The Action Zebra Camp

Art Jackson
Clinic Director


College Basketball Official
Division I, II, III., Jr College.

Post-season Official
Division II, III and High School

email: action

PHONE: 609-923-3753


Objective of Clinic

The objective of the clinic is to train and develop younger officials wishing to make the transition from Sub-Varsity High School basketball to Varsity.  Officials will be provided with information and skills needed to serve as a crew chief at their highest level of officiating as well as equip individuals with additional skills necessary to advance them to the next level of officiating.

Who Should Attend This Clinic?
Strongly recommended that the following individuals participate in this clinic:
      zebra006     Intermediate Officials


Cost of Clinic

The cost of the camp is minimal -- $100 will cover the cost of (5) two-hour sessions of training. The fee is non-refundable. Entry fees must be paid on the first day of the clinic.

Willingboro Rec Center --
Willingboro, NJ Time: 10:00am 12;00 noon

Dates: Starting 05 April 2008

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Did we see the whole play?
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undersigned individual /official, agree to obtain at my own expense, and for my own benefit, disability. Medical, hospitalization and liability insurance coverage. Coverage amounts may be determined by the applicant but in any event shall be sufficient to cover and protect me from any and all injuries, damages, claims and losses that I may be responsible for as a result of my participation at the Action Zebra Basketball officiating Developmental Clinic. I further hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Cherry Hill Racquet Club, Its members, its institutions, it’s administration and all employees, the clinic clinicians from any and all liability for injury, damage, or loss sustained as a result of my actions (or inaction) while participating at said clinic and in the performance of my duties of officiating services including but not limited to medical expenses which I may incur or otherwise, due to my failure to obtain and/or maintain such appropriate insurance coverage

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