Quiz for NFHS Basketball Fouls with Questions and Answers

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2009-10-11 NFHS Basketball Rules
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Fouls: types, disqualifications, penalties (single personal; double, simultaneous, multiple; technical)

Foul Types
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Fouls and violations are the 2 types of basketball rules infractions. A foul is either personal or technical.

A personal foul is committed by a player. All personal fouls involve contact and all personal fouls occur when the ball is live except for a foul on or by an airborne shooter. A personal foul is either common or non-common. Non-common personal fouls are a) intentional or flagrant and/or b) committed on a shooter or part of a double, simultaneous or multiple foul. Common personal fouls include player, team control and single defensive personal fouls not committed on a shooter.

A technical foul is charged to a team or individual team personnel (coach, member, support staff). A technical foul may be intentional or flagrant. A technical foul may also be part of a double or simultaneous foul. All fouls committed when the ball is dead are technical fouls except those that involve illegal contact committed on or by an airborne shooter. A technical foul charged to team bench personnel other than the head coach also results in an indirect technical foul charged to the head coach. When the head coach receives a technical foul, he/she loses the coaching box privilege.

A double foul occurs when two opponents both commit personal fouls or both commit technical fouls against each other at approximately the same time. A simultaneous foul (personal or technical) occurs when, at approximately the same time, an opponent from each team fouls but the 2 opponents do not foul each other. A multiple foul occurs when 2 or more teammates commit personal fouls against the same opponent at approximately the same time. For all double, multiple and simultaneous fouls -- the clock must not start between fouls.

False double and false multiple fouls lack at least one characteristic of double and multiple fouls.

Also see disqualifications and penalties (personal; double, multiple, simultaneous; technical).
Personal Technical
Common Non-Common Team Tech
  • not flagrant and
  • not intentional and
  • not shooter fouled and
  • not part of double/
    simultaneous/multiple and
  • includes player/team control and some defensive fouls
  • flagrant or
  • intentional or
  • shooter fouled or
  • part of double,
    simultaneous or multiple
  • fail to complete pre-game roster
  • change starter, have identical #s, require scorebook change
  • use monitor or replay
  • allow action less game including the
    following after warning
    • reaching through throw-in line plane
    • not having court ready
    • huddling with free thrower
    • interfering with ball after goal
  • not occupy assigned bench
  • more than 5 players on court
  • request excess time-out
  • unsporting foul
  • not return to court at approximately same time
  • teammates lock arms/ grasp to restrict opponent
Player Control   Player/Bench Tech Bench/Substitute
by a player in control of the ball or by an airborne shooter
  • illegal basket grasp or dunk
  • unsporting behavior
  • tobacco use
  • remove jersey/pants/skirt
    in court visual confine
  • fighting/provoking a fight
  • enter court without permission
  • illegally stand
  • leave bench during fight
  • substitute not report to scorer
  • substitute enter without beckon
Team Control
by a player of team with team control
block, check, hold, hit, push
    Player Tech Head Coach
  • play without reporting # change
  • delay return from out of bounds
  • delay game by not making ball available, free-thrower not in semi-circle (except
    when resumption of play in effect),
  • illegally contact backboard/ring
  • dead ball intentional/flagrant contact
  • goaltend during a free throw
  • touch ball through throw-in boundary line plane
  • leave coaching box
  • not replace injured/ disqualified player within 20 seconds
  • permit disqualified member to play
  • permit member with illegal uniform to play
  Intentional Intentional
“neutralizes an opponent’s obvious advantage”. includes excessive contact.
Flagrant Flagrant
“of a violent or savage nature” or a non-contact technical for unacceptable conduct.
Double Double
two opponents both commit
approximately the same
personal fouls or both commit technical fouls against each other at
Simultaneous Simultaneous
foul by both teams at
other (for example,
approximately the same time but not by the same 2 opponents against each
a1 fouls b2 and b3 fouls a5)
Double, multiple and simultaneous fouls carry their own penalties. Consider this example. A1 is dribbling near a sideline. A2 and B2 simultaneously push each other in the free throw lane. Team B has 8 fouls in the half. The double foul penalty is a personal foul assessed to A2 and B2. Play is resumed from the point of interruption with a Team A throw-in near the ball location. The fouls count toward the team totals.
2 or more teammates commit
personal fouls against the same
opponent at approximately
the same time
False Double, Multiple False Double
a false double/multiple foul occurs

 for example: a1 pushes b2, b2
this is a false double foul. each
when at least one characteristic of a double/multiple foul is absent.

then steps forward and pushes a1.
foul must be penalized separately

Foul Disqualifications
Also see foul types and penalties (personal; double, multiple, simultaneous; technical).
  Team Personnel


  Player  /

a) any combination of 5 personal and technical fouls
b) 2 direct technical fouls
c) 1 flagrant foul
d) any combination of 3 direct and indirect technical fouls    

Personal Foul (single) Penalties
Also see types, disqualifications and technical fouls).
common fouls
player control, team control 0 yes
before 7th foul in half 0 yes
7th, 8th or 9th foul in half 2 1+1 no
after 9th foul in half2 no
foul in the act of shooting
2 or 3 point shot made 1 no
2 point shot missed 2 no
3 point shot missed 3 no
intentional 2 yes
flagrant 2 yes
1 - for personal fouls, awarded throw-in is at spot nearest foul.
     for technical fouls, awarded throw-in is at division line,
     opposite scorer's table
2 - bonus free throw is awarded if first is made.
Double, Multiple, Simultaneous
Foul Penalties
Of Int.
Double yes no
Simultaneous yes no
no try involved no 1 per foul2
unsuccessful 2 point try no 1 per foul2
unsuccessful 3 point try no 2 per foul2
successful 2 or point try no 1 per foul2
1 - play resumes from point of interruption per rule 4-36 (more...)
2 - 2 free throws and a throw-in are awarded for any intentional
     or flagrant foul.

From 2009-10 NFHS Basketball Rules Book, Page 71
Also see foul
types, disqualifications and penalties (personal; double, multiple, simultaneous).
Providing rosters; starters; numbers; changes, additions, etc.; team not ready to start half, TV monitor, electronic communication; not occupying assigned bench; more than five players; excess time-out; violation after team warning for delay; all players not returning at same time after time-out or intermission (10-1)
Team Team-foul count  
Dunk or grasp basket
During warm-ups-any team members (10-3-5)
Team Member 1. 2 Technical
2. 5 Personal
3. Team-foul count
Entering court; no report; not beckoned (10-2)
Substitute 1. 2 Technical
2. 5 Personal
3. Team-foul count
*Changing number without reporting; face-guarding; delaying return; grasping basket, slapping backboard; delaying game; unsporting act/conduct; goaltending on free throw; reaching through plane to touch or dislodge ball; contact opponent during dead ball; use of tobacco; removing jersey/pants; *fight (10-3)
Player 1. 2 Technical
2. 5 Personal
3. Team-foul count
Bench personnel:
Unsporting act/conduct; enter court without permission; use tobacco; removing jersey/pants; *fight; *leave bench during fight or possible fight(10-4)
Substitute/ Bench Personnel 1. 2 Technical
2. 5 Personal
3. Team-foul count
Disqualified player on bench:
Unsporting act/conduct
Bench Personnel
Team-foul count Indirect
Assistant Coach:
Unsporting act/conduct (10-4)
2 techs toward
Team-foul count
Head coach:
Unsporting act/conduct; off bench/outside box; not replacing player as required in 20 seconds; playing a disqualified player; illegal jersey/pants/number (10-5).
2 directs toward
Team-foul count

Also disqualification. Reminder - any single flagrant act results in disqualification


A single flagrant foul, the second direct technical foul or the third technical foul (any combination of direct or indirect) charged to the head coach results in ejection to the team's locker room or outside the building.