Area 9 - IAABO Longmont and Boulder Basketball Officials
Robert Olds, Director; Andy Valenzuela, Director; Roger King, Director; Steve Shryack, Webmaster;
Past Officers: Lloyd Martinez, Regional Director; Timothy Newman, Basketball Area Director; Robert Olds, Basketball Area Director; Tom Casey, Basketball Area Director; Steve Shryack, Webmaster

Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (go to hs state association)
Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Association
Joe Tonelli, Director; Jadwiga Herrmann-Brown, Admin. Asst.; Hank Luzzi, Board Basketball Rep.
IAABO Board 5, Connecticut State Board of Approved Basketball Officials
Robert Bernier, President; Al Vasquez, VP; Henry 'Hank' Luzzi, Secretary/Treasurer; Jeff Smith .+, Interpreter/Trainer;  sil
IAABO Board 6, Central Connecticut Board of Approved Basketball Officials
Andy Savo, President; Rusty Peck, 1st VP; William Tatelmen, 2nd VP; Tony Lopes, Secretary/Treasurer; Ed Lynch, Commissioner; William Cashman, Asst. Commissioner; Pete Palermino, Interpreter;
Exec. Committee: Chris Flynn; Curt Vincente; James Warren; Chris Parker; Michael Reeves; Charlene Shepard;
Past Officers: Michael Infantino, President; Joe Camposeo +, President; James Brown, President; David Anderson +, President; Chris Kelly, 1st VP; Rich Tuller, 2nd VP; Gary DeBenian, Grievance; Joe Clerkin, Exec. Member; Shawn Lawton, Exec. Member; Tom Junkis, Exec. Member  sil
IAABO Board 7 - Litchfield County Board of Approved Basketball Officials
Aaron Lefkowski, President; Chris Bunel, 1st VP; Scott Gray, 2nd VP; Robert Ferrarotti, Secretary/Treasurer; Tom Santos, Past President; Ted Zaloski, Commissioner; Randy Hobbs, Officials Coordinator; Charley Harbach, Interpreter; Hy Ruwet, Asst. Interpreter; Diane Alicea, Asst. Interpreter; Mark Scozzafava, Website Coordinator;
State Board Delegates: Robert Ferrarotti; Randy Hobbs; Tom Santos; State Board Alternates: Mark Scozzafava; Ted Zaloski; Aaron Lefkowski; Charley Harbach;
Past Officers: Randy Hobbs, President; Jeff Rines, President; Jon Torrant, President; Aaron Lefkowski, 1st VP; Tom Santos, 2nd VP; Robert Ferrarotti, Secretary/Treasurer/Delegate - State Board; Ted Zaloski, Commissioner; Charley Harbach, Interpreter/Delegate - State Board; Chris McKenna, Asst. Interpreter; Hy Ruwet, Asst. Interpreter
IAABO Board 8, Eastern Connecticut Board of Approved Basketball Officials
Matthew Greene, Delegate - State Board; Tony Gigliotti, President; David Cruz, President Elect; Michael Lavallee, VP; Cheryl Craft, Secretary; Bruce Chamberlain, Past Secretary/Past Delegate - State Board; David Duguay, Treasurer; Michael Thomas, Interpreter; Tony Nocito, Delegate - State Board; Jack Barclay, Assignment Commissioner; Roger LaFrancois Jr., Asst. Assignment Commissioner;
Past Officers: Charles Lee, President; Christian Sarantopoulos, President; Robert Bernier, Secretary/Delegate - State Board; Walt Blanker, Interpreter
IAABO Board 9, Fairfield Connecticut Board of Approved Basketball Officials John Inesta, President; Peter Carroll, Assignment Commissioner/International Past President - IAABO; Bud Williams, VP; Ray Kasparek, Asst. Assignment Commissioner; William Vasaturo, Rep. - State Board; Craig Zysk, Secretary/Treasurer; David Raila, Interpreter; Glen Colello, Asst. Interpreter; Tony Suppa, Asst. To The Secretary; Darrin Besescheck, Webmaster;
Region Reps.: Eric Riley-D, Region I; David Powell, Region II; Len Sabia, Region II; Peter Vincente, Region II; Tom Cribbin, Region III; Henry Anthony, Region III;
Past Officers: Sgt. Tom Brown, President Walt Brown, President; William Vasaturo, Past President/Rep. - State Board; Shawn Donovan, VP; Joe Gintoli, Secretary/Treasurer/International Exec. Committee - IAABO; Lou Fillippetti, Interpreter; David Raila, Asst. Interpreter; Rich Calitro and John Jowdy, Rep. - Region 1 (Bethel-Brookfield-Danbury-New Fairfield-Newtown- Redding-Ridgefield-Sherman); Robert Goodrich and Pat McCone, Rep. - Region 2 (Bridgeport-Easton-Fairfield-Monroe-Shelton-Stratford-Trumbull); Robert Victory and Tom Cribbin, Rep. - Region 2 (Representing Darien-Greenwich-New Canaan-Norwalk-Stamford-Weston-Westport-Wilton)
IAABO Board 10, New Haven Board of Approved Basketball Officials
Judy Ruthko, President; Jonathon Taft, 1st VP; Dan Davis, 2nd VP; Henry 'Hank' Luzzi, Secretary/Treasurer; John 'Buddy' Chernovetz, Commissioner; Ray Vanacore, Interpreter; Dan Scavone, Past President; Ernie Fabrizio, Past VP; Jeff Smith .+, Past Interpreter/Past Trainer  sil
Waterbury CBCBO | Brian Carroll
IAABO Board 35, Northwest - Tolland and Windham Counties
Christian Sarantopoulos, President; Tom Hayden, VP; Robert Bernier, Secretary; Tom Chenail, Treasurer; Charlie Lee, Interpreter; Peter Gerardi, Assignment Commissioner; Gene Blain Jr., Asst. Assignment Commissioner

Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Delaware Board IAABO #11 | Michael Moser, President;
Past Officers: Steve Meeker, President; Timothy Regenauer, VP; Michael Hutchinson, VP; Cynde Bimbi, Secretary; Larry Buonocore, Treasurer; Layne Drexel, Interpreter; James Mahoney, School Assignor; Helen Garvine, League Assignor; Fred Mason, Summer Assignor; Exec. Board Members: Shawn Baker; Vince Begatto; Marvin Brittingham; Larry Brown; Michael Bullard; Kelly Callahan; Mark Moser
IAABO Board #129 - Eastern Shore | Victor McKenzie, President;
Past Officers: Kevin Gillespie, President; Thom May, President; Kevin Hawkins, VP; Craig Farren, Secretary/Treasurer; C. Charles Hackney; Jeff David, Assignor; David Vari, Interpreter/Trainer
Northern Delaware Basketball Officials (NDBO) | Keith Lake, President

District of Columbia
District of Columbia (go to hs state association)
District of Columbia IAABO #12
Richard 'Tree' Ogletree .+, President; Joe Marosy, Commissioner; Gary Stein, VP; Tony Marlown, 2nd VP; Michael Statham, Interpreter; Michael Davis, Secretary/Treasurer; Gary Bradshaw, Sergeant At Arms; Members At-Large: Robert Cherian; Bernie Deane; Debbie Duncan; James White; Nate Zuckerberg  sil

Florida High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
A-1 Officials Association
Michael Zaffuto, President; David Mozingo, VP; Len Caso, Secretary; Alan Hannah, Booking Commissioner; Scooter Morrison, Treasurer; Chip Parker, Basketball Supervisor of Officials;
Past Officers: Martha Hannah, President; Bucky Greene, President; Richard Kowalewski, VP; Vance Harris, Secretary; Robert Devereux, Treasurer
Big Bend Basketball Officials Association (Jefferson and Leon Counties)
Byron Rosier, President/Booking Commissioner; Scott Sears, Treasurer; Al Tutson, Past President; Ecitrym LaMarr, Past Booking Commissioner; Marcia Howard, Past Booking Commissioner
Broward County Athletic Association | Damian Huttenhoff, President; Stephanie Wentworth, Treasurer; Harry Kennedy .+, Booking Commissioner
Broward County Basketball Officials Association
Bob McKinney +, President; Curtis Evans +, 1st VP; Bob Surgan +., 2nd VP; Brian Chouinard +., Treasurer; Harry Kennedy .+, Booking Commissioner; Melissa Thomas .+, Co-Booking Commissioner/Secretary; Troy Bailey .+, Asst. Secretary; Jared White +, Sergeant At Arms; David Dunning +, Interpreter;
Past Officers: Lee Lazerson +., President; Jermaine Gammage, 1st VP; Don Quick +, 2nd VP; Carl Lendinara, Secretary; Robert Wicker, Treasurer; Darryl Williams, Sergeant At Arms; Jeremy Shamash, Co-Booking Commissioner  sil
Central Florida Officials Association
Allen Cramer, President; James Boyd, Booking Commissioner; Jeff Deen, Treasurer; Roland Taylor, Secretary; James Boyd, Basketball VP;
Past Officers: Jeff Deen, President; Kim Fessler, Basketball Booking Commissioner; Greg Vanatta, Treasurer; Horace Cannady, Basketball VP
Chipley Officials Association | Jerry Corbin, President/Treasurer; Wayne Herring, Booking Commissioner; Jerry Corbin, Treasurer
Coral Coast Basketball Officials Association
Richard Simpson, President; Mark Yero, Booking Commissioner; Chris Beers, Treasurer;
Past Officers: Charles Boyle, President; Ken Bush, President; Scott Wahlers, Booking Commissioner ; Joseph Chestnut, Treasurer
East Coast Basketball Officials Association
Alvin McClinton, President; Bernard Arnette, Past President; Brian Blake, VP; Joe Erwin, Treasurer; Jose A. Feliberty, Secretary; Mark DeAtley, Booking Commissioner;
Board Members: Erik Russell; Joel Duberstein; Erik Benz; James Marzullo
Emerald Coast Officials | Robby Shell, President; Mark Reuschel, Booking Commissioner; Joey Weaver, Treasurer; James Rowland, Past Booking Commissioner
Greater Miami Athletic Conference | Cheryl Golden, President; Freddie Williams, Booking Commissioner; Anna Echevarria, Treasurer
Greater Naples Officials Association, Inc. | Robert Murrell, President; Ben Klaas, Booking Commissioner; Greg Perrino, Treasurer
Gulf Coast Basketball Officials Association (Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Hardee counties)
Salvatore Scro +., President; John Atanassov +., VP; James Murray +., Booking Commissioner; Tom Bernhardt +., Treasurer; Walter Carr +., Secretary; William Siedlecki +., At-Large Member; Alan Linkoff +., At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Randy Abbott, President; John Ask, President; Ken Hoydic, Booking Commissioner  sil
Lake Region Basketball Officials Association (Polk, Lake, Highlands counties) | Steven Andrews, President; Phillip Hall, Booking Commissioner; Steve Stokes, Treasurer; Robert Greco, Past President; Donald Daugherty, Past Booking Commissioner
Mid Coast Officials Association
John Scarpino, President; Calvin Wright, Booking Commissioner; Steve O'Neill, Past President; Charles Sitton, VP; Michael Pressman, Treasurer; Joseph Barretta, Secretary; William Purtill, Webmaster
Mid-Florida Officials Association | Alvin 'Bubba' Summers, President; Wade Clayton, Booking Commissioner; Michael Reece, VP; Jeff Pole, Treasurer; Terri Adams, Secretary; Bud Holt, Past President; Paul Gery, Past VP; Terry Lee Sr., Central Basketball Director; Mario Coppock, North Baskteball Director; Charley Anderson, South Baskteball Director
Mid-Keys Officials Association | Tony Gibbons, President; Ken Lohlein, Booking Commissioner; Robert Shutsky, Treasurer; Larry Gillis, Past President
Miracle Strip Officials Association (Covering the Northwest Florida from Pensacola to Panama City)
Mark Humphreys, President; Chip Boes .+, Booking Commissioner; Chip Arrasmith, VP; Michael Parks, Treasurer; John Evans .+, Basketball Commissioner; Don Dineen, Past President; Charles Franzalia, Past VP; Tony Brown .+, Past Basketball Assignor/Director Of Referee Dev.  sil
Monroe County Officials Association | Bernard Thurston, President/Booking Commissioner; Glenn Hayes, Treasurer
Naples Officials Association, Inc. Darrell Bailey, Booking Commissioner/Treasurer
Northwest Florida Officials Association (Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Gadsden, Holmes, Jackson, Leon, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton, Washington counties)
Fred Mosley, President; Jeff Faircloth, Booking Commissioner; Art Porep, Treasurer
Panama City Officials Association (Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton, Washington counties)
Daryl Shines, President; Ray Jemison, Booking Commissioner; Aline Goodin, Treasurer
Pinellas Area Referees
Paul Uchrin .+, President; Terrell Dukes +, VP; Djuna Myrick .+, Treasurer; Siobhan Pietruszkiewicz .+, Secretary; Tom Carter .+, Booking Commissioner/Training; Ken Drayton, Past Booking Commissioner/Training; At-Large Members: Brian Bostic .+; Justin Vermillion .+; Marshel O'Shields .+;
Past Officers: Bernard Reedy, President; Michael Newton, VP (past); Ben Ellis, Secretary;  sil
Quincy Officials (Bay, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty Taylor, Wakulla counties)
Dante' Sailor, President/Booking Commissioner; Larry Edwards, Past President; Robert Jackson, Treasurer; Joe Ferolito, Past Booking Commissioner
South Eastern Official Corporation
Jerome Jefferson, President; Angelina Jefferson, Booking Commissioner
South Gulf Basketball Officials Association (Hendry and Lee counties)
John Vance, President; Gary Carlton, Booking Commissioner; Edward Hanger, Treasurer/Past President; Derrick Donnell, Past President; James Cahill, Past Treasurer
Southern Association of Basketball Officials
Greg Bing, President; McKennis Allen, VP; Nile Dixon, Secretary Pete Weaver, Sergeant At Arms; Terrence Mitchell, At-Large Member; Jerry Williams, Booking Commissioner;
Suwannee Officials Association (Alachua, Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrest, Madison, Putnam, Suwannee, Union counties)
Shannon Franklin, President; Monty Williams, Booking Commissioner; Steve Barbieri, Treasurer;
Past Officers: Monty Williams, President; Chris Hodgson, Booking Commissioner; Melinda Sowers, Treasurer
Treasure Coast Officials Association (Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, St. Lucie counties)
Roger Butterfield, President; Leonard Brazell, Booking Commissioner; David Price, Treasurer;
Past Officers: Robbie Brackett, President; Glenn Magrane, President; Carlos Fenn, Booking Commissioner; Juliet Magrane, Treasurer
Tri-County Officials Association
Derit Godwin, President/Booking Commissioner; Torrey Godwin, Treasurer
West Central Officials Association
Joe Page, President; Joe Wajerski, Booking Commissioner/Treasurer; Sandy Semegen, Past President
West Coast Officials Association, Hillsborough and Pasco counties
Rodney Dickerson +., President; David Queen +., Basketball VP; Jeff Albers +., Secretary; Mark Marino +., Treasurer; Larry Rothermel +., Basketball At-Large; Carl Erickson +., Basketball Booking Commissioner; Nolan Padgett, Asst. Booking Commissioner; Holly Russ +., E.E.O. Chairperson; Basketball Reps: Walt Markwas +.; Matthew Geer +.; Marcus Williams +.;
Past Officers: Thom Powers, President/Treasurer; David Stone, Basketball Bookings; Dr. Greg Kaiser, Training Director; James Eckler, Webmaster; Michael Ulizio, Past Treasurer; Basketball At-Large Reps: Jerome Smith; Rick Sozzi; Demetrius Jenkins; Cedric Washington; Randy Sterns; Ted Glezen  sil

Georgia High School Association (go to hs state association)
Gary Holmes, President; Walter Wade, VP; Ralph Swearngin +., Exec. Director; Ernie Yarbrough, Associate Director/Basketball Administrator; Pam Thompson, Officials Registrar; Gary Phillips, Asst. Exec. Director; Joyce Kay, Associate Exec. Director; Steve Figueroa, Director of Media Relations; Dennis Payne, Associate Director  sil
Atlanta Area Basketball Officials Association, IAABO Board 300
David Jenkins, President; Corey Taylor +., Past President; Mark Lancaster +, VP; Roscoe Googe +, Secretary; Timothy Smith +, Booking Secretary; Michael Dudgeon +, Treasurer  sil
Atlanta Quarterback Basketball
Larry Hughes, President; Cameron Franklin Sr.; VP Melvin Waller, Treasurer; Antonio Hairston, Secretary; Mac Mattox, At-Large Member; Danny Mathis, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Artie Cobb, President; Andre Lowe, Secretary
Augusta Basketball* | Aaron Stewart
Capitol City Basketball* | Irvin B. Seabrook
Chattahoochee Basketball* | Broderick Stargell
Cherokee Basketball* | C. B. Siniard
Columbus Basketball* | Ben Elder
Georgia College Officials Association | Michael Oglesbee, Supervisor of Officials
Georgia Mountain Basketball* | Dock Sisk
Greater Georgia Basketball* | Michael Oglesbee
IAABO Board #200 - Georgia State | Alan Smith, President; Raymond McClure +, Interpreter  sil
IAABO Board #310 - Hinesville Officials* | Elkanah Martin Jr.; Arthur Lewis, Past President
IAABO Board #311 - Metro Basketball | Gregory Edwards
IAABO Board #313 - Southeastern* | William James Jr., President; W. Alan Smith, Interpreter/Trainer; Bud Corley, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #322 - Southern Area Basketball*
Jared Dickey; Past Officers: Judson Lavind, President; Robert E. Willis, VP; Steve Carter, Interpreter/Trainer; Walton Carter Jr., Secretary/Treasurer; Elbert Powell
Southern Eagle Basketball Assn | Gene Sherry
Sowega Basketball | Sam Hill
IAABO Board #325 - Warner Robins Basketball Officials Association*
William West, President; Victor Hudson, VP; Martha J. McAfee, Secretary (interim); Steven Lewis, Treasurer; Robert Carter, Parliamentarian; Shellie Stroman, Sergeant At Arms; Past Officers: Karl Tyson, President/Interpreter; Terance Isom, VP; Larry Holmes, Treasurer; Leon Porter, Secretary
Middle Georgia Basketball* | Scott Adams; Andy Cowart
Multi County Basketball* | John Woods; Kevin Self
North Georgia Basketball Officials* | Kent Snyder; Cliff Dockery, Assignor; Terry Phelps; George Raley, Trainer/Assignor
Northeast Georgia Basketball* | Larry Sorrells
Northwest Georgia Basketball* | Larry Payne; Dennis Jacobs
Oconee Basketball* | Alphonso Havior; Tony Santarone
Peach State Basketball Officials Association
Dru Jenkins; Past Officers: William Willingham +, President; Chris Ford +, VP/Director of Training; Esther Ray +, Secretary; Reggie Sullivan +, Treasurer; Kevin Propst +, Assignor; Members At-Large: Anthony Dilligard; Danny Pepitone; Don Zuhlke; Sandra Jones; Yvette Perry  sil
Savannah Basketball* | George N. Donkar
South Georgia Basketball* | Carlos Nelson; Michael Eckle
Southern Basketball Association* | Gene Sherry
Sowega Basketball* | Sam Hill

Hawaii High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
50th State Basketball Officials Association | Ryan Sueoka .+, Assignor; Cass Kasparovitch .+, Member Liaison  sil
Hawaii State Basketball Officials Association
Alton Mamiya +, Commissioner/Director; Tom Yoshida +, President; Michael Ishikawa +, Treasurer/Director; Ryan Akamine +, Secretary/Director; William Puchalski +, Assignor;  sil
State Association of Hawaii Basketball Officials
Past Officers: Todd Apo +, President; Nahaku Brown, VP; Kirk Hottendorf, Treasurer; Alicia Maluafiti, Secretary; Patrick Tanibe, Assignor; Lloyd Hisaka, Interpreter; Ryan Wells, Member Liaison; Brian Yamasaki, Evaluation Chair  sil

Idaho High School Activities Association (go to hs state association) | John Billetz +., Exec. Director ; Julie Hammons +., Asst. Director; Cheryl Millington +., Asst. Director  sil
District 1* | John Posnick, Commissioner and Interpreter
District 2* | Rhett Mahoney, Commissioner; Darren Malm, Interpreter; James Wilund, Past State Interpreter
District 3* | Darren Krzesnik, Commissioner; Brad Schmidt, Interpreter; Steve Rudd, Past Interpreter; Tyson Jones
District 4* | Sean Standley, Commissioner and Interpreter
District 5* | Roger Kunz, Commissioner; Greg Harding, State Interpreter
District 6* | Hugh Foster, Commissioner/Interpreter; Brad Hadley, Past Interpreter

Illinois High School Association (go to hs state association)
Athletic Officials Association Ted J. Lepucki;
Basketball Division Officers: Craig Davelis +, President; Joe Fritsch +, VP; Timothy Loughnane +, Secretary/Treasurer; Basketball Division Board Members: Joe Spagnolo +; John Marion +; Sal Vasta +; Greg Hartzhiem +; Fred Anderson +; Stacy Majchrowski +;;
Past Officers: Frank Moscardini, Chair/Board Member; Octavio Herrera, Vice Chair/Board Member; Ed Stanley, Secretary; Joe Fritsch, Treasurer/Board Member; Jeffrey Rutledge, Basketball President; Kevin O'Keeffe, Basketball VP; Robert Jenkins, VP; Rich Parsons,Secretary/Treasurer; Ken Sitkowski,Secretary/Treasurer; Board Members: Bernard Carrol; Joe Madison; Joe Spagnolo; Ronnie Creggett Art Kasak  sil
Athletic Officials Service
Past Officers: Jeff Curtin, President; Josh Schroeder, Membership; John Szafraniec, Secretary; Tom Glaser, Treasurer; Paul Whiteside, President; John McGuinnis, Basketball VP; Paul Whiteside, President; John Griffin, Past President/Rep. - IACAO; Jack Jost, Membership; Ken Pink, Secretary; Frank Spina, Treasurer; Matthew Mann, Basketball VP; William Kopp, Basketball Assignor; Wes Polender, Basketball Board Member; George Somogyi, Webmaster
BBY Sports | Obaseki Che'menju, President; Debra Jones, Exec. Secretary/Info Technology Consultant; Robert L. Scott, Treasurer;
Past Officers: Shawn Mercer-Dixon .+, Past President (deceased 5/15/09); Kenneth E. Teague, VP; Marnita Martin-Harris, Exec. Secretary;  sil
Blackhawk Officials Association | John C. Koester
Bloomington Normal Official's Association | Glenn T. Reinhart, President; Brad Thede, Treasurer; Terry Whalen, Secretary; Joe Kemp, Basketball VP;
Past Officers: Dustin Carter, President; Richard Cacciatori, VP Basketball; Kevin Mallehan, Treasurer; Larry Mowery, Treasurer; Sean Arians, Secretary;
Capital Area Officials Association - Central Illinois | James Bauser, President; Karen McNaught, VP; Emory D Appleberry, Secretary/Treasurer; Timothy Burch, Basketball Rep.;
Past Officers: Joe Meyer, Webmaster; Tracy Goodwin, Secretary/Treasurer
Central Officials Association
Michael Luzzi +, President; Greg Sujack .+, VP; James Sheridan +., Secretary; Timothy Owens +., Treasurer; Board Members: Jeff Rutledge +; James Sullivan +.; John Scanlon +; John Washo +.;
Past Officers: Charles McNellis, President/Basketball Co-Chair; Jack Tumpane, VP;  sil
Champaign Officials Association | Jeff Reese
Charleston Mattoon Basketball Officials Association
Matthew Brown, President; Toby Wilson, VP; David Phipps, Secretary/Treasurer/Clinician; Tom Strohl; Dennis Matthews; Board Members: William Stephens; Michael Bell; Kevin Grigg; Past Officers: Jon Bixby
Chicago Road Officials Association | P. William Vogeler
Chicagoland Basketball Officials. | John Messaglia
Decatur Area Officials Association
Lyle Meador, President; Travis Nelson, VP; Mark Blickensderfer, Secretary; Robert Burtschi, Treasurer; Chris Jones, Webmaster; Doug Hartwig, Trustee; Roger Dudley, Trustee; Mark Hall, Trustee; Dan Rodden, Trustee
Egyptian Officials Association | Dan E. Goins, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Austin, Past Exec. Secretary
Elgin Area Officials Association | John R. Vito; Stephen Taylor
Far West Suburban Basketball Officials Association - Chicago suburbs | Mark Horton, President; John Mezzaros, VP; Jason Lohrey, Past VP/Treasurer
Galesburg Area Officials Association
Joe Thompson, President; Charles Frail, VP; Richard Carlson, Secretary; James Hartshorn, Treasurer; Jerry Steck, Webmaster/Assignment Secretary
Girls Catholic Athletics Conference Association | Timothy Dryer
Great Lakes Officials Association
George Grassmuck, President; Rich Giglio, VP; Elmer Klein, Secretary; Harold Morton, Treasurer/Assignor;
Past Officers: Craig Ebel, President; Don Collings, VP; David Schopf, Secretary; James Nolan, Basketball Commissioner; Mabelle Matheson, Assignment Scheduler
Heartland Diversity Official Association
Cameron L. Kurtz, President; Darrin Sortor, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Ronnie Jones +, President; Pat Pownall +, VP; Doug Shaw .+, Treasurer/Secretary; J.D. Coleman, At-Large Board Member; Kevin Grayer, At-Large Board Member; Thos 'Bucky' Hilton, At-Large Board Member; Jerome Maddox, At-Large Board Member;  sil
John Griffin, President/Secretary/Interpreter/Trainer; Jerome Heidlauf, VP;
I-64 Officials Association | Gary D. Moore; Norman Taylor
Illini Basketball Officials Association
Adam Holleman, President; Jeffrey Kurtz, VP; Steve Mitze, Treasurer; Jake Dressler, Treasurer; John Dudley, Webmaster; Leroy Schluter, Program Co-Chair; Rod Peavler, Program Co-Chair;
Past Officers: Joseph Rix, President; Keith Johnson, President; Brad Parrish, Secretary; Richard Doman, Secretary; Kerry Frerichs, VP
Illinois Officials Association | Michael Anderson, President; Ken Sobkowiak, 1st VP; Andre Morgan, 2nd VP; Steve Besse, Treasurer; Ryan Verver, Secretary; Jordan Cohen, Liaison; Rich Smith, Recruiting Director; Chris Ganczewski, Director of Mentoring
Inter-Association Council of Athletic Officials
Octavio Herrera, President; Joe Spagnolo +, VP; Timothy King, Treasurer; Laurie Jordan, Secretary/Training; Fred Allman, Basketball Chairperson; Gary Grohovena, Recruitment Chairperson ; Jason McKinney, Webmaster
Joliet Basketball Officials Association
Robert Horvath +., President; Kim Poulter +., Treasurer; Nick Cladis +, Secretary; Richard Burke +., Past President; Charley Schaeffer .+, VP - Clinics; Jason Shook +, VP - Meetings and Planning; Kevin Senor +., VP - Education/Rules Interpretation; James Lynch +., VP - Human Resources and Social;
Past Officers: Rich Klein, Past President Mark Cladis +., VP - Meetings and Planning; Octavio Herrera +., VP - Education/Rules Interpretation; Joe Thomas +., Secretary; Terry Keigher +., Treasurer; Dan Feeney +., Webmaster; Terry McFadden +., Public Relations; Greg Matuszewski +., Banquet Planning; Matthew Rozanski +., Election Coordinator; Scott Blummer +., Mentoring Program  sil
Kewanee Officials Association | Brian J. Rewerts; Duane Rakestraw
Metropolitan Officials Association
Pam Young; Past Officers: Milton Stennis, President; Darrel Leftwich, Treasurer; Richard Richardson, Interim Exec. Secretary; Ed Beavers, Interim Recording Secretary; Duane Rakestraw
Mid-State Officials Association | Louis E. Lang
Mid-Western Officials Association | Brian S. Daniel
Northern Officials Association
Michael Babicz, General Chair; Charles Valle, Basketball President; Rocky Nelson, Immediate Past General Chair; Pete Androus, Immediate Past General Chair; Jason Boston, Basketball At-Large
Palmer Officials Association | Dennis Held
Peoria Officials Association | David McDowell, President; Dan McGann, 2nd VP; Don Maher, Secretary; Michael Bromley, Interpreter;
Past Officers: Bud Gorman, President; David Seiler, Secretary; Dennis Price, Basketball 1st VP; Dennis Heskett, Basketball 1st VP; Michael Mercer, Basketball 2nd VP
Princeton Basketball Officials Association | Joe Stachowicz, President; Joe Burgoni, VP; Mark Turner +, Secretary/Treasurer; Dale Tieman, Assignment Chair; Tom Maubach, Webmaster/Clinician;
Past Officers: Pat McClary, President; Mark Geuther .+, VP; Ed Derix, Assignment Chair  sil
Quad City Officials Association | Jon Clark .+, President; Joe Lopez +, Basketball Officer; Rocky Jones +., Secretary;
Past Officers: Marty Flaherty +, President; Jason Foy+, President; David Mullen +, VP Basketball;> Marc Copely +, Treasurer; Chris Quist +, Assignor  sil
Quincy Basketball Officials Association | R. Todd Reichert
| Trent Eshleman, President
Rock River Officials Association
Keith Medema, President; David Trueblood, Secretary; John Kereven, Treasurer; James Kalina, Assignment Chair; Jon Santos, At-Large Member; Brad Ebersole, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Gary Taylor +, President; Kent Gravert, President; Steve Wilkins, VP; Paul Strohman, Secretary; Chris Barnhart, Webmaster/Media Relations ; Steve Haring, At-Large Rep.; Milton Richardson, At-Large Rep.  sil
Rockford Officials Association | David J. Reiter; Rita Miller
South Central Basketball Officials Association | Johnny Meinhart, President; Carl Repking, VP; Dennis Matthews, Secretary/Treasurer; Andy Pullen, Observer;
Past Officers: Dana Anderson, President; Kirk Hacker, VP; Tony Rodriguez, Secretary; Tom Strohl, Secretary/Treasurer;
South Suburbs Officials Association
Jordan Cohen, Exec. Director; Marilyn Dykstra, Asst. Exec. Director; Don Sachnoff, Treasurer; Neil Harrington, Basketball Division Chair; James Lagoni, Basketball Rep.;
Past Officers: Marty Quinn, Exec. Director; Russell Slape, Exec. Director; Alex Steurer, Past Exec. Director; Dennis Barth, Basketball Division Chair; Dan Feeney, Rep.
Southeastern Basketball Officials Association | William R. McClane; George Martin
Southern Illinois Basketball Officials Association | Robert 'Spanky' Smith, President; Board Members: Marc Profancik; Ron Hacker; Jason Rhodes; Jay Miller; Trent Purcell; Kirk Hacker
Southland Officials Association | Juan Gayden
Southwestern Athletic Officials Association
Kevin Poore, President; Gary Gustafson, VP Basketball; Chris Book, Secretary; Robert Brendel, Treasurer; Terry Gallaher, Basketball Availability Chair; James Kowzan, Past Basketball VP
Springfield Area Officials Association (Land of Lincoln)
Michael Hemberger .+, President; James Lovelace +, VP; Tammy Miner +., Secretary/Treasurer; Brian Cuffle .+, Basketball Scheduling Secretary;
Past Officers: Rick Tolle .+, VP; Dan Smith .+, Secretary/Treasurer  sil
Suburban Basketball Officials Association | Tom Huster
Watch City Officials Association | John R. Vito Jr.; Douglas McLaughlin
West Central Officials Association | Christopher J. Smith; Shawn A. Dobey
Western Basketball Officials Association
Gail Huster, President; Randy Wilson, VP; Keith Nykiel +, Secretary; Randy Liveris, Treasurer; Tom Skul, At-Large Director; Ashley Logan, At-Large Director; Terry Martinka, At-Large Director;
Past Officers: Rick Cogswell +, President; Al Smigiel, President; Greg Cook, President; Robert Jenkins, Board Member; Joe Madison, Board Member; Ivan Trauernicht, Webmaster  sil
White Pines Officials Association | David C. Minnick
Women On The Rise Officials Association | Debra D Jones

Indiana High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Calumet Athletic Officials Association (Valparaiso; Lake, Porter, Laporte Counties)
Michael Albert, President; Charles Barnett +, Secretary/Webmaster; Sean Treece, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: John VanWagner, VP; Howard Gauger, Treasurer; Luis Roldan, Basketball Chair; Russell Slape, Basketball Chair  sil
Central* (Anderson) | Rick Brown, President; Dean Martin, Secretary; Brian Totton, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Doug Pullins, President; Michael Ward, Basketball Chairperson
Crossroads (Carmel)
David Howard, President; Tracy Black, Secretary; Tom Boyd, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Roger Branigan, Secretary; John Merlau, Treasurer; Terry Kreider, Basketball Chair;
At-Large Board Members: Pete Alveal; Jack Combs; Patrick Strong; Bruce Talbott; David Kurz; John Capella
Eastern* (Richmond) | Randy Gwin, President; Jeff Gwin, Secretary/Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Jerry Middleton, Secretary; Darren Wright, President; Kyle Smith, President; Scott West, Basketball Chairperson
Fall Creek (Indianapolis)
John Merlau, President; Michael Mann, Secretary; JK Weider, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: James Uhrig, Secretary; Kim Borgman, President; Jeff Bocek, President; Matthew Knezevich, VP; Cheryl Johnson, Treasurer; Dan Stewart, Scholarship Committee
Hoosier* (Laporte) | Matthew Beam, President; William Stark, Secretary; Holt Edinger, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Della Wittgren, Secretary; Dan Messina, President; Todd Pilarski, Basketball Chairperson;
IAABO Board #231 (Indianapolis) - Indiana Officials Association
Rick Frank +, President; Andrew Barnes +, VP; Brian Wiser .+, Secretary; Matthew Weldy, Basketball Chair; Lucas Howard +., Co-Treasurer; Brent Alspach +, Co-Treasurer; Ben Mishkin +., Webmaster; Terry Magnuson +., Webmaster;
At-Large Members: Timothy Cartwright .+; Kevin Lewis +.; Justin Faw +; Mark Baltz +.; Robert Klein +; Kevin Fetterman +; Rick Knight +.;;
Past Officers: Stu Casper +., President; J. K. Wieder +., President; Nate Robinson +., VP; Don Nester +., Secretary;
Past Board Members: Brad Brooks +., Treasurer; Mark Baltz +., Board Member; Kevin Moore +., Board Member; David Bolsega +., Board Member; Scott Bova +., Board Member; Kevin Lewis +., Board Member; Joe Stafford +., Board Member; Jerry Wallace +., Board Member  sil
IAABO Board #268, Game Management, LLC (Northwest Indiana) | Luis Roldan, President; Ray Dix, Secretary; Richard Taylor Jr., Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Russell H. Slape, President; Ed Malek, Interpreter/Trainer; William Sample, Secretary/Treasurer
Lake County Athletic Officials Association (Hammond)
Fred Scheub, President; Tom Bainbridge, VP; Andy Simpson, Secretary; Jeff Nix Basketball Chair; James Turturillo, Treasurer; Steve Kline, Sergeant At Arms; Jeff Nick, Basketball Director;
Past Officers: Barry Poole, President; John Goss, Secretary; Jeff Rhody, Basketball Chairperson;
Lime City* (Huntington) | Steve Godfrey, President/Basketball Chair; Craig Johnson, Secretary
Magic City* (Muncie) | Jay Scott, Secretary; Robert Voss, President; Paul Gonzalez, Basketball Chairperson
Mid-Hoosier (Columbus)
Jennifer Leffler, President; Kevin T. Moore, Secretary; Greg McAdams, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Roger Fromer, President; Pam Shively, VP; Kevin T. Moore, Secretary; Tom Simpson, Treasurer; Steve Corya, Past President; David Sheets, Basketball Chairperson; MHOA Refs, Webmaster; Jerry Cox; Randy Eudy; Andy Medsker; Kevin Wilson, Board Members
Mid-State Officials Association (Bloomington) | Brett Williamson, President; Keith Klein, Secretary; Michael Reath, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Ron Grimes, President; Carl March, VP; Darren Waggoner, Secretary; Chip Snively, Secretary; Michael Pickins, Treasurer; David Pillar, Basketball Chairperson
Mississinewa Valley* (Gas City) | Kyle Hunt, President; Justin Faw Secretary/Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Robert Plummer, President; Larry Trexler, Secretary
North Central (Kokomo) | Chad Myers, President; Timothy Knowland, Secretary; Gary Chambers, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: James R. Robinson, President; Paul Williams, President; Stan R. Foreman, Secretary
Northeastern (Fort Wayne)
Joe Rudolph, President; Justin Shippy, Secretary; Ted Garton, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Justin Shippy, President; David Gentile, President; Russell Melcher, Secretary; Ted Garton, Basketball Chairperson;
Past Board Members: Robert Childers; Tom Muth; Randy Reincke; John Sorg; Jerry Stieglitz
Northern* (Warsaw) | Brett Patrick, President; Kirk Robinson, Secretary; Trent Long, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Kirk Robinson, President; Eric Coburn, President; Louis Brown, Secretary
River Valley* (Tell City) | Murray Minto, President; Charles Baumeister, Secretary/Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Steve Seibert, President; Rodney Wheeler, President; John Klueh, Secretary
South Central* (Salem) | Mark Christman, President; Scott Carr, Secretary; D.J. Henkle Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Rick Schnebelt, President; Kevin A. Christman, President; Travis Hammond, Secretary; David Gibson, Basketball Chairperson
Southern* (Evansville) | Brad Bane, President; Trevor Michels, Secretary; Brian Holtz, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Steve Frazier, Basketball Chair
South-Western* (Washington) | Ralph Hughes, President; Paul Wahl, Secretary; John Kixmiller, Basketball Chair; Trey Miller, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Tommy Thomason, President; Paul Wahl, Secretary; Brian Patton, Basketball Chair
St. Joe Valley* (South Bend) | William Sorukas, President; Robert Kania, Secretary; James Arnett, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Elden Reinhold, Secretary; Drew Danik, Basketball Chairperson
Tri-State* (Lagrange) | John Schieferstein, President; Burdette Norris, Secretary; Brian Browning, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Bryce Heller, President; Robert Neff, Secretary; Bryce Heller, Basketball Chair
Wabash Valley (Terre Haute)
P.J. Pitts, President; Rhonda Coombs, Secretary; Layne Meeks, Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Rick Gentry, President; Don Corey, President; Steve Morris, Secretary; Larry Crynes, Treasurer; Michael Stoffers, Basketball Chair; Mark Hopper, Asst. Chairperson
Western* (Lafayette) | Kevin Keen, President; Mark Maxwell, Secretary; Mark Hopper, Basketball Chair; Michael Harlow , Basketball Chair;
Past Officers: Mark Maxwell, President; Gregg Webb, Secretary; James Marshall, Secretary; Matthew Miller, Basketball Chair

Iowa (*shared link)
Iowa High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (go to hs state association)
Algona Officials Association* | Fred Perkins; Past Contacts: Rick Remy; Giles Struck
Black Hawk Officials Association | Robert Smith Jr.; Michael Neff, Past Contact
Cedar Rapids Athletic Officials Association
Scott Anderson, President; William Utterback, 1st VP; Ron VanHoeck, 2nd VP; David Baker, 3rd VP; Cory Burkle, Exec. Secretary; Chris Heidelbauer, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Joe Schmall, President; Pat Casey, President; Fred Griffiths, President; Robert Noble, President; Harold 'Pinky' Primrose
Central Iowa Officials Basketball Association* | Ralph Edwards; Clarinda Officials Organization* | Alan Schenck
Des Moines Officials Association | Dan Johnson, President; John Parsons, VP Basketball; William Hulse, VP Football; Larry Jacobus, Exec. Secretary; Joel Oswald, Special Advisor; Past Officers: Martin Wood, President; Terry Eaton
Fort Dodge Officials Association, Inc.* | James Bice; Terry Carson, Past Contact
Illinois-Iowa Urban Officials Association* | Cliff Hinton
Iowa City Officials Association
David Cusick .+, President; Roger Johnson .+, VP; John Mathias, Exec. Secretary; Joshua Berka +, Asst. Exec. Secretary/Treasurer; David Huling .+, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: David Severson .+, President; Ted Sueppel +, VP; Gene Vineyard .+, At-Large Member  sil
Iowa Officials Western Association* | Chris Girres
North Iowa Officials Association Tony Dahle, President; Dan Dingman, VP; Karl Wooldridge, Secretary; Timothy Esbeck, Treasurer; Ken Robbins, Lead Assignor; Scott Whitehall, Assignor; Phil Streit, Assignor; Craig Snider, Assignor;
Past Officers: David Meinders, President; Todd Thompson, President; Kurt Walderbach, President; Matthew Graham, VP;
Quad Cities Officials Association* | Jon Clark; David Mullen, Past Contact
Red Rock Officials Association* | Craig VanVark
Saylorville Officials Association* | Richard Leutzinger
Siouxland Officials Association* | Kevin Eekhoff; George Davidson, Past Contact
Southeast Iowa Officials Association
Derek Philips, President; Duane Tarrance, VP; Sharon Menke, Secretary; Chris Baker, Basketball Secretary; Josh Ragar, Treasurer; Josh Alden, At-Large Member; Robert Roederer, At-Large Member; Pat Pacha, Past Contact
Tri-State Officials Association | Al Stoltz; David King, Past Contact
Twin Lakes Area Officials Association* | Fred Perkins; Joel Oswald, Past Contact
Wapello County Officials Association* | William Owens
Webster City Officials Association* | Chris Hansen; West Central Iowa Officials Association* | Hal Rossow
West Union Area Officials Association* | Frank Olson

Jayhawk Community College Athletic Conference Officials Association | Monty Applebee +., Basketball Officials Coordinator  sil
Kansas State High School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
Greater Kansas Officials Association
Scott Englert +, President; Roger Wendell +, VP Basketball; Cheryl Aston +., Secretary; Brian Verman +, Treasurer; Keith Fowler, Basketball Assignor; Tad Malone, At-Large Director; Dixie Wescott, At-Large Director; William Boyce, At-Large Director  sil
Topeka Officials Association | William Klecan +, President; Brad Cowles +, VP; Kurt Lohse +, Treasurer; Steve Bradley +, Basketball Director;
Past Officers: Bart Waters, VP; Ben Tenpenny, Secretary/Treasurer; Darin Putthoff, Basketball Director  sil

Kentucky High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
1st Region Basketball Officials Association* | Brett Miles
2nd Region Basketball Officials Association* | Dwaine Crick; Mickey Allen, Past Contact
3rd Region Basketball Officials Association* | David Pentecost; Wayne Divine, Past Contact
South Central Kentucky Basketball Association (4th Region)* | Timothy Rigdon; Jerry Kimmell, Past Contact
5th Region Basketball Officials Association*
Glen Spalding, President; Robbie Durham, VP; Steve Allender, Secretary; Wayne Edwards, Treasurer; Randall Curry, Varsity Assignor; John R. Edwards, Freshman-JV Assignor; Terry O'Neill, Webmaster
8th Region Basketball Officials Association* | Burney Jenkins
9th Region Basketball Officials Association* | Matthew Young; Tom Haas, Past Assignor
Cumberland Valley Basketball Officials Association (13th Region)* | Don White; Past Contacts: Ray Canady; Eric Canady, Assignor
Bluegrass Basketball Association (10th/11th Region)* | Michael Goins;
Past Officers: Clayton Brooks, Exec. Board Chair; Kevin Walter, President; Bart Lenox, President; Kevin Massie, Secretary; Jeff Singleton, Treasurer; Wade Branscum, At-Large Ofiicial; Larry Lewis, At-Large Ofiicial; Rick Chasteen, Varsity Assignment Secretary; Michael Lenox, Training Officer
14th Region Basketball Officials Association* | Tommy Hall; Happy Mobelini, Past Assignor
15th Region Basketball Officials Association* | Brent Rose; Jerry Hurley, Past Assignor
Kentuckiana Basketball Officials Association (6th/7th Region) | Rick Browning +, Assignment Secretary;
Past Officers: Harold Byrd, President; John Boylan +, President; Howard Klein +, President; Charles Oberhausen, Corresponding Secretary; Dan Gerber, Corresponding Secretary; Kevin O'Bryan, Recording Secretary; Tony Schurfranz, Treasurer; Robert McGrath, Assignor  sil
Lake Cumberland Basketball Officials Association (12th Region)* | Scott Bottoms; Noel Hargis, Past Assignor;
lake cumberland
Northeastern Kentucky Basketball Officials Association (16th Region)* | Joe Billman; Darryl Smith, Past Assignor

Louisiana High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Alexandria* | Michael Silver, Assignment Secretary; Reggie Dubroc, Past Secretary
Baton Rouge Area* | Virgil Pratt, Assignment Secretary;
Past Officers: Michael Parrish, President; Gilly Berthelot, Assignment Secretary; Fred Ehrhardt Jr., Interpreter; Harry Jenkins, VP; Anthony Hall, Secretary; Michael Dean Loupe, Treasurer; Robert Rivault, Board Member; Siobhann Pietruszkiewicz, Board Member
Hammond* | Herb Bollinger, Assignment Secretary; Joe Smith, Past Assignment Secretary
Lafayette* | Daniel Gautreaux, Assignment Secretary; Ron Schwarz, Past Contact
Monroe* | William Lee, Assignment Secretary; Lee Warner, Past Assignment Secretary
New Orleans* | James Radcliffe, Assignment Secretary; Lawrence Dagate, Past Assignment Secretary
Opelousas* | Raymond Cassimere, Assignment Secretary; Past Contact: Jerome Robinson
Ruston* | Eddie Albritton, Assignment Secretary; Ellis Lewis, Past Assignment Secretary
Shreveport* | Joe St.Andre, Assignment Secretary
Southwest Louisiana Basketball Officials Association (Lake Charles)
Roger Perez, President; Timothy Joseph, VP; Brian Meyers, Secretary/Treasurer; Al Purdy, Assignment Secretary; Timothy Joseph, Mechanics Director; Peter Theunissen, Interpreter;
Past Officers: Andrew Smith, President; Ronnie Miller, VP Percy Brown
Thibodaux* | Robert Browning, Assignment Secretary
Tri-Parish* | Gerald McCain, Assignment Secretary
West Central* | Norman Booker, Assignment Secretary; Rodney Wells, Past Assignment Secretary
Winnsboro* | William Lee, Assignment Secretary; Donnie Easterling, Past Contact

Maine Principals' Association (go to hs state association)
IAABO Board #18 - Downeast
Past Officers: Paul Theriault, President; John Sawyer, President; Michael Worcester, VP; Kevin Barbee, Interpreter/Trainer; Wallace Hall, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #20 - Central Maine
Mark Bridgham, President; Clayton Pottle, At-Large Member; TJ Halliday, Interpreter/Trainer; Mark Byron, Secretary/Treasurer; Greg Boyd, Past President; Nick Pelletier, VP; David Parkhurst, At-Large Member; Ed Baehr, Commission Rep. Past Officers: Doug Burdin, President; Rocky Buck, President;
IAABO Board #111 - Eastern Maine
Randy Wadleigh, President; Wayne Prescott, President Elect; Emil Genest, VP; David Ames, Interpreter; John A. Doe, Secretary/Treasurer; David Mansfield, Assignor;
Past Officers: Shawn Kimball, President; Robin Cacace, President; Charles Pray, President; Fred Berry, President
IAABO Board #150 - Northern Maine (Aroostook)
Past Officers: Curt Anderson, President; Bert Cyr, VP; Lynwood McHatten, Varsity Assignor; Robert Buckley, Assignor; Harry Orser, Interpreter; Julie Goupille
Maine Basketball Officials Association | Peter Webb .+, Commissioner  sil
Western Maine IAABO Board 21 | Wayne Drown, President; Robert King, Secretary; Barry Fuller, Interpreter; Larry LaRochelle, Assignor;
Past Officers: Michael Peabody, President; Richard Draper, VP; Reggie Grant, Interpreter/Trainer

Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Baltimore Board of Officials for Women's Sports
Fran Trumbo, Exec. Director; Leslie Heubeck, President; Denny Lessner, VP/Webmaster; Sandy Hale, Secretary; Ann Greenbaum, Treasurer; Kathy Campbell, Director of Education/Assignor; Janet Smith, Assignor; Carol Jones, Admin. Asst.; Mark Borinsky, Basketball Chair; Debbie Swiss, Hospitality & Public Relations;
Past Officers: Nan Hambrose, Exec. Director/Basketball Assignor; Charles Dorsey, VP; Joan Salmon, Secretary; James Codd, Treasurer
IAABO Board #23 - Baltimore (Central Maryland)*
Dennis Battle, President; Kevin Orange +., VP; Louis Engle, Secretary; Rodney Britt, Treasurer; Al Bundy, Interpreter; Board Members: Robert Schmitt; Tyrice Waters; Jason Hess;;
Past Officers: Gary Stewart, President Dean Layman, President; Gene Gwiadowski, VP; Rick Russell, Interpreter/Trainer; Charles Colaianni, Treasurer
IAABO Board #24 - Washington County*
Past Officers: David Kerns, President; Timothy Smith, VP; Richard Hawkins, Interpreter/Trainer; Don Souders, Treasurer; John Wright, Secretary
IAABO Board #134 - Southern Maryland Board
Robert Alston, President; Bennis Watkins,VP; Michael Walker, Secretary; Derek Henderson, Treasurer; Zye Robinson, Interpreter; Robert Roman, Commissioner I; Alfred Tyler, Commissioner II;
Members At-Large: Rozier Collier +.; Jermaine Rogers; Paulette Franklin +; Tony Meeks +.;
Past Officers: Joseph Mitchell +., President; Dargeelyn Loftin, Past President; Charles Ball, Commissioner I; Joseph Chase, At-Large Member; Terry Glass, At-Large Member; Tonya Staley +, At-Large Member;  sil
IAABO Board #157 - Bayside Officals (Maryland Eastern Shore and Virginia)
Past Officers: Marlon Johnson +, President; Charles Huff +., VP; Bernell Bowen, President; Rick Roman, Assignor; James Webster, Interpreter/Trainer; Michelle Martin, Web Content Manager; Albert Brooks Jr. +., Secretary - IAABO; Jonathon Willey, Secretary - BBOA; James Trafton, Treasurer; Brett Fite .+, Director; Donald Sparpaglione .+, Director; Robert Holden, Director  sil
IAABO Board #204 - Potomac Valley Board* | Jack Aylor, President; Steve Northcraft, VP; George Geatz, Interpreter/Trainer; Greg Broadwater, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Booard #214 - Tuscarora (Frederick)* | Past Officers: Michael Kelly, President; Eric Whisner, VP; William Siedling, Interpreter; Robert Frund, Treasurer; Doug Gardner, Secretary
IAABO Board #244 - Mason-Dixon Board (Carroll)* | Michael Calkins, President; Lloyd Ford, VP; Greg Knill, Treasurer; Tom Fisher, Secretary; Ernie Stephensen, Interpreter; Lanny Hinkle, Assignor;
IAABO Board #261 - Upper Chesapeake Officials Association* | Past Officers: Robert Thompson, President; Jeff Ralls, VP; Chris Coccagna +., Interpreter/Trainer; Stan Zalewski, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #290 - Baltimore City (Metropolitan)*
Wayne Randall, Commissioner; Laney Prioleau +., President; Angela Jones +., VP; Joe Maye +, Interpreter; Vincent Tyler, Secretary; Kevin Setzer, Secretary; Board Members: Simon Mabaso +; Nathan Ayers +; Rodney Johnson +;;
Past Officers: Delmar Harrod, President; Milton Young, VP; Nimrod Westcott, Interpreter/Trainer; Kevin Setzer, Treasurer; Lawrence Ames, At-Large Member; Rodney Johnson, At-Large Member; George Warren, At-Large Member  sil
Maryland Basketball Officials Association
Ray Cavanaugh, President;
Greg Tolson +., VP; Robert Marshaus +, Treasurer; Jerry Radfrod+, Commissioner; Gene Pellillo +., Interpreter; Kent Flowers +., At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Steve Weems .+, President; Jack Sanford, Secretary; Chris Sole, Interpreter  sil
Mid-Atlantic College Basketball Officials Association
Rozier Collier +., President; Brian Pearson, VP; David McAndrew .+, Secretary; Nancy Jackson +., Treasurer; Sharon Haddock +., Grievance/Ethics; Eric Brown +., Parliamentarian; Donnee L. Gray +., Supervisor of Officials; Willie L.A. Jones +, Staff Coordinator; Charles Huff +., Chief Observer; Ike Relacion +., Web Site Coordinator;
Past Officers: Fred Smith, President; Chris Vail, Treasurer; Carl Dudley, Grievance/Ethics; Tommie Scott, Chief Observer;  sil

Massachusetts (*shared link)
Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Berks County (IAABO #25) | Barry Sherman, President; Gerald Trate, Secretary; Michael Paulson, Interpreter; Winthrop Peter Gutmann, Past President - IAABO; Mark Alford, Secretary
Franklin Board of Officials* | Ted Wilcox, President; Jeff Jobst, Secretary; John O'Riley, Interpreter
Eastern Mass. Basketball Officials* | Allan Fidler, President; Karen Wisniowski, Secretary; Steve Bono Sr., Past President
Hamden County Board of Women's Baskeball Officials* | Joe Ciejka, President; Brian Bellefeville, Secretary; Michael Smist, Past President; Robert A. Veronesi, Past Secretary
Franklin County Board of Officials* | Dan Kaczmarczyk, President; Jeff Jobst, Secretary
IAABO Board #15 - Massachusetts State
David Gustafson, President; Mark Alford, President Elect; Larry Machione, VP; Michael Churchill, Secretary/Treasurer; William Boutilier, State Interpreter; Lou Levine, Parliamentarian; Ron Martel, Rep. - IAABO;
Past Officers: Bruce Edwards, President; Robert Grady, President; William Loftus, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #25 - Berkshire County* | John Greenbush, President; Patrick Burke, Secretary; William Dasaat, VP; Walt Miller, Interpreter/Trainer; David Collopy, Treasurer
IAABO Board #26 - Central Mass.* | Charles Patterson, President; Bruce Edwards, Secretary;
Past Officers: Frank Creagh, President; Joseph Bollus, VP; Kevin Lecuyer; William Loftus, Interpreter/Trainer; Ron Chapdelaine, Secretary
IAABO Board #27 - Eastern Massachusetts
James Grady, President; William Joyce, VP; Richard Collins, 2nd VP; Richard J. Antonelli, Interpreter; David Engelson, Associate Interpreter; Michael Hammond, Secretary/Treasurer; Frank Beebe, Tournament Director; William Regan, Special Olympics
Past Officers: Joseph Smoot, President; David Kuzmicz, Past President; Kevin Hart, 1st VP;
IAABO Board #28 - Hampshire-Franklin* | Alyn Hastings, President; Michael Churchill, Secretary;
Past Officers: Richard Kilhart, President; Arthur Belanger Jr., VP; Don Abel, Interpreter/Trainer; David Keir, Secretary
IAABO Board #30 - Southeastern Massachusetts
Michael Kirby, President; Chris Anderson, VP; Brian Mikolazyk, Secretary/Treasurer; Bruce Anderson, Interpreter; David Gibeau, Asst. Interpreter; Board Members: Paul Bortolotti; Jay Horrigan; Glenn Hoyle;;
Past Officers: Michael Rice, President; James McGowan, President; Paul 'Lefty' Duval, Interpreter/Trainer; Michael Dasilva, Treasurer; John Donnelly
Jr., Secretary
IAABO Board #31 - Western Massachusetts
Brian Page, President; Michael Shirley, VP; Joseph Lavoie, Secretary; Charles Elias +, Interpreter; Chris Brown, Esq-Parliamentarian; Board Members: John Gagnon; Owen Shanahan; Odete Tome-Wells; Bennie Wright;;
Past Officers: Tom Zukowski +, President; Mark Brookens +, President; Tony Dulude, Secretary/Treasurer; Walter Hickson, Secretary/Treasurer; Henry Kozloski +, Parliamentarian; Keith Scarlett +., VP  sil
IAABO Board #44 - North Central Massachusetts
Roman Ferguson, President; Michael Walsh, VP; Sal Ciuffetti, Secretary/Treasurer;
Exec. Board: William Comasky; Dale Diamantopoulos; Tom Kelly; Wigberto Perez; Tom Ryan; John Williams;
Past Officers: Lou Levine, President; Brian Tata, President; Budd Tackett, VP; Gerald Flynn, Interpreter/Trainer; William Perla, Secretary; Tom Connor, Webmaster
IAABO Board #54 - Plymouth County
Scott Alexander, President; Ronald Scarbrough Jr., Secretary;
Past Officers: Don Fredericks, President; James Coughlin, President; Steve Petluck, President; Dom Dinatalie, President; T. Silva, President; Scott Alexander, VP; Rich Lambert, VP; Scott Newton, 2nd VP; Ed Barber, Interpreter; John J. Karo, Interpreter/Trainer
IAABO Board #95 - Greater Lowell Area
Don McGillicuddy +, President; David Rourke +, VP; Jon Lowe +, Secretary/Treasurer; John Rafferty +, Interpreter;
Exec. Committee: Jack Glazebrook +, Chair; Brian Gleason +, Vice Chair; Tracy Mitchell +, Asst. Chair; Jeff Blanchard +, Asst. Chair; Peter Noel +, Asst. Chair; Larry Cavanaugh Jr. +, Asst. Chair; Robert Morrisette +, Ex-Officio  sil
IAABO Board #130 - Northeastern Massachusetts
Rich Napolitano, President; Peter Dinon, VP; Dan Bryant, Secretary; William 'Boots' Boutier, Interpreter; Mark Shapiro, Board Chair; Area Reps: Paul Halloran (#1); Steve Marc-Aurele (#2); Glenn Chesley (#3); Mark Kazanjian (#4); Jimmy Young (#5); Rich Sweeney (#6); David Margossian (At-Large); Peter Jackson (At-Large);;
Past Officers: David Callum +, President; Hal Geary +, VP; Michael Muchmore +, Exec. Board Chair  sil
IAABO Board #152 - Cape Cod Mary Bradbury, President; Michael Amerault, VP; Bernie Beriau, Secretary; Steve Pothier, Interpreter; Kevin Griffin, Treasurer;
Past Officers: Keith Forker, President; Josh Burton, VP; Greg Moore, President; Tom Madden, Interpreter; Dan Patenaude, Treasurer; Michael Collopy, Rep. - Mid Cape
IAABO Board #175 - Nobscot Valley
Chris Cordella, President; Dan Murphy, VP; Nick Castellone, Interim Secretary; Terry Irish, Interpreter; David Murachver, Education Chair; James Hicks, Constitution/Ethics;
Past Officers: Damien Farley, President; William Miller, Secretary/Treasurer; James Palmer, Secretary
IAABO Board #208 - South Central Massachusetts
Wayne Kuczinski, President; David Allaire, VP; Richard Vitali, Secretary/Treasurer; Larry Machione, Interpreter/Trainer; Ronald Martel, Delegate - State Board; Robert 'Babe' Grady, Delegate - State Board; Paul Greenberg, At-Large Member; Paul Cellucci, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: James Nadeau, VP; Emilio Diotalevi, Interpreter/Trainer; Brian Burke, Webmaster
Merrimack Valley Board of Officials* | Carol Morris Rivard, President/Secretary
North Shore Board of Officials* | Paul Caron, President; Jerry Driscoll, Secretary; James Burns, Past President; Louis Pearlstein, Past Secretary
Southern Massachusetts Board of Officials* | Ken Dias, President; Ron Soares, Secretary; David Audet, Past President; Robert R. Curran Jr., Past Secretary

Michigan High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
All-Star Officials Association*, Lansing | Eric Frohriep, President
Bay Metro Officials Association, Bay City (350)
Bruce Moore, President; Brian Weaver, Secretary; Brice Bauer, Treasurer; William Heintskill, Basketball Assignor
Betsie Valley Officials Association*, Beulah, Benzonia (355) | Joe Johnson, President; Past Officers: Pete Olson, President/Basketball Trainer; Brett Spalding
Border Basketball Officials Association, Ottawa Lake (1260)
Aaron Crowley, President; Doug Zimmerman, VP; William Gomoluch, Treasurer; Greg Becker, Basketball Director;
Past Officers: Kurk McWilliams, VP; Chris Jones, Webmaster/Public Relations; Jamie LaRocca, Basketball Director; Timothy Bedard, Basketball Director
Capital Area Officials Association, Lansing (1005)
Jeffrey Spedoske, President; Michael Conlin, Exec. Director; Dan Carmichael, Membership Director; Eric Wills, Treasurer; Robert Stanaway, Co-Basketball Director; Michael Brya, Co-Basketball Director; David Buck, Web Site Coordinator
Cadillac Area Officials Association, Cadillac (1005)
Don Blue, President; William Bartholamew, VP/Basketball Trainer; Penny McDonald, Secretary; Michael Stump, Treasurer; Robert Nelson;
Past Officers: William Allen, President; Kevin Taylor, VP; Paul Shaarda, Trainer
Central Michigan Area Officials Association, Farwell (385)
Dennis Argyle +, President; William Chadwick, VP; Eric VanHevel, Secretary; Jason Pahl, Treasurer; J.C. Colville, At-Large Member  sil
Curtis Hawkins Officials Association of Southwest*, Kalamazoo (580) | O'Neal Ollie, President; David Saunders; Steve Dunning, Past Contact
Detroit Motor City Area Officials Association* | Delonda Little, President
Detroit Officials Association* (1240) | Darren Ford, President; Kendall Sherman
Eastern Michigan Officials Association*,Port Huron (1075)
Bryan Earl, President; AJ Haduch, VP; Michael Parsons, Secretary/Treasurer; Trustees: Edward Feaster; Brad Mutnick; James Neal; Ed Rodenhouse;; Brian Bower, Basketball Trainer; Amy Pistone, Basketball Trainer;
Past Officers: John Mueller, President; Fredrick 'Rick' Swegles, President; Charles Holbrook, VP; Scott Tallmadge, Secretary; Perry Sutherland, Basketball Trainer
Fruit Belt Officials Association, Stevensville (480)
Bruce Arter, President; Dale Yoder +, VP; Michael Getty, Secretary; Bruce Molineaux +, Treasurer; Freddy Krieger, Basketball Trainer; Trustees: David Buck +; Freddy Krieger; Stephen Petlick; Tom Rivette;;  sil
Genesee County Coaches and Officials Association, Flint (500)
John Montney, President; Mark Grantham, Secretary; Terry Scrivener, Treasurer; Dean Tondreau, Basketball Trainer/Webmaster; Steve Tannar, Basketball Director;
Past Officers: John Montney, President; Pat McKenna, VP for Basketball; William Chilcutt, Assignor GAC, Metro, Big Nine; John Kirk, Assignor Saginaw Valley; Tom Rau, Assignor independents; Joseph Ragnone, Secretary; Randy Hutton, Basketball Trainer
Greater Mid Michigan Officials Association*, Essexville (1130)
James Helgemo, Interim President/VP; David Scott, Secretary/Treasurer; William Post, Past President; Michael Spencer, Past President; James Smith, Basketball Assignor; Chris Calkins; Paul Carmichael; Ted Horning; Ray Bauer, Trustees; James Latocki
Heart Of Michigan Officials Association*, Ithaca (535) | Dar Peska, President;
Past Officers: Bruce Moss; Arthur Kurtze III, Basketball Trainer
Huron Valley Officials Association, Ann Arbor (555)
Bryan Earl, President; Michael Parsons, Secretary/Treasurer; John Mueller, Immediate Past President; Michael Mazur, Past President; James Ticknor, Past President; Cliff Meggison; Brad Mutnick; Edward Feaster; John Mueller; Tom Seyfried, Trustees; Robert Setty, Basketball Trainer (Ann Arbor area); Jerry Massey, Basketball Trainer (Ann Arbor Area); William Rubin, Basketball Trainer (Livingston County); Rich Humphries, Basketball Trainer (Livingston County); Rex Forsyth, Basketball Trainer (Adrian Area)
Jackson Area Officials Association, Jackson (570)
Mary Anne Papiersky, President; Gary Schuch, Treasurer; Jason Smith, Secretary/Basketball Coordinator; Richard Kalahar, At-Large Member; Timothy Hoffman;
Past Officers: Bruce Keeling; David Buck; Charles Sprang, Secretary; Greg Putra, Treasurer; Kent Sanborn, Basketball Coordinator; John Southwick, At-Large Member
Kalamazoo Officials Association, Kalamazoo (580) | John Bishop, President; John Creek, VP; Duane Luedecking, Treasurer;
Past Officers: E. John Madaras, President; Steve Pearce, President; Patrick Griffin, President; Chad Jackson, VP
Metro Detroit Athletic Officials Association
Donta Favors, President; Shane Bies, VP; Hershell Bell, President Elect; Robert Williams, Secretary; Michael Schram, Treasurer; Tom Poma, Basketball Director/Trainer
Metro Detroit Officials Association, Redford (1115) | Michael Gentry, President;
Past Officers: Rick Massa, President/Basketball Trainer; Art Zysk, VP; Robert Williams, Secretary/Treasurer; Makia Alexander-Smith, Basketball Trainer; Anne Messing, VP; Tom Poma, Basketball Trainer; Robert Czech, Board Member; Malcolm Pennington, Board Member; Mark Richer, Board Member; Michael Smith, Board Member; Wallace Whitfield, Board Member
MIC Athletic Officials Association*, Mt Pleasant (1190) | Keith Stewart, President;
Past Officers: Brian Gould, Basketball Trainer; Edmund Phillipson Jr., Basketball Trainer; Steve Fuhst
Michigan Officials Association and Umpires, Lincoln Park (680) | Gary Gilliand, President; Richard Weiss +., Past President;
Basketball Trainers: David Liberacki +.; Jack Murdoch +.; Andy Sueta +.; Blaine Wilding +.; Kelly Hughes  sil
Mid Michigan Officials Assoc*., Big Rapids, Fremont (1025)
Chris Calkins, President; David Scott, Secretary/Treasurer; James Smith, Basketball Assignor; Jill Baker-Cooley, Trustee; Ray Bauer, Trustee;
Past Officers: Ty Miller, President/Basketball Trainer; James Helgemo, VP; Fred Bies, .Trainer/Meeting Coordinator
Midland Athletic Officials Association, Midland (710)
Mark Bauer, President; Kim Heisler, Secretary; Brian Roberts, Treasurer; Daniel Godwin, SD-Basketball Boys; Steve Weiger, SD-Basketball Girls; Thomas Oleniacz Randy Tarzwell, At-Large;
Monroe County Officials Association*, Monroe (1200) | Michael Knabusch, President; Brian Lamour, Basketball Trainer
North Central Officials Assoc, Grayling (750) | John Schneider, President;
Past Officers: Ed McCarty, President; Terry Wakeley, Past President/Basketball Trainer; Michael Sizen, VP; Robert Gingerich, Secretary; Michael Norton, Basketball Trainer; Tom Perry, Basketball Trainer; David Latusek, Treasurer; Clayton Brown, Trustee; R.J. Bradley, Trustee
Northern Sports Officials Association,Traverse City (780) | Barbara Beckett, President; Mark Stewart;
Past Officers: David Taberski, Secretary; David Swanson, Treasurer; Tom Post, Basketball Rep.; John Cooper, Webmaster/Web Committee Chair
Presque Isle County Officials Association*, Rogers City (800) | Michael Grulke, President
Quad Counties Sports Officials Association*, Mussey (1185) | Robert Yanosh, President/Basketball Trainer
Saginaw Athletic Officials Association*, Saginaw (815)
Scott Helmka, President/Basketball Assignor; Monte Steward, VP; Richard Havercroft, Secretary; Advisors: Terry Ray; Jerry Haines; David Schimpf; Luke Schmiege;;
Past Officers: Hogey Holtz, President; James Ferguson, Basketball Trainer;
South Central Officials Association, Battle Creek (850)
Timothy Rizor, President/Basketball Trainer; Carl Olsen, Secretary; Linda Hoover, Treasurer; David Eubank, Basketball Trainer; Robert Price Jr., Past President;
Southeastern Michigan Officials Association - Clinton Twp., Detroit (860)
David Baumgart, President; Kevin Walewski, VP; Mario Soresi, Secretary; Dennis Clark, Treasurer; Board Members: Joe Denomme; Tom Lieckfelt; Ed MacKool;
Past Officers: Michael Dempsey, President; David Muylaert, Secretary; Margaret Gatliff, Advisory Board
Southern Michigan Officials Association -Hillsdale | Keven Wolcott, President
Southwest Michigan Officials Association, Dowagiac (1050)
Lowell Winne, President/Basketball Trainer; James Foster, VP; George Friday, Secretary; Denny Ostyn, Treasurer;
Past Officers: Larry Brewer, President; John Ignacio, Secretary; Jerry Nitz, Basketball Trainer; Randy Gross, Webmaster
Sports Officials Alliance With Coaches - Jackson | Randy Hoenes, President; Charles Sprang
Top O'Michigan Officials Association*, Petoskey (910) | Paul VanWagoner, President; Mark Lennemann
Tri County East Officials Association*, Mt. Clemens,Chesterfield twp. (1270) | Joseph Rozell, President; Allan Diver; Paul McBride, Past President
United Federation of Officials, Westland (315) | Robert Allen, President; Joseph McCormick
USA Officials Association, Muskegon
Warren Kent, President; Thomas Siver
Van Kal Officials Association, Paw Paw (585)
Paul Eggers, President/Webmaster; Dennis Meyers, VP/Assignor; Charles Rawsthorne, Secretary/Treasurer/Assignor; John Martin, Assignor;
Past Officers: Robert Adams, President; Buddy Turner, VP; James Alden, Instruction Coordinator; Michael Walters, Sports Director; George Friday, Member Liaison
West Coast Officials, Ludington (1245) | J. R. Schoon, President; Joseph Knowles
West Michigan Officials Asso., Grand Rapids (980)
Kurtis Hoffman, President; Matthew Kuiper, President Elect; David VanSurksum, VP; Lowell Winne, Secretary; Pete VanGessel, Treasurer; Doug Kaptein, Counselor; B Lynn Benedict, Basketball Chair; Brad Brunet, Basketball Registrar;
Past Officers: Todd VandenAkker, President; Ray Thomas, President; Robert Wojcik, Counselor/Past President; Steve VanHammen, President Elect; Brian Vogel, VP; Dan Vandenbosch, Secretary; Robert Rodenhouse, Basketball Chair; Mark Lundvick, Basketball Chair; Chad Bocian, Basketball Registrar

Minnesota State High School League (go to hs state association)
Bemidji Basketball Officials Association* | Brian Schultz, Clinician; Jon Hodgson, Assignor;
Past Officers: Timothy Slough, Charter Clinician; Jon Hodgson, Assignment Secretary
Bluff Country Officials Association* (Winona) | Stephen Hacken, Clinician/Assignor
Crookston Officials Association* | Gene 'Wayne' Folkers, Clinician/Assignor
Franklin Officials Association* (Stephen) | Chris Mills, Clinician/Assignor
Gopher State Officials Assn. (Crystal)*
Michael Madden, President; Jeff Mosca, Clinician; Darrell 'Bozo' Wincek, Secretary/Treasurer/Assignor;
Past Officers: Brad Casey, Charter Clinician; Eric V. Gray, Charter Clinician; Darrell 'Bozo' Wincek, Secretary/Treasurer Assignment Secretary; Paul Nesvig, Legal Advisor; Darrell 'bozo' Wincek, Assignor; Tony Dooher, Board Member; Steve Makowske, Board Member; Jon McLean, Board Member; Greg Swan, Board Member; George Winn, Board Member; Clark Worthington, Board Member
Independent Basketball Officials Association* (Rosemont) | Gary Lowe, Assignment Secretary/Charter Clinician
Lake Agassiz Officials* (Hitterdal)| Charles Johnson, Clinician; Michael Gullingsrud, Assignor
Lake George Officials Association* (Cass Lake) | Rodney Erickson, Clinician/Assignor
Lake Superior Basketball Association* (Proctor) | Adam Palan, Clinician; Craig Lipinski, Assignor;
Past Officers: Steve Vekich, Assignment Secretary; Terry J. Eiter, Assignment Secretary/Charter Clinician
Lakes Area Officials Association* (Detroit Lakes) | Terry Eiter, Clinician/Assignor
Mankato Area Officials Association (North Mankato)
Michael Barten, President; Tony Malwitz, VP; Todd Pfingsten, Treasurer/Secretary/Webmaster; Terry Reynolds, Clinician; Doug Boyer, Basketball Assignment Secretary; Lon Anderson, Assignment Secretary; Timothy Berneman, Webmaster; Jeff VanHee, Webmaster; Craig Schumacher, Reserve Rep.; Board Members:Todd Armstrong; Tom Bromeland; Kyle Ludewig; James Northenscold; Todd Armstrong;;
Past Officers: Patrick Haefner, VP; Aaron Wirtz, Secretary/Treasurer; Rich Stolp, At-Large Board Member; Larry Westlund, At-Large Board Member; Bruce Winter, At-Large Board Member
Mid Minnesota Officials Association* (Brainerd) | Kevin Ruen, Clinician; Scott Kimman, Assignor; Greg Snow, Past Charter Clinician;
Minneapolis Officials Association (Blaine)
Josh Thurow, President; Bryan Kemnetz, Secretary/Treasurer; Pete Vrieze, Clinician/Assignor Directors: Ivan Cardona; Dan Griffiths; Michael Kallas; Charles Moore; Jeff Tyler;;
Past Officers: Timothy Leighton, President; Brad Rekstad, President; Dean Kockelman, Past President; Kelly McCrary, Past President; Anne Nehring, Secretary; Ken Sargent, Treasurer; Charles Moore, Director; Blaine Joerger, Director; Ted Krize, Director; Brenda Holmgren, Director; Scott Hill, Director; Harry Kitts, Assignor; Mary Toberman, Webmaster
Morris Officials Association | Matthew Johnson, Clinician/Assignor
Ottertail Officials Association* (Battle Lake) | Charles A. Evert, Assignment Secretary
Range Coaches & Officials Association* (Gilbert) | Jack Coombe, Assignment Secretary/Charter Clinician
Red River Valley Officials Association* (Dilworth) | Ryan Weinzierl, Clinician; Robert Kueneman, Assignor; Ben M. Franson, Past Assignment Secretary/Charter Clinician
Rochester Area Officials Association (St. Charles) | Jared Butson, Assignor; Tristan Severson, Charter Clinician
Runestone Officials Association* (Glenwood) | Harold Meissner, Assignment Secretary; Nate Meissner, Clinician; William J. Mills, Past Charter Clinician
Sherburn Area Officials Association* | Rick Stenson, Assignment Secretary/Charter Clinician
St. Cloud Officals* | Paul A. Conrad, Assignment Secretary/Charter Clinician
St. Paul/Capital City Officials Association* | Steve Schneider, Clinician; Richard Eldridge, Assignor
Past Officers: Doug Kovars, President; Timothy Torgerson, Past President; Jason Perkins, VP/Secretary/Treasurer; Pat Whalen, Exec. Secretary; Ray Brown, Basketball Assignment Secretary/Charter Clinician; Randy Deisting; Michael Trewick; John Yorkovich, Exec. Board Member; Mark Courtney, President; Richard Eldridge, Past President; Tom Glynn, VP; Florian Lefty Yurek, Secretary/Treasurer; Hamilton Bell, Board Member; Tom Knoblauch, Charter Clinician
Suburban Officials Association (Elko)
Jack P. Shawn, President/Charter Clinician; Ronald L. Hamann, Assignment Secretary; Chris Olson, VP Basketball; Wally Larsen, Exec. Secretary/Treasurer
Tri-County Officials Association* (Silver Lake) | Jeff Monahan, Clinician/Assignor; Paul A. Wackler, Past Charter Clinician; Brian D. Anderson, Past Charter Clinician
Vikingland Officials Association* (New London) | Haakon P. Vaadeland, Assignment Secretary/Charter Clinician
Western Minnesota Officials* | Phillip Westby, Clinician/Assignor; Owen Gustafson, Past Charter Clinician/Assignment Secretary; Mark Herman, Past Assignment Secretary

Mississippi High School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
Delta Basketball Association*
Charles Barron +., President; Bradly MacNealy +., VP; William J. Hall +., Secretary; Charles Barnett +., Asst. Secretary; Willie Gregory +., Evaluator; Walter Dixon +., Evaluator; Robert Littleton, Past Contact
District 4 Basketball Association* | Paul Lyle
East Mississippi Basketball Association* | Robert Eakins
Gulf Coast Basketball Association* | James Torrey; David Powers
Hattiesburg Basketball Association* | Roy Richardson
Laurel Basketball Association* | Clinton Drummer
Middle Mississippi Basketball Association* | Harold Cooper
Northeast Basketball Association (North)* | Dan Walls
Northeast Basketball Association (South)* | Rickey Riley; Horace Smith
Northwest Basketball Association* | Russell Johnson
Southwest Basketball Association* | Melvin Harris

Missouri State High School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
APM Officials Association | Arville Myers
Basketball Officials of the Ozarks (BOO) - Springfield | Brian Wityk, Secretary; Amy Loewen, Past President
Calloway Officials Association | Curtis Jackson
Central States Officials Association | Mark Probst, Secretary
Past Officers: Scott Gaylord, President; Michael Imergoot, Mechanics/Clinics/Interpreter
Columbia Basketball Officials Association
Jason Herman, President; Michael Hackman, VP; David Carlson, Secretary/Assignor; Nathan Chitwood, Treasurer/Interpreter; Phil Fancher, Mechanics Interpreter
East Central Missouri Officials Association | Michael Wood
Columbia Basketball Officials Assn. | David Carlson
Grand River Officials Association | William Englert
Greater Kansas City River Officials Association | Keith Fowler
Hannibal Officials Association | Daniel Holland
Heartland Officials Association | Rick Heuring
IAABO Board #173 - St. Louis | Greg Ransom, Secretary;
Past Officers: Matthew Remacle, President; Mark Halsell, VP; Gene Grimshaw, Interpreter/Trainer
Jefferson City Basketball Officials Association | Dan Luebbert
Joplin Basketball Officials Association | Mickey Heatherly
Mexico Basketball Officials Association | James A Kropf
Mid-Continent Officials Association, Kansas City area and Northwestern Missouri
Terry Barmann, President; Stephen Henley, VP; Greg Lebold, Treasurer; Brian Wrisinger, Secretary; Shawn Gadberry, Basketball Assignor; Members At-Large: Michael Suddarth, Secretary/Treasurer;; Dan Ferrell;
Past Officers: Michael Niemeier, President; James Funk, President; Jerry Maxwell, President; Steve Brown, Treasurer; Glenn Owen, Board Member; Shawn Gadberry, Board Member
Mid-Missouri Officials Association | Kenny Cummins
North Central Missouri Officials Association | Allen Berry; David Misel
Northeast Missouri Officials Association | George Wriedt
Northwest Missouri Officials Association | Robert Lade
Pony Express Basketball Officials Association | Mark Korell
Poplar Bluff Area Officials Association | Micky Gum
Salisbury Area Officials Association | David Sturm
SEBO Group | Loyd Rice
Sedalia Officials Association | Dennis Hagedorn
South Central Missouri Officials Association | James Shockley
Southwest Missouri Basketball Officials Association | Kelly Holt
St. Louis Officials Association
Danny Jonas, President; William Rietz, President Elect; William Shell, VP Basketball; Kerry Rockwell, Treasurer; David Fuchs, Secretary; Ken Priest, Assn. Historian;
Past Officers: John Horton, President; Don Taylor, President Elect; Bart Castelli, Past President; Sean Nolan, Past President; Dan Fitzgerald, VP Basketball; Bruce Hook, Secretary; Bruce Crow, Treasurer; Dale Baechle, Board Director
Suburban North Officials Association | Charles Murray
Three Rivers Officials Association | James Gerber
Twin City Officials Association | Dennis Beck
Vernon County Officials Association | Ron del Rosario
Waynesville/St. Robert Officials Association
Ken Kwantes, President; Melvin Respress, VP; T.J. Howden, Secretary/Treasurer/Past President; Brian Smith, Basketball Commissioner;
Past Officers: James Earl, President; James Kennedy, Basketball Commissioner; David Cross, Webmaster; Charles Lynn, Past Secretary/Treasurer
Whiteman Area Officials Association | Garry Walker
Montana HS Association (go to hs state association)
Montana Officials Association | Theresa Stanisich +, Officials Coordinator;
Region Directors: Randy Saunier, Doug McAlear, Robert Rowling, David Peterson, Dan Miller, Region 5; KC Barnhardt, Jay Lemelin, Region 7; Lon Swigart, Region 8; Bruce Shipp, George Maruska, Eric Obrigewitch, Region 11;
Past Region Directors: Tom Lorang, Region 5; Robert Burns, Region 6; Harold Olson, Region 7; Frank Difonzo, Region 8; John Laney, Region 9; Steve Hertel, Region 10; Larry Holman, Region 11  sil

Nebraska School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
Eastern Nebraska Officials Association
Michael Carroll .+, President; Kirk Lott +., VP; Dan Walker +., Treasurer; Nathan Mastel +., Secretary; Board Members: Dean Hesterman +; Charles Gubbels +.; Dean Barrett +.;;
Past Officers: Shane Godtel, President; Shane Smith, VP; Richard Zierke, Past President; Grant Carter, Secretary; Kris VanMeter, Board Member; Mark Wieting, Board Member; Matthew Hecker, Board Member  sil
Midwest Officials Association - Omaha | Past Officers: Michael Peters, President; Jeff Wallace; David Shillinglaw; Barry Lief
Nebraska High School Officials Association - Kelly Classen, Director; Scott Johnson, Secretary/Basketball Chair; Basketball Committee Members: Zac Brost; Michael Carroll; Brian O'Neal; Dennis Podjenski; Jeff Schwartz; Greg Warneke; Joe Wells; Twila Knehans; Michael Namuth

Nevada Interscholastic Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Central Nevada Sports Officials
Robert Otteson, Commissioner
Nevada State Officials Association | Jeff Wells, Rules Interpreter
Northeastern Nevada Officials Association (Elko area)
Gerald Ackerman, Commissioner;
Past Officers: Leon Reyes, Commissioner; William Webb, President; Alan Kightlinger, Secretary/Treasurer  sil
Northern Nevada Officials Association (Reno/Sparks area) | Robert Otteson, Commissioner; David Sanger, Past Commissioner
Southern Nevada Officials Association (Las Vegas area)
Vince Kristosik +., President; Tony Thomas +., 1st VP; Robert McRoy +, 2nd VP; Cynthia Myles +., Secretary; Ryan McKnight +, At-Large Member; Kelly McGee +, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Joel Ritchie, VP; James Cavin, 2nd VP; Gail Anderson, Secretary; Susan Young, Board Member; Gaylon Kent, Board Member; Andre Denson, Basketball Chair; Ed Brown; Scottie Yancey, VP; John Shephard; Herb Rafuse, Instructional Chair; William Evans, Board Member; David Flaum, Board Member  sil

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
IAABO New Hampshire State Board 32
Peter Lambert, President; Dennis Ordway, Secretary/Treasurer; Will Henderson, Supervisor of Officials; Steve Rossetti, Assignor; Paul D. Raymond Jr., Interpreter; Stuart Dedopoulos, Legal Advisor;
Past Officers: Gary Jenness, President; Gary Vickery, President Elect; Edward Peterson, Past President; Gary Mayo, Secretary/Treasurer; Don Marcotte, Interpreter; Robert Benjamin, Exec. Member; Robert Donnelly, Exec. Member; Peter Driscoll, Exec. Member; Keith Fronk, Exec. Member; David Kyle, Exec. Member; Bruce Mason, Exec. Member; Kevin Talcott, Exec. Member; James Walsh, Exec. Member; Brad Wolff, Exec. Member; Rick Zecha, Exec. Member
IAABO Metro Board 117 (parts of Hillsborough County)
Mark Hamel, President; Darrell Robichaud, VP; Scott PlumerSecretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Robert Donnelly, President; Keith Fronk, Past President; Michael Pelletier, VP; Don Marcotte, Interpreter; Steve Rossetti, Assignor; William Mak, Board Observer; Dennis Murphy, Apprentice Chair; Rick Dichard, At-Large Member; Pat McCarthy, At-Large Member
IAABO Board 118 (North/Central NH) | Paul D. Raymond Jr., President Dennis Ordway, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Bruce Mason, President; Steven Strand, VP
IAABO Board 122 (Southeastern NH) | Gary Desrochers, President; Rober Roy, President Elect; Kevin Semprini, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Robert Benjamin, President; Peter Driscoll, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board 128 (Southwestern NH) | James Moylan, President; Dan Moylan, VP; Chris Matte, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Paul Roy, President; Kevin Talcott, VP; Rick Durkee, Interpreter/Trainer; David Kyle, Secretary/Treasurer

New Jersey
New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Central East Jersey Basketball Officials Association (CEJBO)
Jerry O'Leary, President; James Swindell, 1st VP; Tom Curtis, 2nd VP; Charles McGuire, Interpreter; Allan Kaufman, Director of Training; Noreen Kemether, Legal Counsel; William Clark,Assignor; William Coy, Welfare; Fred Romanowsky, Public Relations; James Veilleux, Ethics  sil
Central North | James Peters, President; Lauren Benovengo, VP; Kevin St.Onge, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Antuono, Interpreter; Anthony Chodan, Cadet Supervisor; William Meyer, General Member; William Simo, General Member; Robert Oliver, General Member;
Past Officers: William Smith Jr., President; Keith Benovengo, VP; William Simo, Interpreter; Guy Borges, Secretary/Treasurer
Garden State Board of Officials (GSBO)
Brian Callahan +, President; Joe Barrise, Coordinator of Officials; Robert Csigi, VP; Marty Novitch, Secretary/Treasurer; Anthony Avia, Membership Chairperson/At-Large Member; Jon Levinson +, Webmaster/Interpreter; Tom Decker, At-Large Member; Maureen McCann, At-Large Member  sil
IAABO Board 33,North Jersey Board of Approved Basketball Officials
Brian Lauducci, President; Dennis Murray, VP; Walter Rusak, Exec. Secretary/Treasurer; James Llewellyn, Membership Secretary; Susan Burek, Recording Secretary; Felix Addeo +, Interpreter; Alan Goldberger .+, Counsel; Robert Riker, Webmaster;
Exec. Committee: Patrick Diamond, Attendance; C. Daniel Stubbs Jr., Audit and Budget; Mary Ann Conboy, Banquet; Richard Hecker, Cadet/Examination; Michael Kaelber, Constitution; Edward Finn Sr., County Relations; Robert LaSalle, Ethics; Dennis Allocco .+, Fees/Assignors; Gary Sluck, Mechanics and Techniques; Nick Brown, Policy; Robert Solomon, Public Relations; Bruce Davis, Special Projects; Richard DePena, Welfare; Bob Riker, Web Site Coordinator; Ken Hand, Rebound Publisher;
Past Officers: James Cook, President; Stephen Rubbinaccio, President; Renee Ruth, President; Anthony Avia, President; Robert Lauterhahn, VP; John Bowen, Recording Secretary; Carmine Picardo, Cadet/Examination; James Stoeckel Sr., Exec. Board Member; Jerome Dunn, Exec. Board Member; Anthony Falco, Exec. Board Member; Joe Held, Exec. Board Member; Tom Hoeland, Exec. Board Member; Robert Sanzo, Exec. Board Member; Jon Levinson +, Open Dates Coordinator; Bernie Elsinger, Rep. - Bergen County; Lou Giele, Rep. - Hudson County; James Gover, Rep. - Somerset County; Vinnie Klebaur, Rep. - Union County; Sal Piccininni, Rep. - Middlesex County  sil
IAABO Board 34,Camden Area Basketball Officials
James Carter +, President; Derick Loury +., VP; Barry Schultz .+, Secretary; Joe Kapenstein, Treasurer; Jeff Cohen .+, High School Assignor; Timothy Attanasi .+, Independent Assignor; Robert Polniak +., Supervisor of Officials; Steve Bukowski +., Cadet Supervisor; James Ostwalt +., Cadet Supervisor;
Past Officers: Greg Ackles +, President; Joe McDyre, President; Vince Iandoli, Interpreter; William Martin, Supervisor of Officials; Paul Armstrong, Cadet Supervisor; Ron Martin, Independent Assignor  sil
IAABO Board 168, North West Jersey Board of Approved Basketball Officials
John Higgins, President; David DeYong III, VP/Interpreter; Martin Herrick, Treasurer; Stan Abrormavage, Secretary; Brian Bollinger, Webmaster; Ken Bellani, Audit Finance; George Tyree, Cadet/Examination; William Kenney, Cadet Instructor; Scott Arentowicz, Attendance; Michael Battaglia, Banquet/Golf Rep./Awards; John F. Ramsey, Welfare; Kevin Downes, Ethics; Lee Seras, Constitution; Greg Bailey, Policy; Todd Maupai, Rep. - State Board 1; Robert Courts, Rep. - Morris County; John Becker, Rep. - Hunterdon County; James Collins, Rep. - Sussex County; Jack Baum, Rep. - Warren County;
Past Officers: Tom dePoortere, President; Charley Zulauf, President; Keith Peterson +., Secretary/Treasurer; Jeff Steele, Rep. - Hunterdon; Ira Yorn, Sussex Rep.; Gerard Molion, Board Member; Ken Jenkins, Board Member; JoAnn McKenna, Board Member; Judy Englese-Benford, Board Member; Tom Cinnella +., Secretary/Treasurer; William Kenney, Interpreter  sil
IAABO Board 193, Mercer County Basketball Officials
Chris Chianese .+, President; Kevin Krisak, VP; Fred B. Dumont, Interpreter; Robert Riley +., Assignor; Thomas Carr .+., Secretary; Rick Garzillo +., Treasurer; Rich Gialella _., Cadet Supervisor; Don Ellison, Exec. Committee; Anne DeMille, Exec. Committee; Joe Gennello, Exec. Committee;
Past Officers: Rick Pina +., President; James Loper .+, VP; Steve Lewis +, Cadet Supervisor; Nick Massari, Cadet Supervisor; Carl Chianese .+, Provisional Supervisor; Kirby Jones +, Provisional Supervisor; Aldo Tonti +, Provisional Supervisor  sil
IAABO Board 194, New Jersey Shore
Michael Fogarty, President; Pat McGaheran, President Elect; George Fixter .+, VP; Nelson Ribon, Secretary/Treasurer; Lou DeGeorge .+, Interpreter; Mark Grayson, Interim Parliamentarian; Harry Grau, Assignor; Exec. Committee Members: John Amoscato; James Callano; Joe Hadfield; Rich Johnston; Maureen McCann; Dennis Millevoi; James Moran +.; Brian Murray; John Powers; Claudia Walsh; John Werner; Larry Wiltbank;;
Past Officers: Thomas Keyes, President; James Carrigan, President; David Vivino +, Parliamentarian; Art Harmon, Secretary/Treasurer  sil
IAABO Board 196, Cum Cape Board 196
Dan Bradley, President; Steve Young, VP; John Rodio, Cadet Supervisor; Ed Gorski, Interpreter; Joe Baruffi, Treasurer; Paul Spinelli +, Assignor/Secretary;
Past Officers: John Pierantozzi +, President; Yogi Hiltner, Interpreter; Rick Dichter, Treasurer;  sil
Minority Officials Group | Windy McGriff; Rodney Robinson .+
Shore - Women (now defunct)
Past Officers: Patty Pagano, President; Linda Treffinger, President/Interpreter/Cadet Instructor; Catherine Mustaciuolo, VP; AnneMarie Jones, Secretary; Rosemary Dube, Treasurer; Maureen McCann, Coordinator of Officials; Judy DeFrancisci, Assignor; Gail Shanahan, Past Treasurer; Karen Hartnett, Past Interpreter; Janet Scragg, Past Assignor
West - Women
Theresa Durkin, Exec. Director; Arline Cooper .+, President; Margie Mannion, VP; Carol VanLiew .+, Assignor; Marie Peacock, Secretary; Mary Nicoletti, Treasurer; Anita Parisi, Interpreter; Jan McGrath, Supervisor of Officials; James Jeffers, Cadet Supervisor; Sharon Kraus, Treasurer;
Past Officers: Mary Beth Kirschling, Interpreter; Deb Hauth, Assignor; Jen Rybacki, Assignor  sil

New Mexico
New Mexico Activities Association (go to hs state association)
New Mexico Officials Association
Regional Officials Assignors: Al Baca (Central); Danny Lujan (Northeast); Walter Dorman (Northwest); Lance Langan (Southeast); Tony Armijo (Southwest);
Group Leaders: William Guthrie (Alamogordo); William Wright (Albuquerque); Dan Lewis (Artesia); Michael Thompson (Carlsbad); Darren Kelley (Clovis); Gabriel Naranjo (Espanola); Chris Farmer (Farmington); John Hartog (Gallup); Dean Hunt (Grants); Gene Strickland (Hobbs); Steve Mauer (Las Cruces); Gerald Baca (Las Vegas); James Leach (Los Alamos); Jerry Hill (Lovington); Pat Gonzales (Portales); Randy Casper (Raton/Maxwell); Larry Grant (Roswell); Sterlen Kane (Ruidoso); Mark Salazar (Santa Fe); Eugene Rodriguez (Silver City); Anthony Trujillo (Taos); Earl Greer (T or C);
Past Group Leaders: Melvin Anthony (Alamogordo); Levi Lovato (Albuquerque); William Bunten (Carlsbad); Lance Langan (Clovis); Raumond Cantrell Sr. (Espanola); David Archuleta (Espanola); Michael Dan (Farmington); Joe Vargas (Gallup); Michael Qunitana (Grants); Merced Valdez (Hobbs); Tony Armijo (Las Cruces); Manuel Lucero (Las Vegas); John Gustafson (Los Alamos); Tom Stroh (Lovington); Frank Lilley (Roswell); Rick Rapp (Roswell); Curt Temple (Ruidoso); Michael Russell (San Jon/Logan); Jake Martinez (Santa Fe); Tom Powers (Silver City); Robert Alonzo (Socorro); Anthony Cordova (Taos); Joe DeAngelis (Trinidad)

New York
New York State Public High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Brooklyn/Queens Girl's Catholic High School Athletic Association
Dom Vulpis, Exec. Director; Denise Hillig, President; Ellen Faughan, VP; Carol Timpone, Secretary; Sal Fischetti, Treasurer;
Past Officers: James McElroy, Exec. Director; Maureen Myers, VP; Rick Matzelle, Varsity Chairperson; Fred Sporrer, Assignor
IAABO Board #19 - New York State
Tom Hanbach +., President; Orrin Barfield +, President Elect; Ken Jordan, VP; Lee Pavlot +., Interpreter/Trainer; Randy Traugott, Exec. Director Exec. Committee: Sal Capitummino +.; Earl Truland Jimm Paull +.;
Past Officers: Robert Miske, President; Ed McCloskey +., President; Richard Park +, Director Emeritus; James Mackin, Exec. Secretary  sil
IAABO Board #36 - Adirondack District
Brian Culnan, President; Tom Girard, VP; Steve Smith, Secretary; Timothy DeLollo, Treasurer; Chris Rusiecki, At-Large Rep.; Shane Quackenbush, Eastern Region Rep.; James Swab, Western Region Rep.;
Past Officers: Mel Bradwell, President; Doug Wood, VP; William LaBarge, VP; Tom Reinisch, Treasurer; Gary Nicoll, VP; James Bell, Interpreter/Trainer
IAABO Board #37 - Brooklyn
William G. Riley Sr., President; Robert Chobor, 1st VP; Michael Davis, 2nd VP; Grasonde Bowman Immediate Past President; Kenneth P. Jordan, Secretary/Treasurer; Eugene Ryan, Interpreter; Michael Daly, Associate Interpreter; Members At-Large: Terry Gilbert; Anthony Connor; Mario Frangella
Past Presidents/Officers: Grasonde Bowman; Anthony Carty; Daniel Doelger; Antonio Brimmer; Orlando Ortiz; Jerome Skrine; Darryl Baldwin
IAABO Board #38 - Central New York District
Marc Nunez, President; Dwayne Ford, VP; Eric Cota, 2nd VP; William Ryan, Secretary/Treasurer; William Heppeler, Interpreter/Trainer; Michael Preston, Supervisor of Officials-Assignor;
Past Officers: William Cregg, President; Todd James, VP; Charles McGee, President; David Ferrara, President; William Hill, VP
IAABO Board #39 - Chautauqua County | Ron Lemon, President; Roger MacTavish, Interpreter; Robert Patterson, Secretary;
Past Officers: Jason Adams, President; Tom Heppler, Past President/Secretary; William VanDyke, VP; Ken Blodgett, Treasurer
IAABO Board #40 - Eastern Long Island | Rick Boden, President; Gary Moller, VP; Earl Truland, Interpreter; Haywood Bullock, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Larry Gualtieri, President; Kevin Wolford, Past President
IAABO Board #41 - Nassau County, 'The Mecca'
Ed Kenny, President; Chris Tranchina, Exec. VP; Mark Gately, VP; Richard Krams, Secretary/Treasurer; Don Landolphi .+, Interpreter/Trainer; Dan Carey; Sam Dominick; Ed Rosenthal, Board of Directors;
Past Officers: Dennis Cirillo, President; Joe Capozzi, President; John Zeitler, President; Joe Gaskin, President; James Graham, Interpreter/Trainer  sil
IAABO Board #42 - Bronx/Manhattan
Myles Dorch, President; Reggie Gardner, VP; Jimm Paull, Interpreter/Trainer; James Carter, Treasurer; Harold Johnson, Past Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #43 - Northeastern New York | Jamie LaBarge, President; Tom Lacey, VP; Pete McMillan, Interpreter; Brian Marino, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: George Dyer, President; Scott Beebie, President; Tom Lacey, VP; Al Rose, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #45 - Rockland County
David Dinan, President; Frank Kennely, Past President; David Toomey, VP; Gary Gagliano,Interpreter/Trainer; Walter Wettje, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #46 - Schohanna | Fred Ploutz, President; Matthew Climenhaga, VP; Graig Eichler, Interpreter; John P. Cook, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Tom Price, President; Joe 'Smoke' Hurlburt, VP
IAABO Board #47 - St. Lawrence District | David Vrooman, President; Robert Billings, VP; Mark McCormick, Interpreter/Trainer; Ken Cring, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Sam Lamacchia, President; George W. Beaulieu, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #48 - Southern New York | Mark Cronin, President; Michael McCawley,VP; John Chalk, Boys Rules Interpreter; James Barbieri, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Tom Owen, President; Jack Terwilliger, Interpreter/Trainer;
IAABO Board #49 - Southern Tier
Harry Ehrie, President; Paul Stroud, Webmaster; Joe Dadamio, VP; Chris Haynes, Interpreter; Dennis Carey, Secretary; Kevin McGoff, Treasurer; Todd Kroh, Past Interpreter/Trainer
IAABO Board #50 - Southwestern District | William Welch, President; Michael Rapan, VP; Jason Burt, Interpreter; Matthew Moretti, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Mark Morris, President; Dwayne Hughes, President; Tom Hanback, Interpreter/Trainer; Don Skinner, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #51 - Utica District
Ron Starsiak, President; Michael Dreimiller, 1st VP; Mark Daviau, 2nd VP; Curt Newman, Secretary/Treasurer; Lee Pavlot, Interpreter/Trainer; Dava Zangerilli, Commissioner of Assignments; Rich Grimaldi, Asst. Commissioner of Assignments;
Past Officers: Adam Partyka Jr., President; Ken Light, President; Mark Dembrow, President; Christopher Durr, VP; Dale Miller, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #52 - Westchester County
Robert Goldstein, President; Lou Nikitiadis, VP; William Tierney, Past President; William Sacco, Interpreter/Trainer; Irvin Nash, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #53 - Western New York Basketball Officials Board
Benji Bluman, President; Dan Nostrant, VP; Mark Clifford, Interpreter; Robert Miske, Secretary; Peter Carbone, Treasurer
IAABO Board #59 - Northern New York District
John Exford, President; David Dummitt, VP; Michael Pavlot, Interpreter; Fran Clark, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Branski, Assignor; Shane Wisner, At-Large Member; Jason Rarick, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Phil Goings, President; Chris Tehonica, President; Jon Snow, VP
IAABO Board #60 - Rochester District
Steven Polo, President; Steve Call, VP; F. Sandy Swingle, Interpreter; Randy Traugott, Secretary; David Dence, Treasurer; Paul Conley, Clinic Chair; Andy Johnson, Parliamentarian; Tom Ward, Section V Liaison;
Past Officers: Steven Foley, President; Rich Frank, President; Paul Foery, VP; Doug Evans, Treasurer;
IAABO Board #114 - Central Hudson Valley Board
Thomas Ignaffo, President; Vin Aurigemma, VP; William Todd Boyd, Secretary/Treasurer; Terry Walsh, Interpreter; Exec. Committee: Rudy Firmbach, (Columbia); Vin Sceri, (Dutchess); Michael Spitz, (Greene); Albert Gruner, (Ulster);;
Past Officers: Kevin O'Connor, President; Greg Longendyke, VP; Sanford Bernstein, Interpreter
IAABO Board #119 - Queens
Joseph White, President; Douglas Grant, President Elect; Juan Fung, VP; Ernie Rudloff, Interpreter; Brandon Cruz, Asst. Interpreter; Brad Tracy, Secretary/Treasurer; Board Of Directors: Michael Palau; Irv Peterson; Carlos Martinez; James Pellegrino;;
Past Presidents: Jimmy Quinn; Vince Bonini; John Hughes; Joe Manzione; David Schoenfeld; Brad Tracy; Dan Phalen; Stan Swiatocha; Pat Dolan; Orrin Barfield +; John Bush; Rich Krams; Timothy McAleer; Chris Bailey  sil
IAABO Board #121 - Cattaraugus County
Richard Hill, President; Gary Jones, VP; Thomas Yanetsko, Interpreter; Andrew Church, Secretary; Walt Zeznick, Treasurer; Joe DeCerbo, Past Interpreter/Trainer/Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #127 - Western Suffolk
Arthur Woods, President; Scott Santelli, VP; Robert DeAngelis, Interpreter; James Steigele, Secretary; Ed McCloskey, Treasurer;
Past Officers: Gary Boulanger, President; Ron Schule, President; John Amato, 1st VP; Kevin Harrington, 2nd VP
IAABO Board #142 - Champlain Valley
Rick Smith, President; Steve Defayette, VP; Bruce Fassett, Interpreter; Thomas Edwards, Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Jason Streible, President; Timothy Hanson, President; James Stahl, VP;
IAABO Board #155 - Finger Lakes
James Case, President; Burt Crozier, VP; Michael Gibbons, Interpreter; Kevin Cafararo, Secretary/Treasurer; Terry Cullen, Past VP; Pete Sielaff, Past Interpreter/Trainer;
IAABO Board #156 - Steuben County
Bret Benton, President; Terry Ilges, VP; Ivan Cranmer, Interpreter; Timothy Parke, Secretary/Treasurer; Anthony Falco, Past President; Steve Sutfin, Past VP;
IAABO Board #161 - Putnam County Referee's Association
John Koval, President; Richard Thomas, VP; Joseph Padovano, Secretary/Treasurer; Thomas Jennings, Recording Secretary; Tom McMahon, Interpreter;
Past Officers: Robert Nugent, President; Mark Farrell, President; Robert Sutherland, President; Thomas Courtney, Interpreter; Anthony Alfonso, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #180 - Orange County
Scott Habura, President; Joseph Fornera, 1st VP; Rich Dever, 2nd VP; Michael Siegel, Boys Interpreter; John Leigh, Girls Interpreter; Dale Lynch, Secretary; Paul Rickard, Treasurer;
Past Officers: George Coates, President; Robert Bauer, Interpreter/Trainer; William Burr, Secretary
IAABO Board #185 - Staten Island
Brian Namorato, President; Greg Dickerson, VP; Stephen Rossiter, Interpreter; Gail Griffo, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Albertsen, Past President; Timothy Lee, Past VP;
IAABO Board #247 - Sullivan County | Joe Loughlin, President; Adrian Tyndell, VP; Kyle Walter, Interpreter; Ralph K. Kirchner, Secretary/Treasurer
Metropolitan Approved Girls Basketball Officials (MAGBO)
Kerry Donohue, CEO; James Grillo, President; Helene Hamilton, VP; Sherri Zappala, VP; Chris Pantazis, Treasurer; Edward Santelices, Secretary; Rollie O. Buchanan, Consultant
magbo MAGBO provides professional development to enhance the experiences of our members who officiate women’s basketball at all levels from youth leagues to NCAA Division I. Membership with MAGBO, provides education to officials in partnership with the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO).
New York State Girls Basketball Officials Association
Louis Stellato, President; Paul Cone, VP; Margaret Frania, Secretary/Treasurer; Debra Archambault, Interpreter; Monica Kost, At-Large Member; Jamie O'Donnell, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Don Eastham, President; Ed Goetz, President; Dr. George T. Roney, Secretary/Treasurer; Alan Kelman, Interpreter
NY State Girls Basketball Officials Association -Sections
Region Contacts: Gerry Byrne, 1-Westchester/Putnam; Walter Wettje, 1-Rockland County; Jay Curtis Sr., 1-Mid-Hudson Valley; Paul Gordon, 2-Capital District; Michael Iannotti, 2-Mohawk Valley; Guy Manor, 3-Jefferson-Lewis; Michael Martin, 3 - Syracuse-Oswego; Robert Lewis, 3-Utica; Timothy Lukins, 3/4-Finger Lakes; Robert Backus, 4-Oneonta; Harry Ehrie, 4-Southern Tier; James Barbieri, 4-S. New York; Pat Cooney, 5-Allegany-Steuben; Mark Henderson, 5-Central Western; David McCreedy, 5-Livingston; David Carucci, 6-Cattaragus; Frank Baggiano, 6-Chautauqua; Michael Talluto, Section 6 - Western; Randy Lozier, 7-N. Adirondack; Bruce Fassett, 7-S. Adirondack; John McCrink, 8-Nassau County; Jay Curtis Sr., 9-Mid-Hudson Valley; Dale Lynch, 9-Orange County; Anthony Riente, 9-Sullivan County; Kyle Fennell, 10-North Country; James Guise, Section 11 - Suffolk County; Joseph Moran, 11-New York City;
Past Section Reps: Michael Colby, Section 1 - Westchester/Putnam; Thomas Bradway, Section 1 - Mid-Hudson Valley; Michael Spensieri, Section 2 - Capital District; John Wall, Section 2 - Mohawk Valley; Chris Tehonica, Section 3 - Jefferson-Lewis; Rich Valentino, Section 3 - Finger Lakes; Rich Valentino, Section 4 - Finger Lakes; Paul Neske, Section 4 - Oneonta; Tom Owen, Section 4 - S. New York; Dan Wooden, Section 5 - Central Western; Les Hare, Section 5 - Livingston; Joe DeCerbo, Section 6 - Cattaragus; Tom Heppler, Section 6 - Chautauqua; Al Rose, Section 7 - N. Adirondack; Michael Manning, Section 7 - S. Adirondack; Sam Dominick, Section 8 - Nassau County; Thomas Bradway, Section 9 - Mid-Hudson Valley; Michael Siegel, Section 9 - Orange County; Ron Meadow, Section 9 - Sullivan County; Art Quackenbush, Section 10 - North Country
NY State Girls Basketball Officials Association Section 1 - Westchester/Putnam Women's Basketball Officials Association
Gerry Byrne +., President; Tom Herber, VP; John DiVernieri +., Interpreter; Margaret Fraina +., Secretary; Ferd Scaglione +, Treasurer; Michael Duncanson, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: Michael Colby, President; Robert Sutherland .+, President; Drew Marino, President; Theresa Carey, VP  sil
NY State Girls Basketball Officials Association Section 6 - Western New York Board of Officials for Women's Sports
Michael Talluto, Chair; James Ciurczak, Asst. Chair; Chris Hope, Sub-Assignor; Sue Green, Secretary; Brian Kiszewski, Catholic Assignor; Paul Leaper, Independent Assignor; Beth Coe, ECIC Assignor; Leanne Moore, ECIC Assignor; James Walker, NFL assignor; James Conley, Niagara Orleans Assignor
NY State Girls Basketball Officials Association Section 8 - Nassau Board of Women's Basketball Officials Association
John McCrink, Chair/Interpreter; Aloysius Johnson, Chair Elect; Sam Dominick, Chair; Linda Long, Chair; Marianne Collins, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Kunkel, At-Large Member; James Borek, At-Large Member
NY State Girls Basketball Officials Association Section 11 - Suffolk Board of Women's Basketball Officials
Don Webster, Exec. Director; Carl Nelson, President; Cathy Honeyman, VP; Jeff Fried, Secretary/Treasurer; James Guise, Past President/Co-Interpreter; Charles DeCarbo, Co-Interpreter/Web Coordinator;
Board Members: Richie Clark, (Constitution); Russ Huber, (Ethics); Steve Kelske, (Elections); Anne Fahey, (Ethics); James Savastano, (Attendance); Hector Seda, (Attendance); Willie Diaz, (Elections);
Past Officers: John Johnson, President; Robert Dename, Attendance; Timothy Joyce, Attendance; John Cornwell, 50-50; Dan Hughes, Ethics; Rick Schweizer, Elections; Ed Lee, Outside Assignments
Public Schools Athletic League
Donald Douglas .+, Exec. Director; Diana Parente, Associate Director; Maria Roman, Webmaster; Brenda Morgan, Girls Basketball Coordinator; Danny Harris, Boys Basketball Coordinator; Dwayne Burnett, Pathways Boys Basketball Coordinator; Alan Blanc, Eligibility; Robert H. Pertsas, Eligibility; Larry Cantor, Coordinator for PSAL Guidance; Dennis Cardone, Medical Director; Maria Lenna, Finance; Karl Mehtaji, Finance; Larry Munnerlyn, Finance;
Boys Basketball Commissioners: Frances Mitilieri, (V and JV for Staten Island); Yolanda Alford, (Varsity for Manhattan); Theodore Gustus, (Varsity for Brooklyn); Michael Howard, (Varsity for Bronx); Dwayne Burnett, (Varsity for Queens); Charles Edward Harrington, (JV Boys Basketball);
Girls Basketball Commissioners: Rebeca Morel, (Varsity and JV for Bronx); Woody Souffrant, (Varsity and JV for Brooklyn); Frances Mitilieri, (Varsity and JV for Staten Island); Tomas Baez , (Varsity and JV for Manhattan); Chris Kelly, (Varsity and JV for Queens);
Past Staff: Mel Goldstein,Basketball Commissioner; Virginia Matthews, Girls Basketball Commissioner; Shavon Glover, Asst. Girls Basketball Commissioner; Artie Leitner, JV Boys Basketball Commissioner; Ginger Spencer, NCAA Compliance Officer  sil

North Carolina (*shared link)
North Carolina High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Eastern* | Roy Turner, Regional Supervisor; Tommy Mattocks, Past Booking Agent
Harnett-Johnston Officials Association, Research Triangle, NC - | Steve McNeill, Booking Agent
IAABO Board #203 - Fayetteville
James Revell, President/Secretary/Treasurer; Felix Jemison, VP; John Johnson, Past President; Ed Lee, Board Member; Jeff Fried
Metrolina | Rick Ridenhour, Regional Supervisor/Booking Agent; William Freeman, Past Booking Agent
Northeast* | Robert Pennington, Booking Agent
Piedmont- PSAA Enterprises LLC | David Brown, Regional Supervisor; Ken Bryant, Past Booking Agent
Southeastern Basketball Officials, LLC
Errol Daniels +., President; Cleo Dunigan, VP; Brad Allen +., Basketball Regional Supervisor of Officials; Barb Wheeler +., Secretary; Donnell Leathers, Coordinator of Officials; Stephavon Graham, Membership; Dwayne Thompson +., Web Producer/Publicity; Stephavon Graham, Membership; Michael Prevatte, Parliamentarian; Herman Lewis +., Hospitality; Carmen Serbio, Grievance; Alphonzo McRae, Basketball Chair; Kellum Fipps, Past Booking Agent  sil
Southwestern* | Curtis Lambert, Regional Supervisor; Lori Jones, Past Booking Agent
Triad Basketball, Inc
Jerry Talley, Chair; Kip Johnson, Regional Supervisor; Committee Chairs: Junior McLean, Review; Al Henderson, Grievance; Charles Eakes, Education; Quinn Morris, Technology; William Covington Sr., Observer; Len Reynolds, Past Booking Agent
Triangle* | James Peyton, Regional Supervisor; William Kelly, Past Triangle Booking Agent
WNC Basketball Officials | Dan Breneman, Regional Supervisor; Michael West, Past Booking Agent

North Dakota
North Dakota High School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
North Dakota Officials Association | Matthew Fetsch +., Exec. Director; Justin Fletschock +., Basketball Asst. Director; Kevin Morast +., Asst. Director; Brenda Schell +., Asst. Director/Webmaster; Tom Mix +., Media Specialist; Patty Bass +, Admin. Asst-Officials; Sue Carlsrud +, Admin. Asst-Publications; Sharon Prosby +, Business Manager  sil
Dickinson Roughriders Officials Association
Mickey Jordan, President; Troy Huber, Exec. Secretary/Webmaster; Jarid Sinkler, Rep. - Boys Basktball; Calvin Dean, Rep. - Girls Basketball; Jon Schardin, Rep. - Football; Lee Skabo, At-Large Member; Todd Fisher, Past President

Ohio High School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Athens Area Basketball Officials Association (SE) | Past Officers: Phillip Lightfoot; J. Kevin Schwarzel, Interpreter
Bay Area Basketball Officials Association (NW)
Kurt Leber, President; Don Nardecchia, VP; Greg Bartemes, Secretary/Treasurer; Tom Priesman, Basketball Interpreter; Ryan Bowers, Basketball Mechanics Interpreter;
Past Officers: Dan Beatty, President; Keith Newton; Mark Litten, Interpreter
Butler County Basketball Officials Association (SW)
Scott Edmonds, President; Steve Meyer, VP; Stephen Wiggins, Secretary; Michael Napier, Treasurer; Rick Henry, Interpreter;
Board Members: Orrie Beckman; Barry Jamison; Randy Johnson; John Sillet;;
Past Officers: Kevin Motley, President; Kevin Potter, VP; Sean O'Connell, Treasurer; Matthew Kleiner, Interpreter; Ryan Proffitt, Secretary
Capital West Basketball Officials Association (C)*
Ken McMahon, President/Interpreter; Thomas Munson, VP; Marie Anthony, Mechanics Interpreter; Michael Gill, Secretary; Exec. Board Members: Brian Riehl; Rick Morris; Scott McCarty; James Sielschott II;;
Past Officers: William Andrews, President; Pat Cahill, Secretary; David Lauerbass, VP; Board Members: Donna Long; James Goudy; Tom Vasiloff;
Central Ohio Basketball Officials Association (C);;
Steven P. Lazroff +, President; Jaimey Bly +., VP; Andy Nowlin +., 2nd VP; Maltbie Brown, Secretary; Paul Melcher +., Interpreter; Brian Spangler +, Mechanics Interpreter;
Past Officers: David A. Carter, President; Brian Kappler, President; Dorsey Hager, President; Bruce Wehr, 1st VP; Richard A. King, 2nd VP; Ken Kaiser, Interpreter  sil
Chillicothe Basketball Officials Association (SE)
Greg Woods, President; Stacy Ragland, VP; Ed Jordan, Secretary; Danny Oates, Interpreter; Rodney Nichols, Past President; Jon Beery, Past VP  sil
Columbiana County Basketball Association (NE) | James Burns; Stephen Dawson, Interpreter
Coshocton County Basketball Association | Sue Sheck, Interpreter
Dayton Basketball Officials Association | Robert Bradford, President; Kermit Jones, VP; Douglas Miller, Secretary/Treasurer/Interpreter;
Defiance Basketball Association 5th District (NW) | Ned Ewers, Interpreter
Delaware Basketball Officials Association*
Bridget Hildreth, President; Jon Nichols, VP; Maxwell Baldwin, 2nd VP; George Ryder, Secretary; Chris Nelson, Interpreter;
Past Officers: Mark Mayers, President; Claudia Lanthorn, President; Bruce Kinsey, President; Tom Baldwin, VP; Mickey Holley, 2nd VP; Alan Mustard, Secretary; Larry Starling, Interpreter
East Central Ohio Basketball Officials Association* (C) | Timothy Gibson; Roger Leasure Jr.
Eastern Ohio Basketball Officials Association*
Terrell Clifford, President; Robert Roud, VP; Carl Davidson, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Armstead, 4th Year Trustee; Donnie Ott, 3rd Year Trustee; G. Norm Baker, 2nd Year Trustee; Leonard Terrell, 1st Year Trustee; Michael Covert, Interpreter I; Scott R. Green, Interpreter II; Kurt Davidson, Program Chair; Robert Roud, Membership Chair; David Burkett, Grievance; Todd Davis, Social Chair; Michael Covert, Ex-Officio;
Past Officers: Raymond Harple, President; Sue Mani, VP; Kevin High, Interpreter - I; Jesse Smith, Past President; George Davis, Past President; David McRoberts, Ex-Officio; Jonathon N. Cooks, Trustee; Thom Severs, Trustee; Timothy Wittmer, Trustee; Michael Covert, Trustee; Scott Green, Program Chair; John Pavlis, Membership Chair; Richard Gatschet, Grievance Chair; Kim Shankle, Social Chair; James M. Ziegler, Program Chair; Adrienne Chenault, Membership Chair; Donnie Ott, Social Chair
Fairfield County Basketball Officials Association* (C)
Randy Swartz, 1st VP; Christopher Walter, Director; Timothy Flynn, 2nd VP; Ashley Packer III, President; Antoine Tucker, Director; James Martin, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Burwell, Past President; Wayne Roller, Director; Paul Dinan, Disciplinary Committee; William Andrews, Disciplinary Committee; Ed Nicewicz, Interpreter; Rick Barnes, Mechanics Interpreter;
Past Officers: James Berry, President; Paul Dinan, VP; Ned Harlow, VP; Lovell McKee, Secretary/Treasurer; Wayne Roller, Interpreter; Scott Beaver, Director; Wayne Roller, Director; Brittany Williamson-Couch, Director; David Torres, Trustee
Grand Lake Basketball Officials Association (NW) | Don Kemper, Interpreter
Greater Akron Basketball Officials Association* (NE)
Jason Parker, President; Nick Creme, Interpreter; Marvin Hodges, Secretary/Treasurer; Board Members: Troy Denefield; Marlon Oden; Richard Macer; Mark Tavanello;;
Past Officers: Marvin Hodges, President; Robert Spangler, President; Keith Walker, Secretary Treasurer; Vern Smith, Secretary/Treasurer; Terry Ringer, Webmaster; Larry Knight, Ex-Officio; Board Members: William Jenkins; James Smart; Lance Pressley; Jerome Hall; Ron Fuller; Ed Galloway
Greater Cincinnati Basketball Officials Association;
Past Officers: Angelo Zolotas .+, President; Michael Hopkins +, Past President; Doug Harmon, VP; Kirk Brinker, VP; Angelo Zolotas, Secretary; Matthew Velten +, Secretary; Jason Arthur, Treasurer; Jeff Ayers +, Treasurer; Alan Forsythe +, Interpreter; Wade Bent +, Instructor; Bucky Switzer +, Instructor; Board Members: Chad Adams +; Jason Arthur +; Ed Loughrey +; Timothy Donovan Jr.; Shane Meenach +; Marty Monterosso +; Doug Sammons +; Kelly Whelan ; Stanley Williams +  sil
Greater Findlay Basketball Officials Association (NW) | Roger Zorn; Brian Essinger, Interpreter
Greene County Officials Association (SW)
Brandon Smith, President; Robert Juliano, Secretary/Treasurer/Assignor; Steve Short, Basketball Instructor; Robin Holznecht, Basketball Interpreter
Hub Of Ohio Basketball Officials Association* (C)
Antoine Tucker, President; Tom Lehman, VP; Rebekah Dilworth, 2nd VP; Donald Green, Secretary/Treasurer; John Whitson, Rules/Mechanic Interpreter; Jeffrey Auker, Communications Coordinator; Trustees: Rebekah Dilworth; Antoine Tucker; Tom Lehman;
Past Officers: Ken Tucker, Past President; Leo Harding, President; Evalyn Hammonds, VP; Ken Tucker, 2nd VP; Angela Hickman, Interpreter
IAABO Board #55 - Lake Erie (NE)
Don Reis, President; Rex Durdel, President Elect; Charles Grimm, Secretary/Treasurer; Timothy Gebhardt, Interpreter; Tom Toohig, Interpreter Emeritus; Exec. Board: John Verba, Chair; Ken McClain; Robert Owens; Pat Egan; James Reilly;
Past Officers: Mark Maslona, President; Robert Walgate, President Elect; Chris Barringer, Past President; James Reilly, Past President; Exec. Board: Chris Barringer, Chair; Israel Santiago Jr.; J Ken Farley; Joe Trivisonno
Ironton Basketball Officials Association (SE) | Kyle Gilmore, Interpreter
Jackson Basketball Officials Association (SE) | Edward Caudill, Interpreter
Kettering Basketball Officials Association (SE) | Bernie Harris; Michael Stahl, Interpreter
Kokosing Valley Basketball Officials Association (C) | Douglas Smith; James R. Long, Interpreter
Licking County Basketball Officials Association (C) | Wayne Blizzard, Interpreter; Kelly Miller
Mahoning Valley Basketball Officials Association (NE) | Gary Jennings, Interpreter; Brian Mincher
Miami Valley Basketball Officials Association (SW) | Michael Sims; Robin Holznecht, Interpreter; Chester Roberts Jr.
Mid-Ohio Basketball Officials Association (C)*
Kevin Lyons, President; Steve Badertscher, VP; Paul Hines, Secretary/Treasurer; Gareth Higgins, Interpreter; Jason Edler, Mechanics Interpreter;
Past Officers: Adam Guinther, President; Rick Bayless, President; Steve Mosley, President; Scott Yancy, VP; Doug Hoffman, Secretary; Robert Blevins, Interpreter; Phil Shepler, Interpreter; James Kelley
Mid-West Buckeye Basketball Association (NW) | John Turton, President; James Johnson, VP; Ryan McCurley, Treasurer; Charles Golemon; Randy Bachman, Interpreter
Middletown Basketball Officials Association (SW)
Past Officers: John Turton, President; James Johnson, VP; Ryan McCurley, Treasurer; David Campbell, Secretary; Richard Bacon, Interpreter; Randy Creamer, Webmaster
Muskingum Valley Basketball Officials Association (SW) | Junior McCutcheon; Randall Schreiber, Interpreter
North Central Ohio Basketball Officials Association (NW) | Gerald-Jerry Czernewski; John Gurney, Interpreter;
Northeastern Ohio Basketball Association (NE) | Don Lewis, President; Timothy Radley, VP; Philip Garcia, Secretary; Jerry Ranally, Treasurer; William Ungar, Interpreter;
Northern Ohio Basketball Officials Association (NE)
Brian Hagan +., President; Heather Hurd, VP; Mark Wanyerka +., Secretary; Ed Glynn, Interpreter; Ed Dohanos +, Rules Emeritus; Larry Reardon .+, Social Director; Board Members: Steve Iwanek +; Scott Shurtleff; Matthew Kendeigh +.; Mark Tinsley +.; Zeno Regas, Past President
Northwest Ohio District Basketball Association | Allen Radlinski; Scott Foor, Interpreter
OH-WV Basketball Officials Association
Past Officers: David Bowles, President; Terry Nichols, President; Joe Oliverio, VP; Tom Perrine, Secretary/Treasurer; Rich Gerber, Interpreter/Commissioner; David Habeb, Asst. Interpreter; Sean Davis, At-Large Member; Scott Lewis, At-Large Member; Tom Thompson, At-Large Member;
Ohio Online Basketball Officials | Rick Spray
Ohio Valley Basketball Officials Association (SW)
John Eppensteiner, President; Marvin Doyle, VP; Andy Larkins, Secretary; Dan Bley, Treasurer; Paul Maffey, Interpreter; Kevin Larsen, Mechanics Interpreter; Jason Fraley, Program Director; Shannon Bone, Director of Officials Development; Sean Burns, Technology Officer; Advisory Board Members: Ron Baird; Neil Burger; Jamie Cavileer; Angela Jones; Michael Milesky; Steve Stephens; David Walker; Rod Proctor;
Past Officers: Dale Goodwin, President Jon Sagers, Past President; Tom Delisio, Past President; Robert Kruthaupt, VP; Ray Vaughn, Secretary; Tony Lingardo, Interpreter/Program Coordinator; Don Schneider, Interpreter; William Smith, Treasurer; Mick Sharkey, Program; Advisory Board Members: Ron Baird; Eugene Smith; Andy Douglass; Tom Feie; Ray Grothaus Brad Kelley; Joe Brinkman; Eddie Gregory; Darrell 'Doc' Rodgers; Robert Sagers Sr.; Jeffrey Miller
Pickaway County Basketball Officials Association* (C) | Charles Morrison, President; Wayne Linthicum, Secretary/Treasurer; Tony Reeser, Interpreter; Past Officer: Gerald Farington
Portage County Basketball Officials Association (NE) | William Tilker, Interpreter
Portsmouth Basketball Officials Association (SE) | William Cook, Interpreter
River Cities Basketball Officials Association (SE) | Mark Michael, Interpreter; Clyde Copley
Southern Ohio Basketball Officials Association (SW) | Gary Bloom +.; Timothy Engel +., Interpreter  sil
Southwestern Ohio Basketball Association | Hubert Moon Jr.; Patrick Chimento III, Interpreter
Stripes Officials Association* (C)
Evalyn Hammonds, President; Adonis Bolden, 1st VP; Mark Riley, Secretary/Treasurer; Thomas Dexter II, Treasurer; Robert Causey, Interpreter
Tiffin Area Basketball Officials Association (NW) | Brett Willoughby, Interpreter; Jeffrey Stover
Top Of Ohio Basketball Officials Association (SW) | Eric Shroyer; Frank Vitt, Interpreter; Wayne Stevenson
Trumbull County Basketball Officials Association (NE) | Charles Parker, Secretary; Richie A. Belas, Interpreter
Tuscarawas County Basketball Officials Association (E) | Alan Corwin; James O'Donnell, Interpreter
Wayne County Basketball Officials Association (NE) | Ronald Dessecker; Brian Chiswell, Interpreter
West Central Basketball Officials Association (SW) | R David Wortman; J. Paul Armstrong, Interpreter
West Virginia-Ohio Basketball Officials Association (e) | Roy Leasure,Interpreter
Western Ohio Basketball Officials Association (NW) | Donald Mack; Jon Derryberry, Interpreter
Wilmington Basketball Officials Association (SW) | Joseph Davis, Interpreter
Wood County Basketball Officials Association | Richard Browne; Samuel Radel, Interpreter; Patrick Havens

Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
Oklahoma Officials Association
Michael Whaley +., Secretary; David Webbert, President/District 3 Rep. (Broken Arrow); Frank Loman, VP/District 2 Rep. (Shawnee); Jay Craft, District 1 Rep. (Lawton); Kevin Lynch, District 3 Rep. (Copan); Bobb Johnston, District 2 Rep. (Wilburton); Roger Adair, District 4 Rep., (Edmond); Derrell Rowland, District 1 Rep. (Duncan); Troy Hoobler, District 4 Rep. (Oklahoma City);
Past Officers: Randy Jeffers, President (Tulsa, District 3); Charley Poole, VP (Oklahoma City, District 4); Larry Darter, Exec. Board (Ardmore, District 1); Danny Hester, Exec. Board (Bartlesville, District 3); Scott Stone, Exec. Board (Duncan, District 1); James Watson, Exec. Board (Oklahoma City, District 4); Jason Welliver, Exec. Board (Shawnee, District 2); Greg Wilson, Exec. Board (Poteau, District 2)  sil
Ada | Terry Hill, Past Contact
Altus | Allan Meier, Past Contact
Ardmore | Larry Darter, Past Contact
Atoka, Durant, Idabel | David Durbin Sr., Past Contact
Bartlesville Officials Assn, (Bartlesville, Vinita, Miami) | Gene Brooks; Gene Brooks, Past Contact
Central Oklahoma Officials Assn, OKC | Percy Anderson; Robert Prieto, Past Contact
Duncan | Kent Sullivan, Past Contact
Chickahsa Officials Assn, Chickasha | Carl Phelps
Duncan | Kent Sullivan, Past Contact
East Central Officials Assn, Ada | Steve Kessinger
Elk City, Weatherford | Terry Pasby, Past Contact
Enid Basketball Officials Assn, Enid | Mark A Martin; Tom Seng, Past Contact
Greater Tulsa Officials Assn, Tulsa | Steve Surles
Green Country Basketball Officials Assn, Poteau | Greg Wilson
Green Country Basketball Officials Assn, Vinita Poteau | James Roll
Kingfisher Basketball Officials Assn, King Fisher | Kent Weems
Lawton/Ft. Sill Athletic Officials Assn, Lawton | Darryl Brown Sr; Randy Breeze, Past Contact
McAlester Basketball Officials Assn, McAlester | Frankie McClendon; Kenneth Bennett, Past Contact
Muskogee Basketball Officials Assn, Muskogee | Jody Cash
North Central Basketball Officials Assn, Stillwater | David Willis
Northern Oklahoma Basketball Officials Assn, Ponca City | John Goeppinger
NW Oklahoma Officials Assn, Woodward | Jason Harrison
OCCC Officials Assn, OKC | Eric Watson
Officials of Oklahoma, Tulsa | Linda Drink
Okeene, Fairview, Alva - | Mark Hoffman
Oklahoma City, Tinker AFB - | Charles Greene
Oklahoma City Metro Officials Association
Shawn Houk, President; JT Deberry, Treasurer; Darryl McCollum, Secretary; Jack Thompson, Basketball VP; Dwayne Doolittle, Basketball Technical Advisor; Chris Mallow, Web Admin; Michael Cooper;
Past Officers: Charley Poole, President; Merle Butler, President; David Gore, President; Royce Pennington, President; Jeff Murray, President; James Watson, President; Ron Randell, Basketball Technique Advisor; Shawn Houk, Secretary; Richard Jacobs, Secretary; Roger Adair, Treasurer
Oklahoma City Officials Assn, OKC | Darryl McCollum
Oklahoma Independent Basketball Contacts:
Jody Cash, Muskogee; Bill Corbitt, Tulsa; Jay Craft, Lawton; Steve Frantz, Beaver; Mark A Martin, Enid; Allan Meier, Altus; William Stover, OKC; Steve Surles, Tulsa
Oklahoma State Officials Assn, Stillwater/OSU | Jamaica Cannon
Okmulgee Officials Assn, Okmulgee | Harold Fox
Panhandle Officials Assn, Guymon | Steve Frantz
Ponca City | Gary Watters, Past Contact
Pontotoc County Officials Assn, Ada | Donna L. Cox
Poteau | Greg Wilson, Past Contact
Pottawatomie Co Officals Assn, Shawnee | Jason Seikel
Rogers County Basketball Officials Assn, Claremore | Joe Kays
Sallisaw, Roland, Vian | Bud Campbell, Past Contact
Sequoyah County Assn, Sallisaw/Carl Albert College | Greg Walton
Seminole, Shawnee | William Allensworth, Past Contact
Southeastern Oklahoma Officials Assn, Atoka/Durant/Tishomingo | Butch Vietta
SW Oklahoma Basketball Officials Assn, Altus | Allan Meier
Stillwater | Rick Bales, Past Contact
Tahlequah Officials Assn, Tahlequah, Muskogee | George Roach; Tom Osburn, Past Contact
Texoma Basketball Officials Assn, Ardmore | Larry Darter
Tinker Officials Association, Midwest City
Kerry Sanders +, President; Randy Smith +, VP/Academic Training; Mitchell Owen +, Advanced Training; Marion Robinson, Secretary; Kelli Dennis, Treasurer; Wendell Graham, Technical Advisor; Michael Clayton +, Floor Training; Exec. Committee: Anissa Wortham; William 'Sarge' Stover; Brian Morgan; Jeanett McAllister; Jeff Kilborn; Patrina James; Paul Tillery; Robert Turner;
Past Officers: Allyn C. Richardson +, President; Wayne Traywick +, VP; TC Coleman +., Secretary; Lisa Anderson +, Exec. Committee; Mitchell Owen +, Treasurer; Marcus Clayton +, Technical Advisor; William Stover +, Sports Commissioner; Exec. Committee: Dean Coleman +; Mark Perry +; Robert Turner +; Melvin Ware +  sil
Tri-State Officials Assn, Idabel | Greg Willie
Tulsa | Ric Bass
Tulsa Metro Officials Assn, Tulsa
Robert Kelley, President; Brad Calip, VP; Brad Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer; Eric Mohaupt, Scrimmage Coordinator; Johnny Johnson, Assignor
Watonga, Kingfisher, Okarche, Guthrie | Gary Matli, Past Contact
Western Oklahoma Officials Assn, Elk City/Weatherford | Rick Smith
Wichita Mtns Basketball Officials Assn, Lawton | Jay Craft
OSSAA Woodward | Brad Barrick, Past Contact
Wichita Mountains Basketball Officials Association | Past Officers: Jay Craft, President; Bret Penick, VP/Scheduling Coordinator; Kent Reynolds, VP/Record Keeper/Webmaster

Oregon School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
IAABO Oregon State Board 183 | Past Officers: Bret Young, President; Edward Haessler, President; James Alex Jr., VP; F. Howard Mayo .+, Interpreter/Trainer/Secretary/Treasurer  sil
Blue Mountain Basketball Assn (BMBOA), Pendleton (Eastern Region) | George R Gillette, Commissioner
Central Oregon Basketball, Bend (Central | Robert Reichert
Douglas County Basketball, Roseburg (Emerald Region) | Steve Perkins, Commissioner; Butch Freeman, Past Commissioner
Grants Pass Basketball, Grants Pass (Southern Region) | William Bigelow, Commissioner
Klamath Falls Basketball, Klamath Falls (Southern Region) | Pete Whisler, Commissioner
Lane County Basketball Officials Assn (LCBOA), Eugene (Emerald Region) | Michael Whitty, Commissioner
Lower Columbia, OSSAA* Portland Metro | Robert Rose, Commissioner
Longview Basketball, Longview (Portland Metro Region) | Robert Rose
Malheur Basketball, Boise (Eastern Region) | Darren Krzesnik; Vince Leedy, Past Commissioner
Mid-Columbia Basketball, The Dalles (Eastern Region) | Chris Kaseberg; Wayne Smith, Past Contact
Mid-Valley Basketball (MVBOA), Corvallis (Salem / Mid-Valley Region)
David Brooks +, Commissioner; Michael Rascon +, President; Mark Grimmer, President Elect; Ted Bunch +, VP; Raylen Owen +, Secretary; Fred Koontz +, Treasurer; Dwayne Johnson +, Parliamentarian; Ben Pahl +, Trainer;
Past Officers: Sheryl Woodward +, President; Harry Reich +, Elect; Ken Stevenson +, Secretary; Fred Koontz +, Treasurer; Paul McGregor +, Parliamentarian; Marcus Eng +, Trainer  sil
North Coast Basketball Officials Assn (NCBOA), Astoria (Coastal Region) | Martin Bue, Commissioner
Northeast Oregon Basketball, LaGrande (Eastern Region) | David Comfort; Lee Lowe, Past Commissioner
Oregon Athletic Officials Association (All Oregon)
Jack Folliard, Exec. Director; Clark Sanders, Associate Exec. Director; Steve Bulen, State Interpreter/Rep. - Salem/Mid-Valley; Committee Members By Region: Robert Baldwin, Emerald; Gary Baton, Central; David Brooks, Salem / Mid-Valley; Martin Bue, Coastal; Randy Fulton, Central; Gary Hudnall, Southern; Darren Krzesnik, Eastern; Lee Lowe, Eastern; Vern Loy, Southern; Duffy Miles, Coastal; Tanner Mink, Eastern;
Past Officers: Ronald D Pope, Southern Rep.; Darin Rutledge, Southern Rep.; F. Howard Mayo .+, State Interpreter  sil
OSAA Basketball (All of Oregon) | Cindy Simmons
Portland Basketball Officials Assn (PBOA), Portland Metropolitan (Portland Metro Region) | Steve Scott; Past Officers: Joe Alexander, President; Robert Frostad, President; John Lake, Treasurer; David Schade, Secretary; James Confer, At-Large Member; F. Howard Mayo .+, Commissioner  sil
Rogue Valley Basketball Officials Assn (RVBOA), Medford (Southern Region) | Vern Loy, Commissioner
Salem Basketball, (Salem / Mid-Valley Region) | Steve Bulen; Charles Luukkinen, Past Commissioner
Southwest Oregon Basketball, Coos Bay (Coastal Region) | Robert Fields; Emery Phillips, Past Commissioner
Strawberry Basketball, Burns (Central Region) | Randy Fulton; Bard Wishard, Past Commissioner

Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Abington (piaa 01-165)
Benjamin T Moore, President; Kevin F Quirk, Secretary; Matthew R Hilbert, Interpreter;
Past Officers: Don McGettigan, President; David Binder, VP
Allegheny-Kiski (piaa 07-266) - (see IAABO Board #75)
Allentown (piaa 11-335)
Brian C Onushco, President; Jack Schulte, Secretary; Rodney Strobl, Ii, Interpreter; John W. Schulte, Secretary; Lindy McQuown, Past Interpreter
Armstrong County (piaa 07-280)
Robert R Ashley, President; Edward L Cutts, Secretary/Interpreter; Past Officers: Robert S. Stanko; Gregory S. Hedglin, Secretary/Interpreter
Beaver Valley (piaa 07-267)
Larry Taddeo, President; David Wytiaz, Secretary; Leonard Leiper, Interpreter
Bedford County (piaa 05-235)
Michael Baum, President; Ronald R Koppenhaver, Secretary; Johnny Sloas, Interpreter; Ronald R Koppenhaver, District 5 Interpreter
Berks County - (see IAABO Board #67)
Bethlehem (piaa 11-337)
Andrew C Donatelli, President; Mark McKenna, Secretary; Dr Frank D'Angelo, Interpreter/District 11 Interpreter; William R. Hoke, Past Secretary
Brandywine (piaa 01-164)
Amy M Lukasevich, President; Mark Cutrona +, VP; Ralph Worrell +, Treasurer; Loretta D Pawlowski +, Secretary; William R Hopton +, Interpreter/District 1 Interpreter; Maureen Gregory +, District 1 Rep.; Tom Brady, District 1 Rep.; Andy Rogers, Exec. Committee;
Past Officers: Ralph Bretz +, President; Jeff Anderson +, President; Robert Mull, VP; Rich Fazio, Treasurer; Michael Mentzer, Exec. Committee  sil
Bucks County (piaa 01-166)
Brian P Townsend, President; Tara Townsend, Secretary; Donald J Schafer, Interpreter; Allan J. Reichenbach, Past Secretary
Butler (piaa 07-278),
Raymond J Melder, President; Richard A Gavula, Secretary; Richard C Hartung, Interpreter; Walter J. Strain Jr., Past Interpreter
Bux-Mont (piaa 01-167)
Patrice D Ockenhouse, President; Melissa K Maiolino, Secretary; Vincent M Putiri, Interpreter; Kathleen May, Past Interpreter
Carbon County (piaa 11-341)
Robert C Schaninger, President; James W Strubinger Sr., Secretary; Andrew Harvan, Interpreter; George W. Krell +, Past Interpreter  sil
Central Juniata (piaa 06-248)
Raymond R Hoppel Jr., President; Enoch D Ferencz, Secretary; John T Thompson, Interpreter; James Rex Naylor Jr., Past Secretary
Central Pennsylvania - (see IAABO Board #70)
Central Philadelphia (piaa 12-176)
James R Smith Jr. +, President; Guy Longstreth +,, VP; Dolores J Richardson +, Secretary; Luis A Lopez +, Interpreter;
Past Officers: James E. McKelvey +., President; Jack Kapenstein +, VP; Denny E. Williams +, Treasurer; Ruthy Rotimi +, Secretary; William Knight +, Interpreter; Chris Green +, Exec. Board  sil
Chester County (piaa 01-168) | Karl Grentz, President; Robert H Gottschall, Secretary; Robert Risoli, Interpreter; Kevin B. Schaffer, Past Interpreter
Clarion County (piaa 09-306) | Scott Reffner, President; Kevin R Mortimer, Secretary; Roddy E Hartle, Interpreter; Bud Bifano .+, Past Interpreter  sil
Clear-Centre (piaa 09-307)
Marvin L Martell Jr., President; Christopher Lynn Sherkel, Secretary; David B Wright +, Interpreter/State Interpreter; Norman L. Bender, Past Secretary  sil
David R. Pearson (piaa 10-321)
Justin Porter, President; Randy J Fyock, Secretary; Dr Scott M Barzak, Interpreter; Past Officers: Richard B. Shaffer II; Mark Wright, Secretary; J. Mark Putman, Interpreter
Delaware County (piaa 01-169) | Michael T Pearson, President; William C Ciavarelli, Secretary; Brian C Coyne, Interpreter; Harry P. Edwards, Past Interpreter
East Susquehanna (piaa 04-219)
Derek Steven Lapotsky, President; Tony Dunkelberger, Secretary; Raymond Shimko, Interpreter; David J. Shinskie,Pas Secretary; Paul A. Niglio Jr., Past Interpreter
Eastern Pennsylvania - (see IAABO Board #163)
Eastern Suburban (piaa 07-276)
Richard Degrano, President; Charles Brokaw, Secretary; Joseph M Hardiman III, Interpreter David J. Cushion, Past Secretary; Joseph M. Hardiman III, Past Interpreter
Easton - (see IAABO Board #69)
Elk County (piaa 09-308) | Timothy R Cotter, President; Bud Brennen, Secretary; Jeffrey M Jovenitti, Interpreter Dennis J. Geitner, Past Interpreter
Erie County (piaa 10-322) | Brian C Franz, President; Mark J Causgrove, Secretary; Darren Defranco, Interpreter
Fulton County (piaa 05-234) | Donald D Donaldson, President/Interpreter; Craig R Elbin, Secretary
Gerald A. Spalding (piaa 06-247)
Sean Albright, President; Clark R Adelman, Secretary; Michael T Andrews, Interpreter; Chris Rickens, District 6 Interpreter;
Past Officers: John Garritano, President; Joseph E. Bilka, President; Richard Wagner, Secretary; Theodore A. Beam Jr., Interpreter; Fred Warnick, Treasurer; Sean Albright; Henry Hansard; Sue Kovensky +, Board of Control  sil
Golden Triangle (piaa 08-291) | Joe Ennis, President; James B Harvey, Secretary; J Robert Utz, Interpreter
Greater Penn (piaa 08-292) | Thomas F Nolan, President; Todd Fink, Secretary; Thomas M Korpiel, Interpreter; Past Officers: Paul B. Sporter; A. Paul Dawley, Secretary
Greater Philadelphia Basketball Officials Association (GPBOA) | James R. Smith +  sil
Greater Pittsburgh (piaa 07-275) | George C Hendrickson< Jr., President; Raymond T Batko, Secretary; James A Hobai, Interpreter; Bernard V. Easley, Past Secretary
Hazleton (piaa 02-339) | Mark Scarcella, President; Thomas Kevin Yurkanin, Secretary/Interpreter; Michael Homanko, Past Secretary; Robert D. Lutzick, Past Interpreter
Past Officers: James McAndrew, President; Robert Timlin, President; Terry Greene, VP; Patricia Betti, VP; James Elliot, Interpreter/Trainer; Joseph Dente, Treasurer; William Schoen, Secretary; James P. Gross, Interpreter/Trainer (Men); Kathleen Goeringer, Interpreter/Trainer (Women)
IAABO Board #65 - Suburban Philadelphia (piaa 01-174) | Paul M McShane Jr., President; James G Mcmahon, Secretary; Thomas R Ellis, Interpreter;
Past Officers: Michael Kelly, President; John McLaughlin, Interpreter/Trainer; Jack Landrin, Secretary; Lance Cash
IAABO Board #67 - Berks County (piaa 03-198)
Timothy M Dougherty, President; Barry Sherman, VP; Gerald Trate, Secretary; David Ulrich, Treasurer; Michael D Paulson, Interpreter;
Past Officers: David McCoy, VP; Jeff Benedict, Interpreter/Trainer; Barry Keith Shay, Secretary;> Phil Fromuth, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #68 - Wyoming Valley (piaa 02-187)
John F Callahan Jr., President; Jason Williams, Secretary; Francis M Majikes, Interpreter/Trainer; John Leighton, Past President; Brian Leighton, Past VP; Stephen Modrovsky, Past Secretary/Treasurer;
IAABO Board #69 - Easton (piaa 11-338)
Thomas Cramer, President; Kevin P Boylan, Secretary; Jack W Keiter, Interpreter; Stephen Shiffert, Past VP; James C. Butler, Past Secretary/Treasurer/Interpreter/Trainer
IAABO Board #70 - Central Pennsylvania (piaa 03-200),
Brad Yiengst, President; Greg Shambaugh, VP; Mark Scarangella, Treasurer; Barbara E Kistler, Secretary; Craig S Bradley, Interpreter/Trainer/District 3 Interpreter; Donnie Eppley ., Assignor; Exec. Committee: Kevin Bevenour; Joe Delutis; Amy Dennison; Ashley Gleich; John Gleich; Kevin Kelly; Barry Shipley;
Past Officers: Ed Salter, President; Michele Rolko, President; Robert Porambo +, VP; Timothy Hughes +, Treasurer; Melissa Mullen-Brecht, Secretary; Chris Foltz +, VP; John Baumgardner, Exec. Committee; Hiliary Bower, Exec. Committee; George Connor, Exec. Committee; Annie Hine, Exec. Committee; Robert Porambo , Exec. Committee; Mark Scarangella, Exec. Committee  sil
IAABO Board #73 - Tri-County
Past Officers: John Berezansky, President; Daniel H. Fletcher, VP; William Holtz .+, Interpreter/Trainer; Thomas M. Link, Secretary/Treasurer  sil
IAABO Board #74 - Philadelphia
Past Officers: Kevin McKinley, President; Joseph Brogan, VP; Jeff Clark , 2nd VP; Jack Kapenstein , Secretary; Gary Mitchell , Secretary; Lynn Henderson Ford, Treasurer; James R. Smith +, Interpreter  sil
IAABO Board #75 - Lycoming/North Central Pennsylvania (piaa 04-220)
Keith W Cremer, President; Martin G Maurer Jr., Secretary/District 4 Interpreter; Brian K Jackson, Interpreter;
Past Officers: James Donnell, President; Lynn Datres +, VP; Jeffrey R. Meltzer, Secretary  sil
IAABO Board #76 - Western Pennsylvania
Daniel J Bonacci, President; Mary Beth Morrissey, Secretary; Paul E Skirtich, Interpreter; Past Officers: Walt Adamczyk .+, President; James Settembrino +., President; Brett Harris +, VP; Keith Genacola, VP; Joe Zsolcsak, Treasurer; James Metz, Interpreter/Trainer; Charles A. Pruss, Secretary/Treasurer  sil
IAABO Board #77 Allegheny-Kiski (piaa 07-266)
Christopher T Ziemianski, President; Michael A Jarosinski, Secretary; Placito David Franzi, Interpreter/Trainer; Michael T. Steimer, Past Secretary; Fred Hanlin, Past Secretary
IAABO Board #82 - Westmoreland (piaa 07-277)
PIAA Chapter: John J Jarocki, President; Nicholas Frank Morea, President; Bernie George ., VP; Regis A Giles, Interpreter/District 7 Interpreter/Assignment Secretary; James Christ, Treasurer
IAABO Board: John Jarocki, President; Matthew Matesic, VP; Robert Saxman, Recording Secretary; James Christ, Treasurer; Regis Giles, Interpreter;;
Past Officers: PIAA Chapter: Diana Tranchini, VP; Robert Kozloski, Assignment Secretary; Charles E. Kelly, Director; Craig Spisak, Director; Randy Sydeski, Director;;
IAABO Board: Bernie George ., President; Joe Januck ., VP; Robert Kozloski, Assignment Secretary
IAABO Board #89 - York (piaa 03-208)
Gordon E Kauffman, President; Phil Miller, VP; James E Wildasin, Secretary; Tom Ryan, Treasurer; Christopher J Boyer, Interpreter; Scott Dutterer, Asst. Interpreter; Exec. Committee: Kevin Lawrence, Varsity Boys Rep.; Michael Heisler, Varsity Girls Rep.; Rich Vangel, Sub-Varsity Rep.; James Thomas, At-Large Member;
Past Officers: PIAA Chapter: John Eyster, President; Pat Gebhart, VP; Bernie Staub, Secretary; David Concino, Interpreter; Michael Ebersole, Asst. Interpreter; Phil Miller, Varsity Boys Rep.; Scott Knouse, Varsity Girls Rep.; Steve Keller, Varsity Rep.; Tom Foust, Sub-Varsity Rep.;
IAABO Board: Timothy Ebersole, President/Interpreter/Trainer; Donald Swartz, VP; Parker Lerew, Secretary/Treasurer  sil
IAABO Board #162 - Pennsylvania State
Past Officers: Michael Schorn, President; Timothy Hughes, President; Parker D. Lerew, VP; Phil Fromuth, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #163 - Eastern Pennsylvania
Past Officers: Kevin P. Grassi, President; Jack Slusser, 1st VP; Lance Cash, 2nd VP; Jeff Benedict, Interpreter/Trainer; Michael Paulson, Interpreter/Trainer; Phil Fromuth, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #164 - Central Pennsylvania District | Timothy Hughes, Past President; Barbara E. Eppley +, Past VP; Parker D. Lerew, Past Secretary/Treasurer  sil
John C. Anderson (piaa 06-246) | Melinda S Fenton, President; James W Morgan, Secretary; Frank F Hanobic Jr., Interpreter
Keystone (piaa 08-293) | Tony Denk, President; Joseph Shea, Secretary; Paul M Grachen, Interpreter; Daniel A. Densmore, Past Interpreter
Lancaster (piaa 03-203) | Gary Morinchin, President; Michael J Kuhn, Secretary; Melvin E Newcomer, Interpreter; Robert C Gramola,Past Officer
Latrobe (piaa 07-273)
D Gregory Fenton, President; Mark Alan Miedel, Secretary; Richard W Mcleary, Interpreter; Terry Dreher, Past Secretary; Keith L. Roadman, Past Interpreter
Laurel (piaa 07-272) | Robert L Fee, President; Donald R Woodward, Secretary; Gary J Frankhouser, Interpreter; John R. McCune +., Past Interpreter  sil
Lawrence County (piaa 07-265) | Rick Conrad, President; Walter J Anderson, Secretary; Steven E Fee, Interpreter; Mark R. Schaas, Past Interpreter
Luzerne County (piaa 02-184) | Allan J Katsock, President; Harry P Kaskey, Secretary; Jay Rowan, Interpreter; Larry Paieski, Past Officer; Harry P. Kaskey, Secretary
Lycoming/North Central Pennsylvania - (see IAABO Board #75)
Mercer County (piaa 10-323)
Pastor David L Searle, President; Leah Ann Williams, Secretary; Stephen Searle, Interpreter; Christopher J. Smith, Past Secretary; Terry Carrigan, Past Interpreter
Mid-Valley (piaa 02-185)
Edward G Loftus, President; John R Mahoney, Secretary; Matthew Froncek, Interpreter; Nancy A. Edmunds, Past Secretary; Gerald R. Valonis, Past Interpreter
Mon-Valley (piaa 07-269)
S Scott Soutter, President; Thomas L Jones, Secretary; Andrew L Pinskey Jr., Interpreter; Casey J. Perrotta, Past Officer; Thomas L. Jones, Past Secretary
Mt. Nittany (piaa 06-251) | Michael P Conron, President; Pamela D Grimminger, Secretary; Daniel J Gales +, Interpreter; Donald W. Hosterman, Past Secretary  sil
North Penn | Paul F Collins, President; William P Lodge, Secretary; Gregory J Moyer, Interpreter
Norristown (piaa 01-170)
Maureen O'Tormey .+, President; Patrick M Sullivan .+, Secretary; Pat Storti Jr. .+, Treasurer; William Joseph Brown .+, Interpreter; Exec. Committee:Ed Hargadon .+; John Murphy .+; Rick Falcone .+;
Past Officers: Don Taylor +, President; Don Lilick +., VP; Mitch Zimmer +, Interpreter  sil
Northeastern Pennsylvania - (see IAABO Board #61)
Northern Allegheny (piaa 09-310) | John Zimbardi, President; Martin Anthony Flint, Secretary; James B Evens, Interpreter; William D Howard, District 9 Interpreter
Northern Cambria (piaa 06-252) William S Zamboni, President; Michael J McDermott, Secretary/Interpreter; William S. Correll, Past Secretary; Michael P. Hudak Jr., Past Interpreter
Northern Tier (piaa 04-221) | Jeffrey B Carr, President; Joy Wandell, Secretary; Larry J Otis, Interpreter; Michael Shaw, Past Secretary; James B. Shaw, Past Interpreter
Penn-Can (piaa 02-354) | Robert Keyes, President; Mark A Fallon, Secretary; Paul J Cooper Jr., Interpreter; Michael A. Cerra, Past Interpreter
Philadelphia (piaa 12-172) | Timothy Gallagher, President; James P Moore Sr, Secretary/Interpreter/District 12 Interpreter;
Philadelphia Catholic League
Lynn Ford, Girls Basketball Assignor; Don Ciminera, Past Girls Basketball Assignor; James King +, Sub-Varsity Boys Assignor; Michael Chesney .+, Varsity Boys Assignor; Joe DeMayo .+, Past Varsity Boys Assignor;  sil
Philadelphia Public League,
James Patrick Lynch +., Exec. Director of Athletics; Bettyann Creighton +., Past Interim Exec. Director of Athletics; Robert Coleman +, Past Director of Athletics; Ben Dubin +, Boys High School Basketball Chair; Joe Fite, Girls High School Basketball Chair; Leigh Ann Hayword, Middle School Basketball Chair; Kelly Barton, Past Exec. Director of Athletics; Rick Howard, Past Athletic Program Manager; Charles Sumter +, Past Boys High School Basketball Chair; Harry Markovitz, Past Girls High School Basketball Chair  sil
Pittsburgh (piaa 08-294) | Bebe Mielcusny, President; Kathleen A Yates, Secretary; Barbara A Moran, Interpreter; Rebecca A. DeGregorio, Past Interpreter
Pittsburgh Urban (piaa 08-295)
Richard S Alsberry, President; Dara Loftion, Secretary; Daniel L. Robinson +, Interpreter/District 8 Interpreter; Margo E. Perry, Past Secretary  sil
Pottstown (piaa 01-173)
Scott Kenneth Reed, President; Marlin Meachem, VP; Glen A Faust, Secretary; Eric Bowe, Interpreter Exec. Board: Peter Conte; Jim White;;
Past Officers: Tom Thompson, VP; Joe Cotellese, Secretary; Ray Archambault, Treasurer
Pottsville (piaa 11-342)
John Cooper, President; Joseph D Gerchak, Secretary; Michael A Klembara III, Interpreter; Kevin P. Grassi, Past Officer; William J. Murphy, Past Interpreter
Scranton (piaa 02-186) | Edward G Loftus, President; John R Mahoney, Secretary; Matthew Froncek, Interpreter; James P Gross, District 2 Interpreter;
Shamokin Area (piaa 04-222)
Corey A Houser, President; Dwayne J Scicchitano, Secretary; George Stephen Jacoby, Interpreter; Corey Houser Past VP; Arthur A. Rovito, Past Secretary/Treasurer
Southeastern Pennsylvania (piaa 12-175) | Valerie McPeak, President; Cathy Minner, Secretary; Christine M Donnelly, Interpreter; Agnes Stegmuller, Past Interpreter
Southern Pennsylvania (piaa 03-206)
Douglas Hartzok, President; Todd D Blake, Secretary; J Edward Shindledecker, Interpreter; Kimberly R. Dalbert +., Past Officer; Carl P. Dixon, Past Secretary  sil
Southern Section (piaa 09-311) | Charles J Pasternak, President; Dennis R Rhoades, Secretary; Barry J Abbott, Interpreter
Southern Somerset County (piaa 05-236) | Rodney J Jarvis, President; Samuel F Zambanini Jr., Secretary; Barry R Saylor, Interpreter; Ted Oppegard Jr., Past Secretary
Standing Stone (piaa 06-253) | Dennis Detwiler, President; Brian K Jaymes, Secretary; Joseph M Scialabba, Interpreter; K. Michael Honstine, Past Secretary/Interpreter
Steel City (piaa 06-254) | Colin Paul McGinnis, President; William A Holtz, Secretary; Jason E Moschgat, Interpreter; James A. Kirschman, Past Secretary  sil
Steel Valley (piaa 07-274) | Jeffrey M Gluscic, President; Donald J Kudas, Secretary; Stephen J Oakley, Interpreter
Stroudsburg (piaa 11-343) | Dana N Lewis-Eberz, President; William T Reese, Secretary; Lawrence H Ott, Interpreter; Felic A. Staffaroni, Past Officer
Suburban Allentown (piaa 11-336)
David A Boandl, President; Robert J Banzhoff, Secretary; Stephen J Serensits, Interpreter; Walter J. Corcoran, Past Secretary; Joseph D. Murphy, Past Interpreter
Suburban Philadelphiaia - (see IAABO Board #65)
Susquehanna Valley (piaa 04-223) | Jeffrey A Bower, President; Robert Hough, Secretary; John McDanel, Interpreter; John C. Dougherty, Past Secretary
Tamaqua (piaa 11-344)
Joseph K O'Donnell, President; Thomas M Lesisko, Secretary; Michael J Towle, Interpreter; Andy Harvan, Past Officer; Lionel L. Lawson III, Past Interpreter
Tioga County (piaa 04-224) | Harry W Yerges Jr., President; F Craig West, Secretary; Erick B Cummings, Interpreter; Matthew D. Doud, Past Interpreter
Tri-City (piaa 10-324) | Christopher L Graham, President; Timothy F Lavan, Secretary/District 10 Interpreter; Patrick J Cook, Interpreter; Ronald E. Buck Jr. +, Past Interpreter  sil
Tri-County (piaa 06-255) | Douglas M Steve, President; Anthony Sottile IIII, Secretary; James J Racchini, Interpreter; Randy Brocious, Past VP; Charles Glasser, Past Assignor
Tri-County (IAABO) - (see IAABO Board #73)
Warren County (piaa 10-325) | Marcella D Doyle, President/Secretary; Timothy S Jordan, Interpreter
Washington-Greene County (piaa 07-270) | Gary L Swart, President; Samuel E Puglisi, Secretary; James H Conroy, Interpreter; James E. Lipscomb, Past Interpreter
West Susquehanna (piaa 04-225)
Thomas G Aber, President; Brian K Zimmerman, Secretary; Joshua W Beddall, Interpreter; David Fadale, Past Secretary; Brad A. Williams, Past Interpreter
Western Pennsylvania (piaa 08-296),
Dan Bonacci, President; Keith Genicola, VP; Mary Beth Morrissey, Secretary; Joe Zsolcsak, Treasurer; Paul Skirtich +, Interpreter; James Settembrino +., Past President; Brett Harris +, Past VP;  sil
Western Pennsylvania (IAABO) - (see IAABO Board #76)
Wilkes Barre (piaa 02-188) | Gabrielle E Hampsey, President; Jennifer Everett, Secretary; Kathleen Goeringer, Interpreter; Amy E. Amendola, Past Officer
Westmoreland - (see IAABO Board #82)
Wyoming Valley - (see IAABO Board #68)
York - (see IAABO Board #89)

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Interscholastic League (go to hs state association)
Rhode Island Basketball Officials Association
Chris Nicynski, President; Brian Sullivan, VP; Michael Swistak, Secretary; Russ Gilmartin, Treasurer; Peggy Lynch-Gadaleta, At-Large Member; Michael Reeder, Interpreter/Trainer; Commissioners: Richard Hazard; Frank Iannetta; John Hole;;
Past Officers:Doug Hopper, President; Steve Stanford, President; Henry Letendre, President; Doug McGrath Jr., President; Tom Maggiacomo, President; John Lunney, VP; Robbie Franklin, At-Large Member; Richard Hazard, Commissioner; John Hole, Co-Commissioner; Timothy Mercer, President; Doug McGrath Jr., At-Large Member; Michael Stephens, Co-Commissioner
IAABO Board #84 - Rhode Island
Past Officers: Henry Letendre, President; Tom Maggiacomo, VP; Michael Reeder, Interpreter/Trainer; Russ Gilmartin, Treasurer; Michael Swistak, Secretary

South Carolina (*shared link)
South Carolina High School League (go to hs state association)
South Carolina Basketball Officials Association
Sidney Gray, President; Marc Tindal, VP; Paul Behr, Secretary; Joedy Moots, Officials Rep.; Skip Lax, Commissioner; Sheldon Bolds, Past President
District One* | Rico Williams, Director
District Two* (see IAABO Board # 402)
District three* (see IAABO Board # 403)
District Four* (see IAABO Board # 404)
District Five* | Richie Jeffcoat, Director; Clyde Hill, Past Contact
District Six* | Marc Tindal, Director; Grover McQueen, Past Contact
District Seven* | Leon Myers, Director
District Eight* | Sheldon Bolds, Director; Robert Edwards, Past Contact
District Niine* | Granderson James, Director
District Ten* | Roscoe Campbell, Director
District Eleven, Coastal Carolina | Jake Rosiek .+, Director;
Past Officers: Bryan P. Fink, Director; Esau Johnson +, Treasurer; Trent Lupo, Rep. - Horry; Joe Manigault .+, Rep. - Georgetown; Mack Burgess, Rep. - Williamsburg; T. Merck .+, Young Official  sil
District Twelve* | Sidney Gray, Director; Carol Bodie, Past Contact
IAABO Board #402 - District Two | Jerome Hall, Director;
Past Officers: Don Denton, President; Jerry Parris, Interpreter/Trainer; Jerome Boyce, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #403 - District Three/Catawba River
Paul Behr, President/Director/Interpreter; Clinton Duncan, VP; David Rockholt, Secretary/Treasurer; Fred Jordan, Board Member; Roger Taylor, Board Member; Scott Turner, Past Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #404 - District Four/Palmetto | Gene Simmons, Director;
Past Officers: Craig Berry, President/Secretary/Interpreter; Mark Lewis, VP; Brian Shealy;
IAABO Board #412 - District Twelve/Aiken Edgefield Counties | William Morris Jr., President/Interpreter/Trainer; Carol H. Bodie, VP/Secretary/Treasurer
South Carolina Basketball Officials Association* | Grover McQueen, President; Roscoe Campbell, VP; Paul Behr, Secretary; Bruce Hulion, Commissioner of Officials

South Dakota
South Dakota High School Activities Association (SDHSAA) (go to hs state association)
Region 1 - Northeast Area | Doug Ruesink, Region Coordinator; Robert Fedt, Past Contact
Region 2 - East Central | Jerry Beers, Region Coordinator; Scott Mack, Region Coordinator
Region 3 - Sioux Empire | David Beranek, Region Coordinator; Duane Fiala, Region Coordinator; Tom Eggers, Region Coordinator; Justin Ingalls, Past Contact; Vern Murra, Past Contact
Region 4 - Lewis & Clark | Jason Selchert, Region Coordinator; Brian Ryken, Past Contact
Region 5 - Mitchell Area | Andy Deinert, Region Coordinator; Robert Krietlow, Past Contact; Dan Sudbeck, Past Contact
Region 6 – James Valley | Greg Blue, Region Coordinator; Matthew Clark, Past Contact
Region 7 – Northern Plains | Paul Rozell, Region Coordinator; Sherm Cutler, Past Contact
Region 8 | Landon Arnold, Region Coordinator
Region 9 - Central | Eric Booth, Region Coordinator; David Tate, Past Contact
Region 10 – Black Hills | Larry Osborne, Region Coordinator; Greg Schumacher, Region Coordinator; James Aberle, Past Contact
Region 11 - 183 Officials Association | Quint Garnos, Region Coordinator

Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
At-Large Supervisor Of Officials: Steve Caldwell; Charles Freeman; Barry Mathis; Greg Mathis; Johnny Pearson; Brandon Pipkin; Leon Rash; Ricky Robbins; Bret Smith; Ralph Stout
Athens | C. A. Dockins, Supervisor of Officials
Knox Ridge | Roger Houck, Assignor; Steve Queener, Supervisor of Officials; Larry Owens, Supervisor of Officials
Knox South | Michael Wheatley, Assignor; Ken Coulter, Supervisor of Officials; Jerry McCarter, Supervisor of Officials
Memphis | William Arata, Supervisor of Officials; E. L. Hutton, Supervisor of Officials; Marvin Doggett, Supervisor of Officials;
Past Officers: Mark McDonald, President; Lavon Works, VP; Alvin Walker, Secretary; Paul McKinney, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer; Charles Freeman, Supervisor of Officials; Rosalind Martin, Supervisor of Officials; E.L. Hutton, Supervisor of Officials
Middle Tennessee | Andy Griffin, Supervisor of Officials; Freddie Carpenter, Supervisor of Officials; Timothy Finch, Supervisor of Officials; Buddy Forrest, Supervisor of Officials; James Wright, Supervisor of Officials;
Past Officers: David Zeigler, Secretary/Treasurer; Ron Sisk Andy Griffin +., Supervisor of Officials; Freddie Carpenter +.  sil
North Central | Ken Melton, Supervisor of Officials; Rick Shoulders, Supervisor of Officials
Northwest Tennessee | Roger Shore, Supervisor of Officials; Dale Kelley, Supervisor of Officials; Harrell Allen, Supervisor of Officials
South Central | Ray Moffett, Supervisor of Officials; James Reed, Supervisor of Officials
Smokey Mountain | John Bailey, Supervisor of Officials
Southeast | Al Raffo, Supervisor of Officials; Walt Kean, Supervisor of Officials
| James Cradic, Supervisor of Officials; Larry Hutchinson, Supervisor of Officials; Charles McConnell, Supervisor of Officials
West Tennessee | William Wheatley, Supervisor of Officials; Ernest Jones, Supervisor of Officials

Texas University Interscholastic League (go to hs state association)
Abilene Basketball Chapter - TASO District 3
Ronnie Hargis +., President; Shay Favors +, VP; Ricky Miller .+, Assignment Secretary; Michael Diaz +., Sub-Assignor; Daniel Decker +., Treasurer; David Hedge +, Interpreter; Karl Winge +, Trainer; Jose Villafranca +., UIL Rep.; Board Members: Eric 'Winkie' James +.; David Watkins; Eric Ramirez; Dan Bristow +; Jeff Groban +; Cory James +;
Past Officers: Wendell Rowe +, President; George Yarbrough, Basketball District Director - TASO; Cliff Densman +., VP; Terry Test +., Treasurer; Guy Bailey ., Director; Kathy Grubb , Director; Larry Rister +., Director; Jared Vickers +., Director; Doug Sanders +, Director; Odis Wright +., Director  sil
Amarillo Chapter - THBSOA
Michael Yell +, President; Joel Young +, VP; Rodger Grady +, Varsity Secretary; Gary Whiteley +, JV Secretary; Lo VanPham +., 7th, 8th, 9th Secretary; Max Seymour +, Treasurer; Timothy Evins +, Recorder; Danny Barker, Division 1 Rep.; Mitch Lowe +., Division 2 Rep.; Dewayne Fraley, Division 3 Rep.; Scott Henderson, Division 4-5 Rep.; Frank McCullough, Past President; Jimmy Callaway, Past Basketball District Director - TASO  sil
Austin Basketball Officials Association - THBSOA
William Sheridan +, President; Harvey Reed +., President Elect; Roger Jeffers +, Assignment Secretary; Ken Patton +, Asst. Assignment Secretary; William Lucas +, Treasurer; Durell Hoskins, Division 1 Rep.; Chip Prescott +., Division 2 Rep.; Jonathan Petrini .+, Division 3 Rep.; Chris Aleman +., Division 4 Rep.; Lejon Wright +., Division 5 Rep.; Tony Sykes +, Rep. - THSBOA;
Past Officers: Ken Pilcher +, President; David Hall +, President; Travis Motal +, President; David Allen +, Past President; Vic Myers +, District Director - TASO; Andy Abrams +., Division 1 Board Member; Ron Morgan +, Division 2 Board Member; Henry Louis +, Division 3 Board Member; Matthew McCall +, Division 4 Board Member; Antoine Holmes , Division 4 Board Member; Wendell Holmes +, Division 5 Board Member; Jerry Tarbutton, Division 5 Board Member  sil
Bay Area Chapter | Brian Connealy, Past President; Roy Adams, Past Secretary
Beaumont Chapter - THBSOA
Kirk Thomas +, President/Interpreter; Rhonda Ruben +, VP; Herbert Sapp +, Training Officer; Mickey Guidry +, Varsity Assignment Secretary/Rep. - THSBOA; Robert Hancock +., Rep. - Division 1; Michael Chamblee .+, Rep. - Division 2; Steven Pollock +., Rep. - Division 3; Phil Pollock +, Rep. - Division 4; Tracy Motton +, Rep. - Division 5;
Past Officers: Kenneth Jones +, President; John Cole +, VP; Greg Garrett +, Past President; Kevin Abernathy +, Webmaster/Rep. - Division V ; Michael Simpson +, Training Officer; Michael Gobert +, Rep. - Division I; Roy Washington +, Training Officer; Lynn Hadnot +, Rep. - Division II; Kerry Thomas +, Rep. - Division III; Carlton Sharp +, Rep. - Division IV; Kelley Touchet; George Coit  sil
Brazosport Chapter - TASO District 5 | Michael Matthews, President; Manny Gonzales, Past President; Stan Mason, Secretary; Eddie Hardeman, Game-Match Assignor
Central Texas Chapter - | Past Officers: Raymond Kipp, President; Toby Mendoza, Secretary
Coastal Bend Chapter | Past Officers: Don Johnson, President; Robert Test, Basketball District Director - TASO; Trini Gamez, Secretary
College Station Chapter | Past Officers: Lynn Suber, President; Doug Williams, Secretary
Commerce Chapter - THSBOA
Todd Cathcart, President; Bryan Conner, VP/Rep. - UIL; Bruce Ivey, Assignment Secretary; Jeff Hooten, Training Coordinator; Alan Fields, Past President; Mitch Leathers, Past Secretary
Concho Valley Chapter - TASO District 1
Tressa Brown +., President; Kelli Hanna +, Assignment Secretary; David Skelton +, Treasurer; JP Paterson +, Rep. - TASO; Justin Warren +., Rep.; Jacob Brink +, Rep.;
Past Officers David Rivera +, President; Steve Wilson, President; Nicholas Katchur, Secretary
Corpus Christi Basketball Officials Association - THSBOA
Past Officers: Lawrence Heatley, President; Earl Davis, VP; Randy Bailey, President; Jeff Rousseau, High School Assignment Secretary; Kandy Kauk, Middle School Assignment Secretary; Richard Godoy, Treasurer; Norma Aguilar-Landin, Recording Secretary; Arnold Villarreal, Division 1 Rep.; Randy Satterwhite, Division 1 Rep.; Gary Underbrink, Division 2 Rep.; Luther Lindsey, Division 3 Rep. Roland Ramirez, Division 3 Rep.; Frank Cantu, Division 4 Rep.; Farrin Williams, Division 5 Rep.; Robert Newton, Past President; Dotson Lewis, District VI Director - TASO
Corsicana Chapter - TASO District 7 | Past Officers: Richard Washington, President; Garlon Terry, Secretary; Lynwood Cook, Basketball District Director - TASO
Dallas Basketball Officials Association - TASO District 10
Fred Knight +, President; John Fullilove +, VP; Darnay Rose +, Recording Secretary; Nichole Walker +, Treasurer; Gary Upshaw +, THSBOA Director; Elvenn Richardson +, Rep. - Division I; Scott Eckensberger +, Rep. - Division II; Andrew Banner +, Rep. - Division III; Samate Landor +, Rep. - Division IV; Kevin Johnson +, Rep. - Division V; Johnny Wilkins +, At-Large Rep.; Wes Johnson , Ethics Chair; Thedon Jones, Evaluation Chair; Marvin Timmons +., Recruiting Chair; Vornadette Greer +, Recruiting Chair; Lawrence Daniels, Video/Media Chair;
Past Officers: Ron Jones , President; Carl Richardson +., President; Aljay Bettis III +., VP; Perry Daniels, Past President; Donna Simpson +., Recording Secretary; Harry Hunter +., Treasurer; Grady Dale +., Assignment Secretary; Winfred George +., Asst. Assignment Secretary;
William Thompson +, Asst. Assignment Secretary; Michael Slaton +., District 10 Director - TASO; Don Atchison +, Division 1 Rep.; Robert Moten ., Rep. - Division 1; Earl Milner +., Rep. - Division 2; Shon Dixon Pendleton +., Rep. - Division 3; Antoine Spearman +., Rep. - Division 4; Jerell Daniels +., Rep. - At-Large; Susan Hunter +., Rep. - Women's; Charles Jones +., Ethics Chair; Scott Huber +., Ethics Chair; Rosalyn Green +., Elections Chair; Darwin Isham +, Insurance Chair; Earl Milner +., Public Relations Chair; Mason Miller +., Audit Chair; Anthony Small +., Evaluation Chair; David Knoles +., Webmaster  sil
Deep East Texas Chapter - TASO District 3 | George Booth, President/Secretary/Game-Match Assignor
East Texas Dogwood Chapter - TASO District 3 | Lynwood Cook, President/Secretary
El Paso Chapter | Past Officers: Michael Sanchez, President; Dan McGlasson, Secretary
Ellis County Chapter | Past Officers: Connie Grant, President; Robert Hodge; Virgil Majors, Secretary; Don Garrison, Assignment Secretary; Carl Wilke, Secretary
Fort Bend Chapter - TASO District 4 | Al Burgess, President; Lafonzo Prince, Secretary
Fort Worth Chapter (THSBOA)
Kevin Smotherman +., President; Shandra Twine +., VP; James Branham +., District 1 Rep.; Gary Ezmerlian +., District 2 Rep.; Michael Dierke +, District 3 Rep.; Terry Way +, District 5 Rep.; Michael Davis .+, At-Large Rep.; Darvin Altom +.,THSBOA Rep.; Woody Mathews +, Admin. Secretary/Treasurer; Dustin Ray +., Admin. Secretary/Treasurer;
Past Officers: Chris Jiminez +., President; Kirk Powers, President; Darrell Opper, President; Vernon Johnson, VP; Michael Hudspeth, UIL Rep.; Del Carter, At-Large Rep.; Suzie Rollin, Rep. - Division I; Dexter Rhodes, Rep. - Division II; Paul Bradtmueller, Rep. - Division III; Paul Roscoe, Rep. - Division IV; Demoya Williams, Rep. - Division V; Ron Britt, Assignment Secretary; Larry Savoy, Secretary; Emmitt Johnson, Assignment Secretary
Great Southwest Officials Association | Tony Stigliano, Coordinator of Officials
Gulf Coast Chapter | Past Officers: George Henley, President; Cleveland Lane, Secretary
Henderson Chapter | Past Officers: Carlyet Johnson, President; Joseph Bradford, Secretary; Keith Martin, Secretary; Dannis Tamplin, Assignment Secretary
Houston Chapter - TASO District 4 | Steven Ellinger +., Secretary; Steve Oakes, Assignment Secretary;
Past Officers: Michael Fagin, President; James Batiste, President; Brad Batt, Secretary; Tyrone Killebrew, Basketball District Director - TASO; Ben Frank, Secretary
IAABO Board #2 - Alamo | Past Officers: Roland Lankford, President; Eric Vandress, VP; Richard Reyes, Interpreter; Judith Barrientes, Secretary; Rudy Lopez, Treasurer
IAABO Board #80 - Multi-sports Officials | Past Officers: Curtis James, President; Andre James, VP; Robert Griggs, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #171 - Mount Franklin | Past Officers: William Mallard, President; Archie Hartsfield, VP; James Crouch, Interpreter/Trainer/Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #205 - Houston | Past Officers: William E. Carey, President; Stephen Costello, VP; Steven Ellinger +., Interpreter/Trainer/Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #250 - Sun City | Past Officers: Dennis Bransteller, President; Manuel Delgado, VP; Cruz J. Duran Jr, Interpreter/Trainer; Samuel P. Thompson, Secretary/Treasurer
Kaufman County Chapter | William Williams, President; Bart Davis, 2nd VP; Grady Dale, Assignment Secretary; Jason Bradberry, Treasurer; Eric Ivory, Training Officer; Casey Harp, Past President; John Beasley, Past Secretary
Kingsville Chapter - TASO District 5 | Robert Johnson, President; J.L. Cusack, Secretary; Albert Ruiz, Past Assignment Secretary
Longview Chapter (THSBOA) | Robert Lane, President/Assignment Coordinator; Ron Smith, VP; Jeff Ratley, 2nd VP; LeAndre Benton, Webmaster
Lubbock Chapter (THSBOA)
Kelly Robinson, President; Jay Bryant, VP; David Johnson, Interpreter; Barry Voss, Interpreter; Kelly Copeland, Assignment Secretary/THSBOA Rep.; Dan Curry, Treasurer; Alan Berry, Rep. - Division I; Josh Baker, Rep. - Division II/Trainer; Andy Miers, Rep. - Division III; Pete DeLeon, Rep. - Division IV; Cami Hill, Rep. - Division V;
Past Officers: Gary Johnson +, President; Glen Morton +., Past President/UIL Rep.; Leon Witherspoon Sr., VP; Dennis Goheen +, Assignment Secretary/Past President; Dan Curry, Treasurer; Colby Sharp +, Treasurer; James Conwright, Rep. - Division I; Joey Bruington, Rep. - Division II; Blake Swanner, Rep. - Division III; John Schoepf, Rep. - Division IV; Paul Hise, Rep. - Division IV; Dan Gregory, Rep. - Division V; Oscar Shorten, Sub-Varsity Assignor; Charles Holt +, Rep. - Division V; William Gallagher +., Webmaster  sil
Matagorda County Chapter - TASO District 5 | Montie Lee, President Anthony Hawkins, Past Secretary
Mid Tex Chapter - TASO District 1 | Jonathan Davis, President; Josh Morgan, Secretary
Montague County Chapter - TASO District 1 | Nate Brown, President
Mount Pleasant Chapter - TASO District 2 | William Henderson, President; Eddie Williams, Secretary; Donnie Harvey, Past President; Eddie Williams, Past Secretary
North Texas Basketball Officials - THSBOA
James Johnson +., President; Kirk Jolivette +., VP; Brad Dunkin +., Interpreter; Corey Fletcher +, Admin. Secretary; Michael Lahey, Coordinator of Officials (4A - 6A High Schools); Larry Harris, Asst. Assignment Secretary (1A - 3A High School); Michael Laderer +., Asst. Assignment Secretary (Junior High Coordinator); Tricia Losavio +., Referee Chair-Assignments Team; Dale Hudson, THSBOA Rep./Observation Chair; Michael Parker, At-Large Member/Official Recruitment; Sheldon Tate +., At-Large Member; Frank Judge +., At-Large Member; Michael Washington +., Education Chair; Chris Gormely +., Chair - IRC;
Past Officers: Herman Dade +., President; Javier Nieto, President; George Yarbrough, District Rep. - State TASO/President; David Johnson, Past President; Danny Schertz, VP; John Carlton, Assignment Secretary; Jason Barth, Board Rep.; Craig Hooks, Board Rep.; Cody Robinson, Board Rep.; Dale Hudson, Board Rep.; Elliot Reed, Board Rep.; D'Lynn Schertz, Board Rep.; Michael Wilson, Basketball President - TASO  sil
Paris Chapter | Past Officers: Loy Clark, President; Leslie Ewell, Secretary/President; Gary King, Secretary
Pecan Valley Chapter - TASO District 1 | Jeffrey Jacinto, President; Raul Martinez, Assignment Secretary; Eric Summers, Treasurer; Karl Reichenau, VP; Susan Westfall, Past President; Blake Holleman, Past President; Charles W Boland, Secretary
Permian Basin Basketball Officials Association (THSBOA)
Carl Murray, President; David Edens; James Ruth; Clint Stowe; Andy Madrid; Henry Villalobos; Wayne Schroeder; Leonard Sheets; Tommy Rodriguez; Adam Gonzales; Henry Villilobos; David Nix; Woody Kupper;
Past Officers: Jeff Ryan, President; Steve Brennan, VP; Barry McCallister, Treasurer; Tony Ramos, Assignment Secretary; Ron Brown, At-Large Member; Felder Hogan, Andrews Sub-Chapter President; Randy Clay, Andrews Sub-Chapter Secretary; Rick Garcia, Big Bend Sub-Chapter President/Secretary; Gary Upshaw, Big Bend Sub-Chapter Board Member; Adam Rodriquez, Big Spring Sub-Chapter President/Secretary; Lee Barrera, Lamesa Sub-Chapter President/Secretary; Timothy Long, Midland Sub-Chapter President; Chris Arredondo, Midland Sub-Chapter Secretary; Wayne Craighead, Odessa Sub-Chapter President; Steve Brennan, Odessa Sub-Chapter Secretary; Ronnie Marley, Webmaster
Rice Belt Chapter - TASO District 4
Darrell Fountain +, President; Chad Rasbury, Past President; Darwin Phillips +, Secretary/Treasurer/Assignor; Ed Collopy +, Training Coordinator; Calvin Harris, President; James Ward +, Board Director; Charles Spies +, Board Of Director  sil
Rio Grande Valley Chapter - TASO District 6
Raul Hernandez, District VI Representative; Robert Torres, President; Victor Garza, 1st VP; Bert Jaime, 2nd VP; Freddy Martinez, Assigning Secretary; Joey Palacious, Recording Secretary; Dion Gobellen, Treasurer; Eddie Ramos, Rep. - Division I; Raul Hernandez, Rep. - Division II; Mike Trigg, Rep. - Division III; Jordan Goldschmidt, Rep. - Division IV; Mike Rudd, Rep. - Division V;
Past Officers: Carlos Guerra, President; Mariio Reyna, President; Gary Molina, President; Fernando Garza, Corresponding Secretary; Robert Torres, 1st VP; Mario Lopez, 1st VP; Nelson Juarez, 2nd VP; Arnold Garcia, 2nd VP; Al Perez Sr., Assignment Secretary; Carl Contrata, Corresponding Secretary; Blanco Tello, Treasurer; Frank Casares, Treasurer; Tom Nieland, Parliamentarian; Ron Alcantar, Parliamentarian; Eddie Ramos, Rep. - Division I; Rocky Cheshire, Rep. - Division I; Patrick Willingham, Rep. - Division II; Juan Quiroz, Rep. - Division II; Marcelo Villarreal, Rep. - Division I; David Ralph, Rep. - Division II; Burt Holloway, Rep. - Division II; Raul Hernandez, Rep. - Division III; Felix Zavala, Rep. - Division III; Alex Ysquierdo, Rep. - Division IV; Victoria Zepeda, Rep. - Division IV; Don Young, Rep. - Division IV; Peng Lu, Rep. - Division V; Jesse Maldonado, Rep. - Division V; Cynthia Herrera, Rep. - Division V; Frank Sandoval, Rep. - Division V
Sam Houston Chapter - TASO District 3 | Coleman Porter, President; Angie Thompson, Secretary; Mark Giles, Game-Match Assignor; Ron Edwards, Past Secretary
San Antonio Chapter (THSBOA)
Kenny Belinfante +., President; Malachi Nellum +., VP; Jared Higdon +., Sergeant At Arms; Frank Fewell +., Interpreter; Marvin Cobb +., Secretary/Assignment Director; Charles Warner +., Game Assignment Fee Coordinator; Gilberto Villarreal +., Treasurer; Warren McKenny +., Division 1 Rep.; Archie Willis, Division 1 Alternate; Martha Brymer +., Division 2 Rep.; John Olsen, Division 1 Alternate; Rufus Lott +., Division 3 Rep.; Robert Briseno +., Training Director;
Past Officers: John Bonine +., President; Tony Schafer, President; Rick Lopez, Secretary; Jody Griffin, Treasurer; Michael Shoemaker, Sergeant At Arms; Reggie Eggins, Division 1 Rep.; Morris Coleman, Division 2 Rep.; Dalton Hill, Division 3 Rep.; Shane Reynolds, Division 4 Rep.; Patrick Grady, Division 5 Rep.  sil
South Texas Chapter (THSBOA)
Charles 'Sonny' Balli +., President; Robert Test +., VP; Lacey Keune +., Treasurer; J.J. Suarez +., Admin. Secretary; David Balli +, Assignment Secretary; John Barrios +., Division 1 Rep.; Don Carter +., Division 2 Rep.; Craig Cooper, Division 3 Rep.; Mark Morgan Jr. +., Division 4 Rep.; Richard Cardenas +., Division 5 Rep.; Tony Fisher +., Sergeant At Arms  sil
Stephen F. Austin Basketball Officials Association, East Texas - TASO District 9
Past Officers: Rick Land ., President; Rick Marberry .+, VP; Kenneth Williams,President; Ricky Conner .+, Secretary; Anthony Curtis, Treasurer; Rotley Tankersley, Commissioner; Joseph Cooper, Division Rep.; Jimmy Evans, Division Rep.;; Nathan Goff, Division Rep.; Carlos Johnson, Division Rep.; Michael Barnes  sil
Temple Chapter | Past Officers: Harold Holman, President; William Crow, Secretary
Texas Association Of Sports Official. (TASO)
Michael Fitch, Exec. Director; Bud Alexander, Asst. Exec. Director; Carolyn Bible, Controller; Tony Scazzero, Webmaster/Database Admin.; Mona Schultz, Admin. Asst.;
Basketball Board: Eddie Williams, President; Calvin Harris, President Elect;f Al Burgess, VP; Richard Avila, Ex-Officio; Lynwood Cook, Ipp; Directors: Kim Bell, District 1; Gary Turner, District 3; Frank Gasser, District 4; AJ Louderback, District 5; Carlos Guerra, District 6;
Past Contacts: Steven Ellinger +., Exec. Director; Charles 'Sonny' Balli, Basketball President; Michael Wilson, Basketball President; Al Burgess, Basketball President; Tony Scazzero, Web Administrator; Jimmy Callaway, District 1 Director; John Paterson, District 2 Director; Tony Ramos, District Director, 2; George Yarbrough, District 3 Director; Fred Lerma, District 4 Director; Robert Test, District 5 Director; Dotson Lewis, District 6 Director; Albert Magallan, District 6 Director; Mitch Leathers, District 7 Director; Leslie Ewell, District 7 Director; Ron Mayfield, District 8 Director; Thomas Brow, District 8 Director; Lynwood Cook, District 9 Director; Michael Slaton, District 10 Director; Marvin Cobb, District Director, 12; Marco Alaya, District Director, 12; Michael Hudspeth, District Director, 13; Del Carter, District Director, 13; Vic Myers, District Director, 14  sil
Texas High School Basketball Officials Association (THSBOA)
Eddie Hopkins, Exec. Chair; Michael Yell +, Exec. Vice Chair; Chapter Interpreters: Marc McDaniel, Abilene; Alton McCormick, Amarillo; Jearl Ledbetter, Austin; Travis Jones, Bay Area; Kirk Thomas, Beaumont; Don Johnson, Beeville; Jon Mies, College Station; Dean Belcher, Commerce; Dotson Lewis, Corpus Christi; Marvin Timmons, Dallas; Dan McGlasson, El Paso; Robert Hodge, Ellis County; David Littleton, Fort Worth; Andra Parker, Gulf Coast; David Nash, Houston; Clark Terry, Kaufman County; Ron Smith, Longview; Kelly Copeland, Lubbock; Brad Dunkin, North Texas; Tony Vanderwilt, Paris; Ron Brown, Permian Basin; Rufus Lott, San Antonio; Robert Test, South Texas; Kelly Touchet, Southeast Texas; Eddie Hopkins, Stephen F Austin; Derick Barnes, Temple; Chad McAninch, Waco; Jonathan Pastusek, Wichita Falls
Trinity Valley Chapter - TASO District 4 | Tommy Scott, President; William Ross Jr., Secretary
Tyler Chapter - TASO District 2
Ignacio Acevedo +, President; Timothy Banks +, VP; Jason Yearty +., Training Officer; Eric Kunzman +, Treasurer; Kyle Carson +, Assignment Director; Scott Roycroft +., Assignment Director; Richard Hodde +., Parliamentarian; Larry Boyd +., Division 1 Rep.; Tom Cremeans +., Division 2 Rep.; Eric Ryder .+, Division 3 Rep.; Marleah Akins +., Division 4/5 Rep.; Tom Daily, Past President; Philip Gordon, Past Secretary  sil
Victoria Chapter - TASO District 5 | Melvin Ross, President; Doug Harris, Past President; AJ Louderback, Secretary; Albert Ruiz, Game-Match Assignor
Waco Chapter | Rodney Simms, VP of Training; Don Wenzel, Secretary; Earl Stinnett, Past President
Wichita Falls Area Chapter
Johnathon Pastusek, President; Keith McCorkle, VP; Brent Spray, Secretary/Assignor; Danny Craig, Treasurer; Don Patty, Past President; Carmen Lozipone, Past Secretary; Exec. Committee: James Veith; Chris Smith; R.C. Velasquez

Utah High School Activities Association (go to hs state association)
HS Basketball Officials Association of Utah
Central Utah Officials' Association | Parm Patrick, Assignor; Karl Anderson, Past Contact;
IAABO Board #87 - Ogden | Past Officers: Del Thredgold, President; Charles Vogrenic, VP; Robert Neuteboom, Interpreter/Trainer; Kathy Thredgold, Secretary/Treasurer
Ogden Area* | Shawn Cottle
Provo Area* | Greg Spencer
SLC Area (1)* | Neal Hunt
SLC Area (2)* | Bret Kinghorn
Southeastern Utah Officials Association* | Norm Richardson
Ogden Area | Bruce Allen, President; David Burnett, Sub-Varsity Assignor
Price | Norm Richardson, Assignor
Provo Area | Stuart Dean, President; Greg Graves, Sub-Varsity Assignor
Salt Lake | Steve Sutherland, President; Cory Plant, Sub-Varsity Assignor
Southeastern | Craig Swensen, Assignor
Southern Utah Officials' Association | Shawn Chynoweth, President; Trent Leavitt, VP; Paula Burgoyne, Secretary; Coby Millett, Treasurer/Webmaster; Kelly Holman, Basketball Supervisor-Assignor;
Past Officers: Bruce McPherson, VP; Ann Esplin, Secretary; John Hammond, Treasurer; David Tait (Sevier/Wayne), Area Director; Chad Veater, (Kane/Garfield/Piute) Area Director; Richard Massey, (Washington) Area Director
Uintah | Michael Davis, Assignor
Wasatch Front Varsity | Jeff Cluff, Assignor
Wasatch/Joint Board | Bret Kinghorn, President

Vermont Prinicpals Assoc (go to hs state association)
IAABO Board 105,Vermont State Board of Approved Basketball Officials
Marc Lambert, President; Dana Rocheleau, VP; E. J. Blondin, VP Elect; Jeff Mongeon, At-Large Board Member; Michael Boulerice, Secretary/Treasurer; Dan Shepardson, Interpreter; James Rose, Co-Commissioner Northern Vermont; William O'Connor, Co-Commissioner Northern Vermont; Jeff Houle, Southern Vermont Commissioner
Past Officers: Dan Pause, President; Terry Hartshorn, President; Gary Lavin, President; Jeff Houle, 1st VP/Southern Assignor; James Rose, VP; Dan Sheperdson, Interpreter; Michael Boulerice, Secretary/Treasurer; Germain Pellerin, Northern Assignor; Larry Brainard, Northern Assignor; William O'Connor, At-Large Board Member; Webmaster IAABO105

Virginia High School League (go to hs state association)
Appalachian (VHSL recognized - Southwest Virginia) | Joel Wyatt, Commissioner; John Altizer, Past Contact
Battlefield (VHSL recognized - Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania ) | Randy Bockenstedt
Bull Run (VHSL recognized - Woodbridge, Manassas ) | Edward Ehrmantraut
Cardinal (VHSL recognized - Fairfax, Loudoun, Alexandria, Prince William) | Cecil Hurst; Carl Armstrong, VP; Paul Klein, Secretary; Michael Preston, Rules Interpreter
Colonial (Girls) (VHSL recognized - Lynchburg area ) | Donny Turner
Colonial (Boys) (VHSL recognized - Lynchburg area ) | Charles Trent; | Robert Walker, Past Contact
Danville (Danville area private schools and recreation programs) | Reid Taylor
DanMar | Don Hogg
Eastern Shore | Dennis Swartz,Past Contact
Hampton Roads (VHSL recognized - Southeastern Virginia) | Charles Shumate
IAABO Board #90 - Central Virginia (VHSL recognized - Greater Richmond area ) Norman Gray, President; Vaughn Quash, VP; Benny Spiller, Secretary; Allen Gravatt, Treasurer; Jerry Stone, Interpreter; Aaron Lewis, Commissioner; Gerry Regetz, Training Coordinator; Aaron Lewis;
At-Large Members: Zachary Branch, Transfers & Provisional Members; Valentine Muhammad, A through E; Cliff Smith, F through I; Arnie Holmes, J through M; Grover Thrower, N through P; Jim Neal, Q through T; Craig Turner, U through Z;;
Past Officers: Karl Heilman, President; Antionette Irving, President; Don Gathers, President; Riggolette Leeper, Secretary; Bruce Frye, Treasurer; Ed Smith, Commissioner; Members At-Large: Paula Adams; Mark Kellum; Dennis Minton; Warren Pruett; Vaughn Quash; Grover Thrower; Greg Walls
IAABO Board #94 - Southeastern Virginia | Past Officers: Larry Ponack, President; Rick Ennis, VP; Erik Brinker, Interpreter/Trainer; Robert Roeser, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #125 - Peninsula (Newport News area private schools, Surry Co.)
Sam Tanguy; Past Officers: Darrius Stone, Treasurer; Conrnelious A. Chambliss, Secretary; Nelson Ellis
IAABO Board 157, Bayside Basketball Officials - Maryland Eastern Shore and Virginia Eastern Shore * (see IAABO Board 157, MD)
IAABO Board #255 - Cardinal (Northern Virginia) Cardinal Basketball Officials Association (CBOA)
Adam Brick, President; Carl Armstrong, VP; Andy Shulman, Interpreter/Trainer
Joe Salcetti, Treasurer; Paul T. Klein, Secretary; Cecil Hurst, Scholastic Commissioner; Gary Chicko, Recreation Commissioner
New River Valley | Harold Golding, Past Contact
Northwestern (Winchester area middle/private schools) | Charles Hipkins;
Past Officers: Brian 'Woody' Woodruff, President; Timothy Mondell, VP; Patrick Grim, Interpreter; Jesse Moffett, Secretary; Brad Triplett, Commissioner
Piedmont (VHSL recognized - Charlottesville area) | Louis 'Lou' Farina Jr.
Shenandoah (VHSL recognized - Harrisonburg, Winchester areas ) | Gary Leake
Southwest | Lewis Foreman
Tidewater (VHSL recognized - Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg) | Steve Whitley
Tri-City (VHSL recognized - Chesterfield ) | Milton Simmons
Valley | Keith VanFossen; John Spears, Past Contact
Virginia Sports Officials Assn. (applying for VHSL recognition - Richmond/Tri-Cities area) | Martin Short
Western Virginia (VHSL recognized - Roanoke area ) | Jerry Spangler

Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (go to hs state association)
Blue Mountain Basketball (Walla Walla) | William Fleenor, Past Assignor
Chelain County Basketball (Wenatchee) | William Edwardson, Past Assignor
Columbia Basin Basketball (Moses Lake) | Ed Rhoades, Past Assignor
Columbia Gorge Basketball (Columbia River Gorge) | James Anderson, Past Assignor
Colville Valley Basketball (Columbia River Gorge) | Brian Myers, Assignor
Evergreen Basketball Officials Association (Vancouver)
John Reinhardt +., President; Rick Stover +., VP; Neil Anderson +., Treasurer; Michael Jaffey +., Secretary; John Matteo +., Varsity Assignment Secretary; Charles Schwatka +., Assignment Secretary; Board Members: Jesse Liebman +; Heath Powell +.; Ben Davis;;
Past Officers: Robert Vaught, VP; George St.Pierre, Secretary; Stephanie Carroll, Advisor; Scott Heim, Advisor; Harrison McMillan, Advisor  sil
Grays Harbor Basketball (Aberdeen) | John Sherett, Past Assignor
IAABO Board #213 - Pierce County | Past Officers: Greg Royal, President; Hiram A. Aea, VP; Wayne Agness, Interpreter/Trainer; Alberto Perez +, Secretary/Treasurer  sil
IAABO Board #224 - Spokane | Don Brock Sr., Past VP; Phil Petersen, Past Interpreter/Trainer; John Isles, Past Secretary/Treasurer
Lower Columbia Basketball (Longview/Kelso) | Robert Rose, Past Assignor
North Olympic Basketball (Port Angeles) | Tom Leinart, Assignor; William Rinehart, Past Assignor
Northwest Girls Basketball (Bellingham/Mt. Vernon) | Pete Zuanich, Past Assignor
Okanogan County Basketball (Omak) | James Brucker, Past Assignor
see Pacific Northwest Basketball Officials Association, California/Washington
Pacific Northwest Boys (Seattle) | John Lindsey, Past Assignor
Peninsula Basketball (Bremerton) | Fred Rayburn, Past Assignor
Seattle Officials Women's Basketball Association (merged with PNBOA , July 2017)
Steve Latimer +, President; Mazvita Maraire +, VP; Michael Jurenka +, Secretary; Leslie Fitzpatrick +., Assignment Secretary; Sam Long +, Treasurer; David Emmons +, Apprentice; Brian Kirk +., Apprentice; Drew Hendel .+, Rules/Mechanics; David Augustavo +, Ethics and Grievances; Jessica Wilkinson +., Recruitment and Retention; Michael Lloyd +, Observations;
Past Officers: Mary Roper, President; Linda Meredith, President; Noel Burke, VP; Julie Vanni, Apprentice; Ron Pilo, Apprentice; Dale Phelps, Recruiting; Michael Saito, Ethics & Grievance; Brian Hayward, Rules & Mechanics; David Caesar, Accountant  sil
Snohomish County Basketball Officials Association (Everett)
Ryan Taylor +., President; Garrett Galbreath+., Past President; Brett MacIntyre +., VP; Daniel Taylor, Girls Assignor; Lee Ottini, Boys Assignor; Board Members: Kevin Stride +.; David Leander +.; Alan Bowers +.; Stacey Hassebrock .+; Scott DePuy .+; Jeff McClellan +;;
Past Officers: - Snohomish County Girls Basketball Officials Association: Kevin Stride +., President; Trent Harwood .+, Past President; Michael Cashman +., VP; Wayne Sneva +., 3rd Year Board Member; Dan Taylor +., Assignor; Timothy Wheatley +., Secretary/2nd Year Board Member; Leslie Tidball +., 3rd Year Board Member; Jack Palmer +., 1st Year Board Member; Duane Taylor ., 3rd Year Board Member; Pat Kaminske +, Financial Advisor  sil
South Sound Basketball (Olympia) | Rae Ann Jonson, Past Assignor
Southeastern Washington Basketball (Pullman) | Artie Ingham, Past Assignor
Southwest Washington Basketball (Centralia/Chehalis) | Jan Sorenson, Past Assignor
Spokane Basketball (Spokane) | Steve Ayres, Past Assignor
Tacoma Basketball
Lee Jackson, President; Darren Bryant +., VP; Alberto Perez +, Assignor Secretary; Mandel Scott +., Chief Evaluator; Hiram Aea +., Apprentice Coordinator; Rick Underwood +., Interpreter; Board Members: Charles Kennedy +; Sab Cumbee .+; George Farias +.;;
Past Officers: Kevin Walk +., President; Ross Parker +., VP; Timothy Quiroz +, Board Member; Robin Wichern +., Board Member; James Moran +., At-Large Member  sil
Tri-Cities Boys Basketball (Tri-Cities) | Chris Manolopoulous, Past Assignor
Tri-Cities Girls Basketball (Tri-Cities) | Mel Hatcher, Past Assignor
Washington Officials Association
Todd Stordahl, Exec. Director; Kerri Sanders, Director of Operations;
Region Basketball Contacts: Steve Somers, Northwest (Boys) - Region 1; Brian Lindgren, Northwest (Girls) - Region 1; Lee Ottini, Snohomish County (Boys) - Region 1; Dan Taylor, Snohomish County (Girls) - Region 1; John Lindsey, Pacific Northwest (Boys) - Region 2; Leslie Fitzpatrick, Seattle (Girls) - Region 2; Steve Brown, Western Washington (Boys) - Region 3; Al Perez, Tacoma (Girls) - Region 3; Chris Murphy, Peninsula - Region 3; Michael Saddler, North Olympic - Region 3; RaeAnn Jonson, South Sound - Region 4; Rick Denholm, Grays Harbor - Region 4; Kevin Slorey, SW Washington - Region 4; Robert Rose, Lower Columbia - Region 4; John Matteo, Evergreen - Region 4; Richard Eglet, Yakima Valley - Region 5; Chris Manolopoulos, Tri Cities (Boys) - Region 5; Ben Wutzke, Tri Cities (Girls) - Region 5; Rick Cole, Columbia Basin - Region 5; William Edwardson, Chelan County - Region 5; Michael Thornton, Okanogan County - Region 5; David VanLaar, Columbia Gorge - Region 5; William Fleenor, Blue Mountain - Region 5; Steve Ayres, Spokane - Region 6; Shane Hickenbottom, Colville Valley - Region 6; Artie Ingham, Southeastern WA - Region 6;
Past Board Members: Richard Eglet, VP; Steve Colby; Ira Dunbar; Ken Jones; John Matteo; Michael Hellman, Board Member
Western Washington Boys Basketball (Tacoma) | Steve Brown, Assignor
Whatcom-Skagit Boys Basketball (Bellingham/Mt. Vernon) | Steve Somers, Assignor
Yakima Valley Basketball (Yakima) | Richard Eglet, Assignor

West Virginia
West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission (go to hs state association)
IAABO Board #97 - Mon Valley | Keith DeVault, Secretary/Treasurer
IAABO Board #215 - West Virginia College | Past Officers: Timothy Comer, President; Tony Louk, President; Al Battista, Interpreter/Trainer; Stephen F. Gandee, Secretary/Treasurer
Ohio-West Virginia Basketball Officials Association | Roy Leasure;
Past Officers: David Bowles, President; Terry Nichols, Past President; Joe Oliverio, VP; Tom Perrine, Secretary/Treasurer; Rich Gerber, Interpreter/Commissioner; David Habeb, Asst. Interpreter; James Ward, Assignor; Sean Davis, At-Large Member; Scott Lewis, At-Large Member; Tom Thompson, At-Large Member; Andre Lang
River City Basketball Officials | RCBOA Webmaster, Web
Southern Board of Approved Basketball Officials
K. David Merchant, President; Clinton H. Giles, 1st VP; P. E. McClanahan, 2nd VP; Clarence B. Woody, 3rd VP; Alex Kingery, Secretary/Treasurer; John A. Brady, At-Large Member; Charles C. Quigley, Immediate Past President; Clarence B. Woody, Clinician; Jason L. Wilkinson, Webmaster;
Past Officers: Jonatahn W. Anderson, President; Richard Kellum, 2nd VP; Mark A. Akers, 3rd VP; K. David Merchant, Past President; Edward A. Kingery, Secretary/Treasurer; Thomas D. Kidd, Parliamentarian
Western Virginia Basketball Officials Association | Roger Ayers, Commissioner; Owen Grogan, Associate Commissioner

Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (go to hs state association)
Arrowhead Officials Association *| Jerry Chepil
Badger All-Sport Officials Association* | Richard Hebert
Black River Officials Association | Tom Steward, Past Contact
Calumet County Officials Association* | Russ Mueller
Central WI Officials Association* | Mark Decker; Gary Skerhutt, Past Contact
Chequamegon Bay Officials Association* | Patrick Colgrove
Coulee Region Officials Association | Bruce Kaiser; Paul Laxton, Past Secretary/Treasurer
Downing Officials Association* | Michael DeWyre
Eastern WI Officials Association* | Steven Luebke;
Past Officers: Ken Schimpf, President; Ron Jaggard, President; Jeff Stern, Football Chairperson; Tom Purdoff, Exec. Secretary; At-Large Board Members: David Birch; Jason Dahl; Jeff Zawicki
Fox Cities Officials Association* | Robert Fletcher; Kraig Ruhnke, Past Contact
Great Lakes Officials Association
George Grassmuck, President; Elmer Klein, Secretary; Harold Morton, Treasurer/Assignor;
Past Officers: Craig Ebel, President; Don Collings, VP; David Schopf, Secretary; Victor Rivera, Basketball Commissioner; Mabelle Matheson, Assignment Scheduler; Rich Sebben, Public Relations Commissioner
Green Bay Officials Association | Tom Senecal
Indianhead Athletic Officials Association
Charles Morning IV, President; Chris Lokken, President Elect; Janice White, VP; James Sekel, Secretary/Treasurer; Nicholas White, Assignor;
Past Officers: Ryan Nelson, President; Tyler Nelson, President Elect; Paul Nelson, VP; Mark Haas, Secretary/Treasurer; Wayne Brevik, Assignor; Ryan Nelson, Basketball Chair; Dean VanAmber, Basketball Chair
Lake Country Officials Association | Erich Uebersohn, President; Robert Mallow, Treasurer; Directors: James Shaw, Treasurer; Charles Delsman, Treasurer; Amy Siesennop, Treasurer;
Past Officers: Steve Lyles; Chris Schuck, VP; Josh Beck, Webmaster
Lake Superior Basketball Association* | Steve Vekich
Lakeland Officials Association
Michael Plichta, President; James Sherman, VP; Dan Fregien, Exec. Secretary; William Gromacki, Basketball Chair; Directors: Duane Rolkosky; Brian Smith; Charles Bedwell; William Bogard;;
Past Officers: William Guth, VP; Roger Evans, Exec. Secretary; Ken Ristow, Director; Marc Gabrysiak, Director; Brandon Grady, Director; Dan Fregien, Director
Lakeshore Officials Association* | Thomas Rusch
Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association
Steve Walsh, President/Games Coordinator; David Nickels, 1st VP; Eric VantHul, 2nd VP; Keith Bonde, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael Cummings, Webmaster;
Past Officers: Steve Standers, President; Steve Kleinfeldt, President;Doug Day, President; John Fenlon, Past President; Brian Ulness, 1st VP; Chad DuPont, 2nd VP; Tom Frieder, Games Coordinator
Marinette-Menominee-Oconto County Officials Assn.* | Al Mathy
Michigan-Wisconsin Officials Association* | John Sacchetti
Midwest Minority Officials Association
David Barker +., President; Phil Anderson +., VP; Tyrone Nichols +., 2nd VP; Denita Lee-Johnson, Secretary; Pamela Alexander +., Treasurer; Tallendra Carson +, Basketball Chair; Wes Porter .+, Mentoring Chair; Thad Hillard +, Training and Development Chair; Advisory Chairs: Ron Fancher +.; Charles Hardrick +.; Joe Lawrence +.; Myron Lee +.; Kelvin Porter +.; William Young +;; Steve Johnson +., Past President; Ellis Miles Jr., Past Contact
Milwaukee Officials Association | Paul Feldhausen, President; Jack Fleming; Timothy Sajdowitz, VP; Michael Colombo, VP Special Events; Al Weil, Basketball Rep.; Gary Knueppel, Basketball Rep.; Tom Kempen, Sergeant At Arms; Robert Huck, Sergeant At Arms; Jack Fleming, Exec. Secretary; Michael Truss, Past Basketball President; Gary A. Romanowich, Past Webmaster
Mississippi Valley Officials Association* | Wayne Gates
Northeastern Officials Association* | Ronald Anschuetz
Northern Officials Association* | Andy Harlfinger, Past Contact
Northwest WI Officials Association* | James Beistle
Pierce-St. Croix Officials Association* | Nate McNaughton
Pierce-St. Croix Officials Association
Pete Vrieze, President; Ted Bauer, VP; Jeff Linehan, Secretary/Treasurer/Assignor; Craig Finstad
Quad Counties Officials Association* | Dennis Baumann; David Timmerman, Past Contact; Steve Atkinson, Past Contact
Racine Lakeshore Officials Association* | Rocco LaMarcchia; Gregg Owens, Past Contact
Rock River Certified Officials Association *| Brent Yaeggi
Scenic Central Officials Association* | Ken Kaczmarowski; Derek Horkan, Past Contact
Shawano Area Officials Association* | Thomas Cotter
South Central Officials Association* James Phillips David Hoeft
South Shore Officials Association* | David Thiel; James Hebel, Past Contact
Southeastern Wisconsin Officials Association* | Duane Rolkosky, Past Contact
Southern Wisconsin Officials Association
Kent Holmquist, President; Patt O'Brien, Secretary; Steve Wendler, Treasurer; Rich Fronheiser, VP of Membership; James Myers, VP of Instruction; Greg Blum, Governance Chair; Timothy Polcyn, Webmaster; Board Members: Kent Holmquist; Michael Carr; Jim Myers; Craig Fenrick; Tim Polcyn; David Jameson;
Southwestern Wisconsin Officials Association* | Steve Atkinson, Past Contact
State Line All Sport Officials Association | Michael Pfeil, President; Loren Homb, Secretary; Rory Holland; Tom Nipple,Past VP; Scott DeNure, Past Treasurer
The Right Call Officials Association* | Ralph Sirmons
Tri-County Officials Assn of Southeastern Wis., Inc.* | Ray Raatz
Tri State Officials Association* | Pat Milinovich
U.P. North Officiating Association* | Ed Schaub; Dan Meyer, Past Contact
Vacationland Officials Association* | Tom Steward
West Central Wisconsin Officials Association* | Mark Johnson
Wisconsin Basketball Officials Association* | Andy Gallion, President; Jeff Lewis, VP; Ken Schimpf III, Past President; Ken Koester, Instructional Chair; Dennis Vonrueden, Secretary/Treasurer; At-Large Board Members: Steve Lyles; Pete Reinders; Jason Dahl; Gary Drska;; Ethics Committee: Dennis Justus; Gary Koschnitzke; Tom Kissinger; Nick Locicero
Wisconsin Great Lakes Officials Association* | Alex Heitman, Past Contact
Wisconsin State Officials Association* | Tom Rusch
Wisconsin Valley Officials Association* | Arden Geisler
Yellow Thunder Officials Association* | Randy Koehn, Secretary/Treasurer

Wyoming High School Athletics Association (go to hs state association)
Area Reps.: David Auge, Area 1 (Teton, Sublette); Michael Maloney, Area 2 (Sweetwater); Tom Nirider, Area 3 (Fremont, Hot Springs); Joe White, Area 4 (Park, Big Horn, Washakie); Bev Leichtnam, Area 5 (Johnson, Sheridan); Chris Gray, Area 6 (Natrona, Converse); Nate Nordin, Area 7 (Carbon); Lane Buchanan , Area 8 (Albany); LeRoy Haskins, Area 9 (Laramie); Joe Wilson, Area 10 (Goshen, Platte, Niobrara); Michael Jennings, Area 11 (Campbell, Crook, Weston); Michael Lamp, Area 12 (Lincoln, Uinta);
Past Area Reps.: William Lehr, Area 1 (Teton, Sublette); Mark Erramouspe, Area 2 (Sweetwater); Scott Quayle, Area 3 (Fremont, Hot Springs); Myron Heny, Area 4 (Park, Big Horn, Washakie); Dale Boedeker, Area 5 (Johnson, Sheridan); Mark Wilkinson, Area 6 (Natrona, Converse); Rodney James, Area 7 (Carbon); Lane Buchanan, Area 8 (Albany); James Hounshell, Area 9 (Laramie); Michael Varney, Area 10 (Goshen, Platte, Niobrara); Mick DeRudder, Area 11 (Campbell, Crook, Weston); Pauline Fackrell, Area 12 (Lincoln, Uinta)
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